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John Lewis has finally released the 2019 Christmas advert and it may be their best one yet.

This year’s magical advert follows the story of Excitable Edgar, a little dragon who keeps finding himself in trouble.

The adorable dragon accidentally ruins Christmas festivities with his fiery breath.


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Edgar gets a little overexcited about the festivities and manages to melt an ice rink and burn a Christmas tree in his village.

However, his best friend Ava comes to the rescue when she finds a way for Edgar to save Christmas.

Ava and Edgar put his fire-breathing skills to good use by getting to Edgar to create a special Christmas pudding for the village’s Christmas dinner.


Bastille frontman Dan Smith sings a stunning version of REO Speedwagon's 80’s hit I Can't Fight This Feeling in the festive advert.

You can watch the full advert below but make sure you’ve got the tissues at the ready:


The John Lewis Christmas advert is always one of the most magical, if not the best, festive ads and we look forward to it every single year.

No matter the competition, it always seems to come out on top. 

John Lewis has released the teaser trailer for their advert and we are way too excited about it.

In the clip, we get a glimpse at the home of Excitable Edgar, who loves all things festive- Christmas trees, Christmas food, Christmas snow, Christmas lights. 

The teaser trailer shows a small child knocking on a dragon iron knocker. As the door opens, snow falls from its head, and unveils a room with the fire on.

The clip reveals the date for this year’s John Lewis advert and we don’t have long to wait.

This year’s advert will be released on Thursday, November 14. The video teased, ‘Meet Edgar, 14.11.19’

Elton John starred in last year’s John Lewis advert, but many felt it lacked the magic of previous animated adverts. We’re hoping John Lewis go back to the old style advert like 2013’s The Bear and the Hare, which featured Lily Allen’s stunning rendition of Somewhere Only We Know.



Yes, we're talking about Christmas already – but hey, it's to do with the John Lewis ad, ok?

The iconic ad is something that everyone looks forward to every year and this year looks set to be even better than ever.

It has been reported that Sir Elton has signed on the dotted line to voice the ad for a whopping £5 million.

His hit ''Your Song'' will be the soundtrack for the department store TV ad and that Elton himself will appear onscreen playing the piano.

So, what's the storyline this year?

It will reportedly follow Elton's life, with a younger version of him with his family and then through time as he grows up.

At the end of the ad, it’ll be the Elton as we know now.

According to the Mail, ''it is all very, very charming and the exciting crescendo at the end will be Elton playing his famous piano.''

This all hasn't been confirmed but a John Lewis spokesman said, ''we are lucky enough to enjoy lots of speculation around our TV ads, much of which is wildly inaccurate, and our one rule is to never comment on any aspect simply because we want to keep the magic.''

We can't wait to see it!


It's something we wait for every single year, and now the John Lewis Christmas ad is finally here.

It's definitely another tear-jerker, as Buster the dog steals the show.

Four-year-old Biff, was picked for the famous advert, and he's just the CUTEST thing ever.

But he's not the only animal, as two foxes, a badger, a squirrel and a hedgehog are all working alongside the pet pooch.

Have a look and try to NOT get emotional.


Since John Lewis released its Christmas advert earlier this month, there have been quite a few other retailers who've dared to try and compete.

Not Aldi, though. The food giant obviously realised that there's no topping an ad that made almost 18million people cry.

Instead, the folks over there decided to have some fun. Aldi's new Christmas ad shows the Man On The Moon – who we all teared up at thanks to John Lewis – choosing between two telescopes to check out planet Earth with.

One, a John Lewis telescope, has a price tag of £109.95 (€156) while the other, an Aldi version, is just £69.99 (€99).

See what they did there? From the sad piano music to the sad old man, everything is on point.

Watch and prepare to giggle.


The long-anticipated John Lewis Christmas ad for 2015 has arrived, and boy, does it live up to the hype.

Last year we met Sam and his friend Monty the Penguin, and in 2013 it was The Bear and The Hare, but this year we have an all-human cast.

Our protagonist spends her evenings looking at the stars through her telescope, when she spots a lonely old soul – the Man on the Moon. Through the magic of Christmas she manages to make him feel closer to the rest of the world, and give him some festive cheer.

Norweigen songstress Aurora provides the soundtrack – a haunting acoustic version of Oasis's Half The World Away.

Watch it – and prepare for a few tears.



John Lewis are known for melting hearts all over the country with their annual Christmas ad, but it turns out they can make us feel all the feels at pretty much any time of year.

The company's new Premier Home Insurance ad launched this morning, and we have been watching it on repeat since.

Firstly, it features Elton John's Tiny Dancer, which already makes the whole thing a winner in our eyes. Secondly, it introduces us to possibly the most adorable little girl ever, giving it socks with some serious sitting room dancing.

Anyone who has EVER thrown on a cheesy 80s song and danced their heart out (twirls and all) when no-ones watching needs to see this ad. It will make your day, we promise.




Oh God, our hearts! Our ovaries! Our everything!

The John Lewis Christmas ads are usually one of the highlights of the festive season and this is no exception.

It may be the best thing about Christmas 2014 – even better than the magical Burberry ad.

This year's song is a beautiful cover of John Lennon’s Real Love by Tom Odell.

We love Christmas!