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Tinder dates can be really nerve racking. So let’s not make it worse by doing the following:

1. Sex as a topic of conversation
Starting a conversation about sex with someone you’ve just met is not an okay thing to do.

Sexxx2. Bad manners
Remember what your mother taught you: don’t open your mouth while chewing, don’t burp at the dinner table or use your index finger to pick rice out of your molars! Manners tell a lot about a person and give great insight into their personality. Be on your best behaviour.

Burp3. Make SURE you’ve got the right guy!
Before you go on that Tinder date, make sure you know which guy it is you are asking out. Study each photo carefully before making your decision, and if you’re still not sure – just ask! It’ll save yourself an awkward moment when the wrong guy turns up. Yikes!

Yikes4. Being on your phone
There’s nothing more mind-numbingly irritating than being out with someone, either a date or a friend, and they’re constantly texting on their phone. You can’t put it away for 20 minutes?!

Busy5. Having one drink too many
Don’t get drunk on the first date! Your filter will break down, so too will your defences and it’ll usually lead to something that you didn’t want to happen. You’ll say something you didn’t want to say, behave in a way that you wouldn’t usually and do something (someone) that you wouldn’t normally do. Have a drink by all means, but don’t go over your limit.

im-not-drunk-gif6. Meeting for dinner
Dinner is a big commitment for a first date with a stranger. You can’t predict how it will go, so if you want a get-out clause in case it’s incredibly awkward, start with something casual like a drink or coffee.

Dinner7. Splitting the bill
Don’t be an amateur. When the time comes to split the bill for coffee/lunch/dinner, offer to split. He’s not made of money and it will make you seem generous (which you are, this time)


8. Making TOO much eye contact
This is a key element of all first dates. You have to make the appropriate amount of eye contact. You don’t want to creep him out but you also don’t want to seem disinterested.

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At the time you may have thought your car was the biggest heap of junk ever, and it was. Looking back though, you shared a lot of amazing memories, good and bad, with your very first car.

1. Arguments with your parents
Actually learning to drive is a stressful experience for everyone concerned, including your parents, who sometimes can’t grasp how difficult it is to find the stupid bite point.

shouting2. Your driving test
And whatever about the stress of learning to drive, the actual driving test is a completely different ball game. Anyone who says they didn’t need a shower after their first driving test is a liar.


 3. Your 2nd/3rd/4th/ driving test
This of course only applies to the people who did not pass their test first time.

son of a bitch

4.  Your first Garda checkpoint
Yet another sweaty experience, even if you are fully insured and taxed and have all the necessary paperwork. Obviously the less of the paperwork that you have, the sweatier this particular experience becomes.


5. Your first speedtrap
Again, unless you’re speeding there’s nothing to worry about, but it still doesn’t stop you having your eyes glued to your speedometer, which as it happens is probably more dangerous than if you were speeding.

slow driving

6. McDonald’s Drive-Thru
Whether it be a 2am craving or for a cure the day after a heavy session, after getting the food, you park in the McDonald’s car park and eat it before going anywhere else.


 7. Your first road trip
Any trip which takes longer than 45 mins to somewhere you wouldn’t usually go counts as your first road trip. It could be anything from driving to the other side of the country for a weekend camping trip or to the beach for sandcastles and ice-cream.

big_bang car

8.  Going to a festival
10,000 times better than getting the smelly bus. You can also sleep in there when your tent gets flooded – yay!

car packed9. Getting lucky
The most important thing to remember ,if you ever do manage to get lucky, is to park somewhere guaranteed not to have anyone passing by. Unless you’re into exhibitionism. We’re not here to judge.


10.  Your first crash
Most people’s first crash is usually only as serious as crashing into their own wall as they reverse out of their driveway, but in any case, just remember that as long as everyone’s okay don’t stress too much about it.


 11. Getting your friends to smoke out the window
This is only relevant if you use one of your parent’s cars. Or you hate smoking.

smoking car

12.  Being the designated driver
You do this for your friends because you know one day they will be happy to return the favour. At least you think they will.

designated driver

13. Cleaning up the day after being the designated driver
Just pray that it’s only beer stains, cans and bottles that you have to clean up, and that if anyone did need to vomit, they gave you sufficient warning so that you could pull over. If not, unlucky.

cleaning car

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So, you have finally got a date with THAT hottie, now it’s time for the stress of actually going on it! Agh!

1. It’s always good to have a glass of wine to loosen up while you’re getting ready…or is it? Yes, it is!


2. Pinterest is always a bad idea before you have to be somewhere. Before you know it you have 4 new boards: one for food because you’re super hungry and three others with dream wardrobes full of clothes you would never actually wear. 


3. Your BFF calls you to find out what you’re gonna wear…and you have no idea. So, you talk her through your whole wardrobe, obvs. 


4. Noticing the time, you urgently end the phonecall, with your friend demanding you introduce him to her. Hanging up in a panic you begin internally debating if you could get away with not washing your hair and drowning yourself in perfume.


5. Realising that you haven’t even brushed your hair since Tuesday you reckon you should probably hop into the shower … when the next ad break come on. It’s not often they show this episode of The Simpsons. Then you’ll actually start getting ready.


6. Ok, shower time it is! Time to weigh up the odds of you getting laid or not, after all there’s nothing more devastating then shaving your legs for nothing. It’s the weekend anyway, so you figure you might as well and hope it’s worth the effort.


7. Growing weary of shaving your legs, you start doubting the fact that this will go anywhere. Powering through, you finally finish your legs, after what seems like an eternity. “He better be fu***** worth it.”


