Does this picture fill you with joy? Tesco has JUST the job for you


Where are your Christmas lights right now? If you're like the rest of us, they're probably in a tangled ball of horror somewhere in your attic.

While most of us run screaming at the thought of being presented with a mound of tangled cables – especially if there's a broken bulb in there – some people actually get enjoyment out of solving those kinds of problems.

If you (God forbid) actually find untangling lights rewarding and simple, then Tesco wants to hear from you.

For the first time ever, the retail giant is looking for a full-time "Christmas Light Untangler" to work out of its Wrexham store in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

Yes, this is a legit job application, and yes it's paid. Tesco promises a "competitive salary" for the lucky candidate.

Throughout December, customers will be able to bring their lights along to the store for a free untangling service, plus replacement of any broken bulbs.

So what will the successful candidate be like?

Well, aside from having a "passion" for all things festive (obvz), you'll need the ability to "untangle three metres of Christmas lights in under three minutes."

If anyone's looking to test their skills, we can point you in the direction of some very tangled lights. Fancy putting up our tree too?