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There is no such thing in this world as a perfect person, and one role model who emblemizes the acceptance of ones flaws has got to be Taylor Swift.

While she pokes fun at her own past through her creative music videos and tongue-in-cheek tweets, Taylor has also used the past year as an opportunity to reclaim her power in the face of her haters.

She has expanded her voice far beyond her humble beginnings in country music, and dominated the charts and popular culture with her most recent album Reputation. 

Taylor has bourne the brunt of some feuds over the past few years, and her most recent defined an entire era for Swift’s music.

Most notably, a drawn out fight with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian proved to be a difficult time for the singer.

The singer was held to task by Kim Kardashian last year, after the reality TV star leaked some unflattering audio of the singer. Kim’s penchant for the use of the snake emoji in association with Taylor’s name led to an influx of hate on Taylor’s social media, and pop culture fanatics lapped up the apparent demise of the star’s good name.

Rather than retaliate, Taylor did the opposite – she went dark. The star deleted all of her Instagram photos last August, and removed her profile photos from all of her social media. The singer was clearly gearing up for a comeback, but no one could have anticipated what she would serve up as a remedy to her silence.

An apology? A sweet-as-pie comeback to regain her throne as the globe’s most wholesome pop star? No.

Taylor made her comeback with some very mysterious videos of a snake slithering slowly, and frankly, we were all shook. Taylor came back with badass, unapologetic album, playing on her newly garnered bad Reputation, and made reference to her past feuds with delicate but dramatic references. We were hooked.

With unapologetic songs like I Did Something Bad, End Game and Look What You Made Me Do dominating the album, we’re quite certain that anyone who had previously tried to drag the pop icon down was probably losing sleep over the thought of what she would do next.

That’s the thing about bullies, once you stand up for yourself, they somehow seem to lose their (forked) tongues.

Taylor went up against some of the most powerful personalities in the celeb world, and proved that past accusations of her ‘playing the victim’ to further her career were simply untrue – she hadn’t played the victim, she had been one, and now she was reclaiming the power people had tried to take from her.

She did this once again in her well publicised sexual assault trial against former radio DJ David Mueller – winning a symbolic one dollar in compensation from the DJ who groped her publicly at a meet-and-greet.

taylor swift taylor swift dancing

The compensation was purely meant to be a symbol – Swift certainly didn’t need the money, but she needed to prove to her fans once again that if you stand up against the people who seek to harm you and take away your power, your autonomy, you can win.

‘I acknowledge the privilege that I benefit from in life, in society and in my ability to shoulder the enormous cost of defending myself in a trial like this,’ she said at the time. ‘My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard.’

At a later concert, Taylor’s fans showed the singer that she had been heard, by holding up one dollar bills of their own one year on from the court case.

Taylor’s impact on her fans is undeniable, and rather than pandering to the needs of an endlessly churning celebrity industry by retreating to the safety of her formerly innocent image, she took the opportunity to show her fans and herself that the people who try to take advantage of you, hurt you, and beat you down can be defeated.

She came back into our lives via a fierce album, an even fiercer attitude, and a no-nonsense approach to dealing with bullies and haters, and we can’t think of a better role model than that.


Kylie Jenner may seem like she has the world at her feet, with a new baby and a makeup empire that is estimated to soon make her a billionaire. 

However, in a personal Snapchat video, Kylie shared that she has not always been treated well by her peers – or the public. 

'Half of you guys think I'm weird. And the other half think I'm funny,' she said, in a video shared by older sister Kendall.

'But I've been bullied since I've been 9. From the whole world it feels like sometimes.'

Kylie went on to say that the video was not to be taken as a 'pity party' for her, but as a reminder to everyone out there who faces bullies that they are not alone, and not to change their unique way of being because of the negativity of others. 

'I think I've done a really great job in handling all of this. But there're bullies everywhere. So this just a little like Snapchat to tell whoever with their own bullies that the only opinion that really matters is yours and to never change.'


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Previously, Kylie has used her platform to start anti-bullying movements. 

Taking to her website, she wrote: 'Growing up in the public eye made me the target of bullying. When I was younger, it went on at school and even though I've graduated, now it still happens online.'

