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Ever wished there was a way to use Photoshop on your actual body? Well, now you can (kind of!)

With a few knowing tricks you can look absolutely flawless and all you need is a little help from your trusted friend make-up.

Concealer is amazing for covering up any blemishes. You can buy Dermablend Leg and Body Cover to hide any imperfections on your body and MAC Face and Body is great for hiding blemishes on your face.

Fake Tan
Not only is fake tan pretty awesome at making us look like we just arrived back from a sun soaked trip to the Bahamas, it is also pretty fantastic at hiding everything. Sally Hansen tan is great for creating perfect pins and the tan works like a make-up by covering any veins etc.

Use your bronzer to contour abs onto your stomach and to accentuate your cheekbones. Contouring is great because if done correctly it can make you look slimmer and toned.



Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio admits that she doesn’t like tan lines and has a particular way of avoiding them… and no, it doesn’t involve lying on the beach nude! Phew, thank God for that.

Talking to a New York fashion website, the model said that wearing a triangle top bikini and tie-side bottoms is the perfect way to achieve an all over glow.

She said: “If I could only wear one bikini, I’d have to choose a triangle top and tie-side bottom. Those are the best for tanning, but I would choose something different if I was doing water activities!”

However, not all of us have a model-esque physique that we can flaunt in an itsy bitsy bikini, so we may just have to learn to love our tan lines, if we’re lucky enough to get them!

The brunette beauty also admits that white is her go to colour for the summer “because it is so crisp and clean looking.”

Now, white is something we can do!



Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, has once again become the face of make-up brand Maybelline. The Brazilian beauty was the face of the brand from 2003 to 2009, so she is already a pro.

Talking about the role, Adriana said: “It’s wonderful to be part of the Maybelline New York brand again. I am proud to say that I am a Maybelline girl, and I look forward to the work we will do together. The imagery is always beautiful and positive which is what I admire most about the brand. To be a part of that again is a dream come true!”

Others celebs to have worked with Maybelline include Jourdan Dunn who is the current spokesperson and Christy Turlington.

The 33-year-old stunner will be appearing in TV and print ads from this summer and it seems that Jerome Bruhat, global brand president of Maybelline New York, is smitten with the beauty.

Talking about her role, Jerome describes her as being a true “Maybelline woman”, saying: “Globally, women admire not only Adriana’s beauty but also her commitment to helping those in need. We are honoured to partner with her again. Her passion for life and positive energy is undeniable. She truly is a Maybelline woman.”



It’s hard to look at Miranda Kerr and not want to look exactly like her.

The 30-year-old has skin to die for and it seems like she hasn’t aged a day since she first started modelling – well for some!

So here are her top 5 tips for maintaining a flawless complexion:

Eye gel
Don’t underestimate the importance of eye gel.

No matter where you go, always carry a bottle of water with you so you remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Keep it natural
Since everything you put on your face is absorbed by the skin, you should use quality organic beauty products.

Spray mist
Have one nearby so you can spritz when you need to hydrate your skin.

Roseship oil
It has powerful regenerative benefits suitable for everyone.



Just because we don’t walk up and down a runway, doesn’t mean we can’t have runway bodies!

Check out how trainer Justin Gelband helps Candice get that perfect runway body. 



Aussie model, Miranda Kerr is set to release her own version of Elvis and Ann Margaret’s You’re The Boss.

The 30-year-old beauty insists that she isn’t looking to embark a career in music and that Jersey Boys star Bobby Fox ‘convinced’ her to do a duet with her:

“I usually just sing in the shower but @thedancingfox convinced me to record a duet with him,” tweeted the former Victoria’s Secret model.

An inside source also backed the supermodel saying: “she has no plans to embark on a singing career, she loves music and just thought this would be fun.”

Irish-born Bobby – who now lives in Australia – flew out to New Zealand to meet Miranda and they recorded the song in the studio in just one night – impressive!

You’re The Boss will available from iTunes on March 14 -we can’t wait to see what this unlikely duo has in store for us.