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In theory, the premise may appear to trivialise the severity of the issue, but in practice, it really works.

Eager to shed a light on how regularly we bear witness to injustice without intervening, Burger King created an advertisement which focuses on the public's response to bullying.

And they did it with the help of their famous Whopper burger.

But seriously, bear with us here.

Using a group of actors (and an unassuming public), the people behind the Public Service Announcement highlighted the priority the public place on goods and services over the wellbeing of their fellow man.

With over 370,000 views on YouTube alone, the ad has done exactly what it set out to do.

But don't take our word for it, have a look here.

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Remember the last time you hoofed into a tray of fast food, and then felt that oh-so-familiar twinge to get down and dirty with your other half?

Yeah, us neither, but that hasn't stopped Burger King getting in on some Valentine's Day action by providing its customers with 'an adult toy' with every 'adult meal' purchase.

No, seriously.

After 6pm today, Burger King connoisseurs in Israel can tuck into two Whoppers, two orders of fries, and two beers before making use of an adult toy provided by the global corporation.

If that's not romance, we don't know what is.

Oh, but if you think those lucky divils over in Israel will be making use of gadgets seen only in Fifty Shades of Grey, think again.

It looks like the 'adult toy' in question comes in the form of an eye-mask, a feather duster or a head-massager.

Disappointed? Yeah, us too.



Burger King and McDonald's have always been fierce rivals, but the King of the flame grills has just stepped up its game.

Burger King in Queens, New York dressed up as the 'the ghost of McDonald's past' this week to celebrate Halloween, and we just think it's hilarious.

The staff at the franchise draped the whole building in white sheets and cut out holes over the Burger King sing. They then spray painted 'McDonald's' on the sheets.

The sign on BK's marquee read: "BOOOOO. Just kidding. We still flame grill out burgers. Happy Halloween."

The gas staff even continued the joke inside the store:


And of course, the Twitter exploded when they saw it:

Your move, Maccy D.


The fast food company—which is home to the black bun burger and chicken fries—has launched a bid to become the first chain to sell alcohol in its restaurants.

The company's goal is to bring in plastic bottles filled with beer into its premises from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

Burger King has officially applied for alcohol licenses at four locations in England, including Newcastle-under-Lyme, Blackpool, Hull, and Bury St. Edmunds.

If the application is successful, they are then planning to implement the new idea into all of their chain stores.

A spokesperson for the Britain-based branch of the company said, "We're just catching up with the rest of the world, really." 


We all love the odd fast food meal from time to time. Between McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway and more, there's so many to choose from.

That's probably the reason why fast food companies aim high when trying to promote their new burger, wrap or chicken box. 

With striking backgrounds, bright colours schemes and succulent meat, the images are designed to strike anybody passing by.

Now, we know the actual meal might not always look as good as it's picture, but comparisons are something else: 

Subway – Steak and cheese sub




Burger King – Brownie




Burger King – Chicken Tendercrisp




Burger King – Whopper




McDonald's – Big Mac




McDonald's – Quarter pounder with cheese




KFC – Mighty bucket for one




The Burger King gods have heard our prayers, and have deigned to finally give Ireland its own taste of novelty food.

The US and Japan have been enjoying delights like black and even white burger buns for ages, but until now Ireland has been left out of the loop.

Starting this week though, Irish diners will be able to order the Halloween Whopper – a beef burger with all the trimmings and a "dark BBQ-sauce infused bun."

The burger will only hit Irish Burger King outlets for a limited time, in honour of Halloween next weekend.

From what we've seen so far, it looks pretty legit – though no Irish Burger King fan has posted a snap yet.

There's no word on whether the burger will give us all emerald green poo – something which US diners were quick to shout about on social media earlier this month.

The mix of food colourings in the bun can only be partially absorbed by our gut, meaning what comes back out is a VERY brightly coloured poop.

Hopefully the bun recipe has been tweaked for an Irish audience, but there's only one way to find out…


Ok this NEEDS to happen! Burger King have written an open letter and released a video asking McDonalds to collaborate them to create the ultimate burger, the McWhopper. 

This burger would be a combination of the Big Mac and the Whopper burger, taking some ingredients from both to create the ultimate super burger.

In an open letter to the home of the McFlurry, Burger King wrote: "We come in peace. In fact, we come in honour of peace. We know we've had our petty differences, but how about we call a cease fire on these so-called 'burger wars'?"

The idea for the McWhopper is to celebrate Peace One Day on September 21 which is an annual day of global unity. 

The non-profit organisation have a powerful rallying call – "Who will you make peace with?".

In spirit of this day, Burger Kind said: "We'd like to propose a one-off collaboration between Burger King and McDonalds to create something special – something that gets the world talking about Peace day."

