In 2008, a group of high school students were named the Bling Ring, after they were convicted of stealing millions worth on money and goods from celebrities' homes… and now it seems that it's started back up again.

The original group cleaned out the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Rachel Bilson. Before they were caught, the gang of teens wracked up a massive $4m in stolen goods.

However, in recent months, stars such as Blac Chyna, Scott Disick, Kevin Hart and Chris Brown have all been targeted, and police think there's another Bling Ring doing the rounds.

None of the stars were in their homes when the thieves hit, and mysteriously the robbers knew exactly where the safe was once they entered the house.

Kevin Hart was hit the hardest, with them taking more than $500,000 in jewellery and household items.

"They took so much stupid stuff," he told Radar Online. "They took a pair of my jeans."

Blac Chyna had $200,000 taken from her in cash and jewellery, and Chris Brown had about $50,000 swiped from his safe.

And just like the early 2000s, the burglars left absolutely no sign of forced entry.