Burger King’s new menu choice looks… interesting!

We're not sure what exactly was going on in the Burger King brainstorming room when this idea got the thumbs up. It's one thing to add a new sauce to the beloved Whopper burger, or to change the fillings… but to dye the whole thing black? We're a little sceptical…

Burger King Japan has just unveiled its new menu option – the Kuro Burger, meaning "Black Burger". Available from next week, the new and "improved" burger features a black bamboo charcoal bun, black squid ink ketchup and black cheese. 

The Japanese Burger King has offered bamboo charcoal buns as far back as 2012, but the cheesy innovation is new… and that's what we really can't get on board with. Bring back the Easi Singles! This picture is making us queasy:

The burger is available in two options, the Kuro Pearl which features just cheese, burger and sauce…

And the Kuro Diamond which features (non-dyed) lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Sliiiightly more edible.

Hmmm… we'll stick to chicken nuggets for now, thanks very much.