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A passenger on New York's subway claims that she was attacked by a man after she asked him to stop manspreading. 

Manspreading – when a man takes up as much room as humanly possible by spreading their legs wide open – is generally now considered to be a public transport faux pas if it encroaches on another passengers space. 

Sam Saia said that she was attacked by a man on the underground train when she asked him to move over. 

'He proceeded to press me against the wall and manspread excessively,' she told her Twitter followers, after detailing how the stranger had sat beside her on the tram. 

When she asked him to move over, he began to verbally assault her, 

'When I asked him to give me room, he yelled "b**** you aint nothing! I've raped white b****** like you, you f****** c***,' she alleges. 

She then put her earphones in to ignore his tirade, which made the man more aggressive and launch a physical attack. 

Saia was punched by them man and had her head bashed into the wall. She uploaded photos of her injuries to Twitter. 

A male passenger on the train leapt to her defence, and made the attacker get off the train at the next stop. 

Part of the incident was caught on camera by another commuter.

Initially, Saia told The Sun that she was given the runaround by the authorities when she attempted to report the incident. 

However, since her story has gone viral, she has been contacted by the police who want to investigate the assault. 



If there's anything New Yorkers have in abundance it's creativity in the face of adversity.

Nothing will get in their way, not even the Metropolitan Transit Authority, capiche?

Last October, a new NYC transit rule came into effect prohibiting any animal from riding the subway, with the exception of service dogs and animals small enough to fit in a an enclosed container.

The new rule states: "No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers."

And of course, being the upstanding, law abiding citizens that they are, the people of NYC hav obeyed this new rule down to a tee.

Just take a look.

Pet-lovers of New York City, we salute you (and your four legged friends). 


We'll be honest, it would take a serious talent to get us to stop in the middle of a crowded train station.

But if we had been present for Tymara Walker's rendition of Oh Holy Night in recent weeks, there's a good chance we'd still be standing there reeling.

Tymara was waiting in a Washington DC metro station when she decided to test the acoustics of the station by giving a spine-tingling version of the festive favourite.

And now she's an internet superstar who can add Barack Obama to her list of Twitter followers… no, seriously.

Watch this, and prepare yourself for full-body shivers.


Tymara you dont just sing girl YOU SANG@tymarasings #TheSangersRoom

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We've all been there. You go into buy something that literally costs €2 and for whatever reason your card gets declined. A shot of panic and embarrassment runs through you and you have to leave the shop empty handed.

It may be a common occurrence to us ordinary folk, but if you're a worldwide superstar, you'd expect it to never happen.

Well, it happened to Justin Bieber in Subway yesterday and a random fan ended up paying for him.

According to the MailOnline, the Biebs was in a Subway in West Hollywood and tried to buy a footlong sub, four bottles of milk and some cookies… and had to stand there red-faced when his card didn't go through after multiple attempts.

Let's hope he was gracious to the Belieber who took care of his bill.


Subway fans, your usual footlong is about to get a whole lot better.

The sandwich company is on its way to introducing pretzel bread – which sounds totally weird, but hear us out.

It's not going to come in the normal 6-inch or footlong style, instead it'll be like a large bun, with all of your favourite fillings inside.

Just imagine the wonderful salty, crisp bun teamed with melted cheese, and slathered with some meatball marinara. Mmmm…

According to Delish, the chain is rolling it out in only a few selected stores around the world to test the waters, but hopefully if all goes well, it could be available in all subway outlets soon.

This might just be better than our beloved footlong.


We all love the odd fast food meal from time to time. Between McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway and more, there's so many to choose from.

That's probably the reason why fast food companies aim high when trying to promote their new burger, wrap or chicken box. 

With striking backgrounds, bright colours schemes and succulent meat, the images are designed to strike anybody passing by.

Now, we know the actual meal might not always look as good as it's picture, but comparisons are something else: 

Subway – Steak and cheese sub




Burger King – Brownie




Burger King – Chicken Tendercrisp




Burger King – Whopper




McDonald's – Big Mac




McDonald's – Quarter pounder with cheese




KFC – Mighty bucket for one




That feeling of sitting down to tuck into your long awaited lunch time meal is mostly one we associate with happiness, because who doesn’t enjoy a tasty lunch.

However, the feeling of sitting down and realising that there is something seriously wrong with your sandwich is quite distressing. Especially if you know that it is supposed to be twice the size. 

Why would the food gods be so cruel?

Well, apparently some Subway customers were sick and tired of forking out for a foot-long sub (the brand’s signature) and took the company to court about it.

In 2013, nine separate law suits concerning foot-long sandwiches being shorter than advertised were merged into one case in the US. 

The law suit claimed that the franchise has been:

“disseminating false and misleading information via television commercials, Internet websites and postings, point of purchase advertisements and national print advertisements, all of which are intended to trick unsuspecting consumers.” 

Basically, stop giving us false hope about the size of the sandwiches.

The company has agreed this week to settle the lawsuit and make changes to how they bake bread in order to stop any inconsistencies from occurring. 

It was also agreed that Subway are to pay lawyers’ fees and damages to nine people named in the lawsuit, and also:

“All persons in the United States who purchased a Six inch or Footlong sandwich at a Subway® restaurant any time between January 1, 2003 and [2 October, 2015].”

These people would have to provide proof of purchase and would not receive compensation but can have their names attached to the formal lawsuit.

So, next time you go to Subway bring your ruler to ensure consistency, and that levels of deliciousness are on point, obviously. 


This unknown woman was filmed singing Halo by Beyonce at a subway platform in Brooklyn, New York. This lady has some serious talent. 


Bodyguard allegedly beats photographer up and locks him in subway toilet!