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When a celebration rolls around, there's nothing better than a bottle of champagne to toast your good fortune with.

However, come the end of the year, there might not be any champers to drink.

According to Decanter, with a mix of bad weather, mildew and rot, French bubbly is going to have a shortage this year.

Frost that came late in the year has caused some wine and bubbly makers to lose around 70 percent of their crop. Not good.

There were also hail storms later than expected, and to make everything worse, that was followed by a mildew epidemic in July.

This means that the Champagne region, which usually has around 10,700kg per 100 acres, now only has 3,000kg per 100 acres.

I think it's time to stock up, lads.


Many of us need coffee to survive on a daily basis, so this news is a tad bit worrying and we might've had to down three espressos just to process it.

Recent reports from the Foreign Agricultural Service have suggested that there could be a shortage of coffee coming soon (nooooo) and they created a new global coffee production report to show what is going on with our beloved caffeinated drink.

Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer in the world and unfortunately is suffering a drought. So, the latte you get every morning in Butler's may be effected. 

However, we seem to have some sort of coffee angel up there as Vietnam, Indonesia and Honduras are currently experiencing the ideal weather for growing coffee. Score!

So it might not be as bad as we expected, but still, a coffee shortage sure sounds pretty scary. 


To all those Nutella lovers out there, we have some bad news. There is currently a Nutella shortage! But don't worry, this is just confined to Australia, for now..

So if you were planning on sending a care package with some Barry's tea over to your pals in Oz, make sure to add in some of that chocolatey goodness. 

As you can well imagine, Nutella lovers in Australia have been sent into panic by the news of a nationwide shortage of the good stuff. 

Ferrero Australia, the company responsible for the hazelnut spread, confirmed the bad news saying Nutella-based desserts are to blame. 

With cheesecake, cupcakes and croissants in many places now using the spread as it's main ingredient, it has put a serious strain on the Australian stash. 

The country has completely sold out of the industrial sized 3kg tubs as the chocolate filled desserts gain popularity in cafes and bakeries. 

According to Ferrero, the next shipment isn't due to arrive until some time in August so there could be some dark days ahead for Nutella addicts out there!