To celebrate this day of peace, they are suggesting the two burger giants open a pop up store in Atlanta and sell the McWhopper in a store which will be co-branded.

We can't wait to see what McDonalds have to say in return!


Arguably, she hasn't had a hit in Hollywood in close-to a decade.

Certainly, her last role of any note in a major feature film was playing Diane Howser in the moderately successful Bobby. Released in 2006, it also starred Ashton Kutcher, Helen Hunt and William H Macy. 

Since then, Lindsay Lohan has had bit parts in independent films, as well as various cameo appearances. She even nabbed a West End role late last year, but that has now concluded – leaving her, once again, unemployed.

Often seen in London in the company of wealthy men, a source told the New York Post's Page Six that the 29-year-old is "broke," and "sleeping at different guys’ apartments." They added: "But she thinks she’s Elizabeth Taylor."

The same website also says that Lindsay was recently approached by Burger King, which wanted her to star in one of its ads.

Apparently, she was asked to wear a Spicy Chicken Fries box, smoke a chicken fry like a cigarette, and vamp a “spicy” monologue.

Understandably, her management company weren't happy with how the advert set out to mock her, but they also know she isn't in a position to turn down work.

"Lohan and her managers at Untitled Talent suggested some alternate concepts to no avail," Page Six explains; meaning her representatives were eventually forced to politely decline the fast food chain's offer.

Earlier this week, Lindsay posted a bizarre image to Instagram to mark her 29th birthday.

The shot showed the bottom half of the New York native's body. She is pulling down her white under-pants, and also has on a white shirt and black strappy sandals.


My birthday is tomorrow!!!!! Where shall I go to soak up the sun and be with my sister!!!???

A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

2015 should represent new beginnings of sorts for Li-Lo. The ongoing legal troubles which dominated her 20s – she has been arrested, charged and even jailed on several occasions – are finally behind her. 

But it seems her once-promising acting career has been largely killed off.

One industry insider recently commented: "A couple of years ago she was the train-wreck that no one could get enough of – the world was fascinated by how spectacularly she'd come off the rails. She was paparazzi gold.

"But now? She doesn't even have that. Her tabloid appeal has really worn off.

"She's been relegated to the same status as a one-time soap actress or former reality TV star."


We're not sure what exactly was going on in the Burger King brainstorming room when this idea got the thumbs up. It's one thing to add a new sauce to the beloved Whopper burger, or to change the fillings… but to dye the whole thing black? We're a little sceptical…

Burger King Japan has just unveiled its new menu option – the Kuro Burger, meaning "Black Burger". Available from next week, the new and "improved" burger features a black bamboo charcoal bun, black squid ink ketchup and black cheese. 

The Japanese Burger King has offered bamboo charcoal buns as far back as 2012, but the cheesy innovation is new… and that's what we really can't get on board with. Bring back the Easi Singles! This picture is making us queasy:

The burger is available in two options, the Kuro Pearl which features just cheese, burger and sauce…

And the Kuro Diamond which features (non-dyed) lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Sliiiightly more edible.

Hmmm… we'll stick to chicken nuggets for now, thanks very much.



Fast food chain Burger King wants to cater for Kim Kardashian and Kayne West’s star-studded wedding.

33-year-old Kim and Kanye, 36 plan to tie the knot in a romantic ceremony in Paris this May.

While the chain denied claims Kayne was buying his fiancée 10 of their  restaurant’s branches across Europe as a wedding present, they did instead offer to rustle up some burgers and fries for guests at the showbiz wedding reception.

The Monster rapper was said to be planning to buy Kim the restaurants across the UK, Italy and France to help her carve out a career as a businesswoman and step aside from her family’s reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

While Burger King has put these rumours to bed, they offered to keep the guests in milkshakes and fries on the big day.

A spokesperson for the company said, ”We are unaware of any purchase of Burger King restaurants made by either Mr. West or Ms. Kardashian, but we’re available to cater the wedding!”


Just last week, Burger King launched ‘diet chips’ for their health conscious customers.

The new ‘Satisfries’ are said to have 30% less fat than the standard fries because of the new ingredients.

“We will offer our guests a new fat-reduced option without compromising on taste,” said Bianca Shen, VP Marketing and Communications.

Apparently, the new recipe ensures the fries don’t absorb as much fat during frying, while offering a ‘great tasting French fry that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.’

The ‘healthy’ chips have a crinkle-cut so the staff can tell the difference when serving, but will still be made in the same fryers as regular fries.

The low-fat fries were introduced in the U.S and Canada six months ago and are now available in Ireland and the U.K.