Things always get quite hectic around the house after Christmas and trying to get everything organised might seem like a nightmare- it doesn’t have to be though.

Here are quick fixes for the problems you and many others face around this time of the year.

Problem 1: Where to put the Christmas tree?

It’s a problem every year. Try getting a special storage box for your tree that can be left outdoors rather than the usual prone-to-tearing cardboard box you bought it in.

Problem 2: Wrapping paper, ribbons and bows are everywhere!

You can use empty gift boxes for this. Label and store them away for the next time.

Problem 3: Christmas lights are all tangled up

We all know this feeling! Rather than getting frustrated about this, try wrapping any strings of Christmas lights around boxes rather than just throwing them in.

Whoever would have thought these annoying problems could have such simple solutions!