The Burger King gods have heard our prayers, and have deigned to finally give Ireland its own taste of novelty food.

The US and Japan have been enjoying delights like black and even white burger buns for ages, but until now Ireland has been left out of the loop.

Starting this week though, Irish diners will be able to order the Halloween Whopper – a beef burger with all the trimmings and a "dark BBQ-sauce infused bun."

The burger will only hit Irish Burger King outlets for a limited time, in honour of Halloween next weekend.

From what we've seen so far, it looks pretty legit – though no Irish Burger King fan has posted a snap yet.

There's no word on whether the burger will give us all emerald green poo – something which US diners were quick to shout about on social media earlier this month.

The mix of food colourings in the bun can only be partially absorbed by our gut, meaning what comes back out is a VERY brightly coloured poop.

Hopefully the bun recipe has been tweaked for an Irish audience, but there's only one way to find out…