Irish folk are famed for a great many great things – although whether dancing is one of them is somewhat questionable.

A wedding, on a night out, or attending a festival; the moves on offer on homesoil are less Rio Carnival, and more Roscrea carousal.

Not that we mind – because unchoreographed craic is part of what makes the country great.

However, just every so often, it’s nice to turn our hands to something a little different – namely a spot of Brazilian-inspired samba.

Last month, talented Irish-Brazilian bossa band Nova Collective hit Dun Laoghaire pier to record a video for their new single, Samba De Amor. And with the help of director Tom Speers they managed to rope in some unsuspecting locals too.

"Our concept with this one was very simple: can Irish people dance like a Brazilian?" the band said afterwards. 

Well, suffice to say we're totally in love with the results.

For those not yet in the know, Nova Collective is led by outstanding pianist Louis Ryan, and boasts a lineup of exceptional jazz, traditional Irish, classical and Latin musicians. 

Their live shows often involve more than music (spectators are always in for a treat) and they're poised to play the Sugar Club on Sunday, August 16.

You can check out and their Facebook page for more details