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If navigating through Instagram to find quality content wasn't hard enough – there's a brand new trend that will make it even tougher – and it has us baffled.

Introducing "sponcon” – which is a term used for Instagrammers FAKING sponsored ads to attracted big brands into giving them work.

They're attempting to take the leap from an average Instagram user to an influencer who is paid handsomely for their posts on the platform.

In order to achieve the influencer lifestyle, people are shelling out their own cash and pretending they've gotten the product or experience for free. 

So brands get the advertisement but haven't spent a penny – confused? Yeah, us too.

However, there is a method to this kinda madness as several influencers claim that companies want to see promotional abilities and past campaign work – BEFORE they hand over the big bills.

Therefore, a lot of Instagrammers are living by the phrase: Fake it until you make it. 

Brian Phanthao, a 19-year-old lifestyle influencer explained the trend to The Atlantic

“In the influencer world, it’s street cred,” said he said, “the more sponsors you have, the more credibility you have.”

The teen added that most people are following in the footsteps of Instagrammers they've grown up with – and they want a piece of that pie.

"It’s really common with kids in high school,” he added. “They’re very influenced by influencers.” 

And it seems that Brian has a point, as a 15-year-old lifestyle influencer also told the publication that "people pretend to have brand deals to seem cool."

The teenager, Allie even confessed to faking a water sponsorship on her Insta and added: “It’s a thing, like, I got this for free while all you losers are paying.”

But the person who takes the biscuit when it comes to “sponcon" is a lady by the name of Taylor Evans.

She told The Atlantic that she faked an entire trip to Miami.

Covering up her holiday as a press trip, Taylor tailored her Insta feed to look as if she didn't fork out a fortune and everything was handed to her for free.

"I took a lot of pics at restaurants and posted ‘Thanks so much XYZ restaurant for the hospitality!’” she said.

“You say it in a way that people could interpret it as you having an established relationship with that brand…"

"The hope is that it’s perceived in a way that looks like there’s a reason you’re in a different city and state, not just enjoying a weekend vacation,” she added.

We aren't too sure what to make of the recent trend.

We have a feeling that the main people making the money out of this movement is the big brands.

But sure, if it floats people's boat to pretend – then they aren't harming anyone.

As for us – trying to distinguish between what is real and fake advertising has gotten a whole lot harder.


You may know her for her role on Suits or her impending marriage to Prince Harry, but Procter & Gamble know her as the young woman who helped overhaul their advertising campaign back in 1993.

According to footage which has recently begun circulating online, Megan Markle was charming the press and public as as far back as the early 90s with her astute critique of sexist television adverts.

Appearing on Inside Edition in 1993, a soft-spoken, but passionate young Megan can be seen arguing against the blatant gender discrimination seen in adverts aired in the US.

"I don't think it's right for kids to grow up thinking these things, that just mum does everything," the 11-year-old told the camera. "It's always mum does this, and mum does that".

Determined to be the change she wants to see in the world,  Megan wrote to the advertisers and requested the replace the word 'women'  with the word 'people'.

And they did.

Megan, take a bow.



We all love the odd fast food meal from time to time. Between McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway and more, there's so many to choose from.

That's probably the reason why fast food companies aim high when trying to promote their new burger, wrap or chicken box. 

With striking backgrounds, bright colours schemes and succulent meat, the images are designed to strike anybody passing by.

Now, we know the actual meal might not always look as good as it's picture, but comparisons are something else: 

Subway – Steak and cheese sub




Burger King – Brownie




Burger King – Chicken Tendercrisp




Burger King – Whopper




McDonald's – Big Mac




McDonald's – Quarter pounder with cheese




KFC – Mighty bucket for one





Over the last four days if you were online shopping you may have come across this gem.

Adverts.ie user Hurley21 is offering up a “lifetime VIP membership to the holy grail of the Irish nightclubbing scene”.

Yes, you read that correctly, this generous man is offering up his CopperFace Jacks Gold Card.

Well, generous might be a bit of an over statement. The asking price for the card is set at €250. A bargain, he assures us.

In case you ever wondered what these coveted memberships mean, he sums it up quite nicely in his ad:

“This rare piece of card allows you and one friend to skip the torturous queue and gain free entry to the club at any time in the night, 7 nights a week, 364 days a year.”

We think he may be aware this his asking price seems a little steep, as he’s quick to stress that only serious regulars should make an offer.

“No silly offers, it's worth a lot more to the right person, if you go ten times before schools are back you'll have already made a return on your investment! Please don't buy unless you go every week, it would be such a waste!”

He’s right, and you know it.

Some potential shoppers have been a bit put off by the expiry date printed on the card, which reads June 2011.

No worries, master salesman that he is, Hurley21 assures us that it won’t pose a problem.

“Never happened to me in over three years, regardless of the doorman or even on the busiest nights, I would happily take the card back and give you a refund if you couldn't get in with it for whatever reason!”

No offers have been accepted just yet, but we spot one shopper placing a €2 bid.

It does seem to come out of a place of sincere good will, as Hurley21 says: “you simply cannot put a price on one of these things. I am only selling this on as I have two and don't want to be greedy anymore.”




You will not believe these adverts actually existed…it's shocking!

1. Nice eyes, Nice hair, Nice teeth…
But if you’ve got the B.O, you can forget pulling a man

Sexist adverts14

2. So The Harder The Wife Works…
… It doesn’t even rhyme, let alone make any sense.

Sexist adverts13


3. Blow In Her Face…
This is a Don Draper original

Sexist adverts4

4. A Woman Can Open It
A MORTAL woman?

Sexist adverts2

5. If Your Husband Finds Out
Domestic Violence will ensue, obviously. 

Sexist adverts3

6. Shoe Her It’s A Man’s World
Who wears a tie in bed?!

Sexist adverts7

7. Women Don’t Leave The Kitchen!
They just stare out the window. 

Sexist adverts12

8. It’s Nice To Have A  Girl Around The House
Wait… what?

Sexist adverts9

9. Christmas Morning She’ll Be Happier With A Hoover
Nail on head there. 

Sexist adverts15

10. Shh! Mom’s On The Warpath!
This one actually suggests that a woman should relax in the bath which is actually some what refreshing compared to the others.

Sexist adverts10

11.“That’s right sweetheart….”
This one has to be a joke

Sexist adverts6

12. The Chef Does Everything But Cook
That's what wives are for…because duh!

Sexist adverts

13. “Don’t Worry Darling…”
What a compassionate man.

Sexist adverts8

14. Wives
The sad thing about this one is that it still happens.

Sexist adverts16

15. Do You Still Beat Your Wife?
Should you have stopped though?

Sexist adverts5

Aren’t you glad you’re living in the 21st Century now.

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