The town of Noiva do Cordeiro in Brazil has a population of about 600 women aged between 20-35 years old. It was founded in the 1890s by a woman who was excommunicated for adultery, and gradually became a popular destination for other women who had also been shunned from their hometowns – and understandably so.

Ever since, it’s been mostly a female only residence. Some women are married but their husbands are only allowed to return to the town at weekends, and male children are sent off once they turn 18-years-old. All town politics are run by women too – the men aren’t allowed to take part.

However, while this may sound like a dream town to some, there’s one big problem. The single women in the town can’t find any men to date!

So they’re putting the word out there. Nelma Fernandes, who is 23-years-old and lives in the town says: "I haven’t kissed a man for a long time. We all dream of falling in love and getting married. But we like living here and don’t want to have to leave the town to find a husband. We’d like to get to know men who would leave their own lives and come to be a part of ours. But first they need to agree to do what we say and live according to our rules.”

Ah, wouldn’t every relationship be just perfect if all men agreed to do what we say and lived according to our rules? Take it from us ladies, you’ll have a tough time finding men like this!