'Yes, it hurts, but I've learned to fight it. Fighting it sometimes means ignoring it, which can be really hard to do. For me the key has always been to surround myself with love, support and positivity.'

'I've also learned that if you feel confident, it doesn't matter what someone else thinks. Everyone's got an opinion, but I challenge you to be more than it.'



In theory, the premise may appear to trivialise the severity of the issue, but in practice, it really works.

Eager to shed a light on how regularly we bear witness to injustice without intervening, Burger King created an advertisement which focuses on the public's response to bullying.

And they did it with the help of their famous Whopper burger.

But seriously, bear with us here.

Using a group of actors (and an unassuming public), the people behind the Public Service Announcement highlighted the priority the public place on goods and services over the wellbeing of their fellow man.

With over 370,000 views on YouTube alone, the ad has done exactly what it set out to do.

But don't take our word for it, have a look here.

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Reality TV star Kylie Jenner is not your average 18-year old. Having spent most of her teenage years on camera for millions of viewers, she has been quite vocal about the toll this takes on an individual in the past.

Now it seems that Kylie is keen to use her very public persona in an effort to shed light in a topic that is very important for her and plenty of other young people around the world.


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The teenager has launched an anti-bullying campaign on social media, using the hashtag #IAmMoreThan, she announced the campaign on Monday.

She wrote that she wants to feature stories of six individuals who have been able to turn their past experiences with bullying into something more positive.


I am so excited to launch my new @Instagram campaign #IAmMoreThan. Let's do this #IAmMoreThan #StopBullying

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"For the next six days, I will be sharing stories of 6 incredible people who have become heroes in their own way by taking #bullying and turning it into something positive," Kim Kardashian's little sister wrote. "I've gotten to talk and bond with all of these people whose stories you will see on my page. I think you will all fall in love with them just like I did." 

In June of this year the KUWTK star admitted in a Snapchat video that she has experienced bullying of her own. 

She told her fans:

"I've been bullied since I've been 9,  from the whole world it feels like sometimes," she said. "And I think that I've done a really great job at handling all of this." 

Today Kylie shared the story of a college student called Renee who was born with a genetic disorder which affects how the bones in her face fuse together. 


#Day1 – Renee DuShane (@ALittlePieceofInsane) a 21 year old college student who was born with #PfiefferSyndrome. Renee described it as “a genetic disorder where the bones in my face don’t really know how to fuse correctly so part of my jaw is really small. I had to have surgery when I was born so that my brain could grow.” Renee is so strong willed and a super intelligent girl who told me that while growing up she never had many issues with bullying. "I went to school with all the same kids all the way through high school. Right around senior year, I started getting very anxious about having to explain my condition to all of the new people I would meet in college. I started going on Tumblr and saw lots of profiles of positive, confident people” that inspired her to start sharing her photos even with her insecurities. “It’s so hard to keep myself from responding to the negative comments,” she told me. “Even harder is keeping my friends from getting angry.” It's so important to have a great group of friends. Renee also told me about the tattoo she recently got of her life motto: Stay Strong, Always Love. “Loving is always going to be a better place than hating,” she shared. Check out Renee’s Instagram @ALittlePieceofInsane – she’s showing the world #IAmMoreThan my forehead. I love you Renee! She is so awesome & inspiring. Renee taught ME that #IAmMoreThan the negative comments that I read.

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Eyeshadow can be hard to master, even the simple smoky eye can leave you looking as if you have a broken nose.

However, this is not the same for professional make-up artist and blogger Tal Peleg. As you can see from the below photos, Tal is pretty talented at eyeshadow.

In fact, the make-up artist is so talented with an eye brush that she can recreate scenes from novels, films and fairy tales on eyelids – yes, eyelids! Pretty impressive!

The young Israeli artist is now putting her skill to good use and is using it to promote important social issues. Her latest project Window to the Soul includes the below incredible anti-bullying image with the caption: “words can be dangerous, use them wisely.”


Using just eyeliner, eyeshadow and appliqué particles, the artist really knows how to impress! Take a look at her pictures below: