Her Vogue cover is out! But would you even recognise Kim?

OK we’re going to be honest here: we weren’t overly keen on Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair.

It wasn’t awful – her features mean she can probably pull-off even the most extreme styles – but ultimately, darker locks got our vote every time.

Until, that is, we saw her hot-off-the-presses Vogue Brasil cover: big dark eyes, smouldering to the camera – and totally gorgeous with her mop of platinum blonde tresses.

In fact, we dare say this is one of our favourite Kimmy looks to date.

And evidently Vogue Brasil agreed: the publication released not one but two different Kim Kardashian covers for its June 2015 body issue, which hit shelves yesterday.

Late last night, she also posted a behind-the-scenes video clip from the shoot – which took place in Brazil several weeks ago.

It depicts the reality TV star as a 1960s screen goddess; applying mascara and layers of lipstick.


Vogue Brasil

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When she first went blonde in March, Ms Kardashian’s colourist, Lorri Goddard, told Us Weekly that it was just the right time for a colour “adventure”.

Apparently the process took nearly four hours, and Lori also stated that the super-light hue was “glamorous, rebellious, sexy, and chic”.