8. As you prep yourself in the shower, you can’t help but allow those pesky questions to enter your head: What if he’s not as good looking as you thought? What if he doesn’t show up? Oh God…


9. “How did I spend that long in the shower?” No time to think, better get started on drying my hair. The next 25 minutes will be filled with trying to find your hair dryer and finding yourself trying to do that cool braided hairstyle you saw earlier on Pinterest. Bad idea. 


10. After a while you realise it’s not going so well and taking waaaay too long. Nooooooo! How the hell am I going to be ready in time!?! Half your head is heavily braided. He’s going to think I look insane. Can’t handle this, must de-stress, a small glass of wine won’t do any harm.


11. Right, glass of wine in hand. Time to fix the hair situation. Running your straightener through your hair as fast as possible, you’re happy to finally look like a normal person again. Before swiftly realising you have absolutely no make up on and no idea what you’re wearing. 


12. A huge pile of clothes in the middle of the floor later, you’ve settled on a nice little number which shows just the right amount of cleavage, that will definitely keep his attention.


13. You’re only running a few minutes behind as this point so you throw your foundation on. In midst of applying doing your blusher/eyeshadow/lipstick you consider that maybe you should actually let your date know that you’ll be just “five” minutes late.


14. As you apply eyeliner, you realise that perhaps that one glass of wine (which may have turned into half the bottle) may have altered your motor skills. As you wipe and restart, the internal stress grows to the point of explosive frustration, throwing that fancy make up idea out the window, back to what you know.


15. Finally finished everything. Your moment(s) of self-admiration and vanity are interrupted with your date texting back saying no problem or whatever. Grand. This gives you a few more minutes to build your confidence before packing your bag.


16. Ok, so we got your purse, make up bag, keys, hair brush, hairspray, mirror, and everything else into your bag. You’re done! It was stressful and better be worth it…

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They always look so blissful in the brochure, but don’t be fooled – going on a holiday with your boyfriend isn’t all romantic sunsets and candle lit dinners in a cute little restaurant by the sea.

We’re talking sunburn, excessive sweating, perhaps a dose of diarrohea after drinking the tap water – not exactly the stuff of romantic novels.

However, if you’re well prepared, a couple’s holiday can be everything you dreamed of – here are some tips for when you decide to book your romantic week away!

Lower your expectations
You’ll probably still have the odd squabble on your holiday, but that’s ok. Thinking everything is going to be rosy for seven days straight is only setting yourself up for disappointment, so be prepared!

Remember: It’s not a girl’s holiday!
When choosing your destination, it’s good to remember that while you had the BEST TIME EVER in Ibiza three years ago, your couple’s holiday is an entirely different creature. Go somewhere appropriate that you’ll both enjoy.

Don’t compare yourselves to other couples
So you’ve got nothing to say to each other and the couple at the next table can’t stop talking? Relax and enjoy the comfortable silence.

While you might be happy to lounge the week away, your other half might prefer to do something active. Make compromises for each other.

Spend some time apart
There’s nothing worse than dragging around a grumpy boyfriend when you’re doing your holiday shopping – so leave him to do whatever he wants to do himself while you take some me time. Works a charm!



It’s time to enter the so-called “real” world. Here are some hard lessons you will soon learn in this next exciting phase of your life.

1. Wages
You’ll be paid a whole lot less than you think thanks to those lovely things we call taxes. Never heard of ’em? You will soon.

tumblr_m34h2vX6To1r3bcb9o1_5002. Co-workers
Some of them won’t like you, it’s natural, but try to learn from them. All they see is this self proclaimed hot shot coming straight out of college whereas more than likely you’re a diamond in the rough and need to be cut and polished before you can be left to your own devices.

Scarlett-Johanson-Poison-Everyone-Hate-Job-Coffee-Gif3. Your boss
He or she may have been on the interview panel, and may have asked you personal questions in order to assess your suitability for the position but don’t for a second think that they didn’t forget your name the second you walked out the door.

Coworkers4. Don’t stand still
Technology is changing every day, exponentially and the days of getting locked into a civil service position for life are becoming less and less. Self  improvement and up-skilling are the key to you staying relevant while moving forward. So take advantage of any courses or seminars that will better you. If you stand still you’ll become an unmotivated drone!

the-office-25. Bringing in lunch
You probably learned this in school but keep the smelly lunches to a minimum. Healthy, scentless food will be better for you in the long run, both in popularity and in health situations.

tumblr_mcgxulgneq1ri5c15o1_500_zpsc788be346. Gossip
The water cooler conversations as they are now well known throughout the world. Learn to keep your comments neutral and rarely gossip about people in your new work. You don’t know how long the person you are speaking to has been there or where the allegiance lies. Just nod and smile, people, nod and smile!

Thats-What-She-Said-Michael-Scott-Last-Episode7. Inter office relationships
Look, it’s going to happen. People just can’t control themselves and make extremely poor choices but make sure it doesn’t hinder you. The fewer people that know, the better. You don’t want to become the gossipee, do you?

joanroger8. Take the right “sick days” off
Some people never take a day off, some people do. But unless you have your spine hanging out maybe don’t take a Monday off after a massive weekend on the piss. Go in and deal with everything “the fear” has to throw at you. The odd Monday is fine, of course, but repetition will be noted.

sick9. Office parties
Please be on your best behaviour at these events. It’s so easy to swallow a bit too much eggnog at the Christmas party and deliver a few home truths about your boss, but that kind of behaviour will land you straight in HR on your first day back.

2yynho110. You will make mistakes
Ask questions because everybody makes mistakes. If you keep your mouth shut, you will walk head first into these mistakes so take the initiative and ask someone who can you a heads up!


And of course, above all, enjoy!

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Artist Tatia Pllieva asked twenty strangers to kiss on camera.

They are all adorably nervous and we hope one or two went on a date because it is so cute!

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