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We. Feckin'. Love. Takeaway. Honestly, there is nothing better than coming home after the longest, toughest day at work, squaring up to the cooker for a few minutes before thinking 'nah, it's a takeout night.'

Then comes the exceptional joy of opening up your delivery app of choice and perusing a world's worth of global cuisines. Bliss. 

So when we heard that Kylie Jenner loves takeaway just as much as us – spending $10,000 on one delivery app alone, we were intrigued. 


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Clearly she's living her best life, selecting snacks and cuisines at will – and lets be real if we had the funds for a ten grand takeaway budget, we would do the same. 

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians queen is the latest celeb to be featured in The Receipt, a series by American delivery service Postmates.

The blog series looks at what the star ordered over the past year – an found that while most people prefer getting takeout for dinner, Kylie's favourite meal of the day to have delivered is breakfast, with 10am being her delivery time of choice. 


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In fact, on Kylie's birthday, she ordered a simple cream cheese bagel for breakfast to celebrate. the blog details. 

Kylie's most expensive order consisted of a bottle Don Julio Añejo 1942 Tequila, and her cheapest was an order of a bottle of water and a carrot. Yes, a carrot, as in one, single, lonely little carrot. 

The blog highlights Kylie's busiest day on Postmates, where she ordered five different meals to a photoshoot: 


10:00 AM, cream cheese bagel from The Bagel Broker

2:07 PM, 6-pack macaron ice cream sandwiches from Milk

2:11 PM, penne bolognese from Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Segal

2:13 PM, taquitos, Mexican rice, enchiladas and a tostada salad from Casita del Campo

2:17 PM, truffle “Impossible Burger” from Umami Burger



A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The blog also gave insight into Kylie's pregnancy cravings while she was carrying Stormi. 

Kylie's last order before giving birth to her child was placed a week before her due date, and was for Oreo McFlurrys, 10pc chicken nuggets, and French fries.

She has also ordered household items like blankets and nail varnish remover on the app. 


Sure look, dating is an absolute minefield.

Let's be honest here, there are few among us who don't have at least one 'First Date' horror story; a tale of such woe our friends have forced us time and time again to regale them with it.

Nevermind that the mere memory of the encounter leaves us clammy-handed and vaguely distressed, other people's dating stories are fair game.

They're awkward, they're agonising, and they're also hugely entertaining… as long as you didn't have to endure them.

And that, ladies,  is why we'll be featuring weekly instalments from Swipe Right – a blog about the ups and downs of dating in Dublin. 

This week, our gal comes face to face with your classic Hipster.

Having lived in London for four years I know a Hipster when I see one.

My ex lived in Shoreditch, the Hipster Capital of the World, ensuring my eye is finetuned to the many variables of hipsterdom.

So, frankly I should have spotted this one a mile off, but alas my desire to find my OTL (One True Love) oft makes me blind to the potential hipster lurking behind the bearded avatar of my Tinder match.

Now look, Hipsters are all well and good. But they just aren’t for me.

Partly because I am as far removed from a Hipster as someone can be, but mostly because their smug condescension makes praising anything of merit a chore for someone like me who tries to be an eternal optimist.

The Match

This one was called Louis. He had a sexy beard and a mop of curly hair.

His eyes were dark and moody and he had a few sexy laughter lines making his profile age of 40 seem like an accurate depiction.

The second pic was of him lying nonchalantly in a field, at a festival of some kind, the third was a black and white one of him blowing smoke at the camera, I’d seen enough to swipe right.

It’s a match.

The Chat

He messaged me first.

“So what makes you so bloody wonderful then?" Not as rude as it might seem.

The line I’ve written in the space where you are supposed to synopsise yourself I wrote “I’m bloody wonderful”.

A) Cause I couldn’t be arsed writing anything more. B) Cause confidence is key and C) Cause I bloody well am.

Anyway he’s not the first person to open with this question so I go with my standard reply.

“Oh ye know….everything.” I type.

I swear I’m not a cocky cow, but I like to push men's boundaries with some upfront confidence just to see if they can take it.

“We can be wonderful together so,” came his reply.


“Ah that remains to be seen, tell me about yourself, Louis. What do you do?”

“I work as an IT consultant, boring work, not at all interesting," he replied.

Okayyyy, not giving me much to go on and no question back. Hmmm.

“Ah well, pays the bills eh, so where you living?” I ask.


Now I know I’ve been out of Dublin a few years but I’ve never heard of anywhere called HX.  

“HX..?? Where’s that?”

“Harolds Cross

Oh, for gods sake.

“Oh right, I used to actually live there myself, nice spot, are you from Dublin?”

“Born and bred, from Ballsbridge.”

Hmmm this guy is posh I muster. An actual D4 head now living in D6. The Hipster bells were starting to chime. Still no questions back. He’s feigning disinterest. Another classic hipster characteristic.

“Ah I used to work in Ballsbridge,” I say. I’m trying my best.

“So, you having much luck on here?” he asks

“Ah, a few dates here and there, nothing major. You?”

“Met my fair share of weirdos,” he charmingly retorts.

“Ah well, I promise I’m not a weirdo.”

“Oh yeah, prove it, let's meet up for a drink,” he goes, in for the kill.

I study his pictures again before replying. He’s definitely hot. Defo worth the drink I reckon even if I am getting the hipster vibes.

“OK cool, here’s my number," I reply.

He messages me on WhatsApp. But his name comes up as Jay, not Louis. Hmmm, not a good sign having a duplicitous identity.

Married men are rampant on Tinder so a differing IRL name is disconcerting.

“Hey it’s me,” he says “How are you fixed for Thursday?

“Oh, I thought your name was Louis….it’s saying Jay. And darn, no sorry, Thursday is out for me I have a work thing, could do Friday though?”

“Hmmm going big. Friday it is then.”

Going big? What does he mean?

“Going big?” I echo.

“OK great, Friday it is, where do you want to meet?”

“And is it Jay or Louis?”

“James,” he responds.

Clearly he feels no further explanation is required.

“Can we decide on a venue tomorrow my brain is squishy," I text.

"Yep sure, no worries, sleep well.”

He messages me three days later, the night before the date.

“Ok where to meet, hmm D6/D8?” he types.

I guess they are my only options

“Oh, hi," I reply. “Well, I live and work in D8 so somewhere there, I guess.”

He doesn’t reply. I’m starting to think this guy is not going to be worth the effort.

He messages me the next morning at 7.36am just as I’m drying my hair while getting ready for work.

“I don’t really know any D8 pubs – why don’t we make a massive break in tradition and let you, the lovely lady, decide. Good Morning btw. Looking forward to meeting you.”

Crap, I was worried he’d say that

“Erm… I’ve just moved back from London so I’ve no idea where the cool kids hang these days ! Um k I’ll have a think and let you know later. Good morning btw.”

Seriously it’s not even 8am how am I supposed to think of a date venue at this time in the morning, I haven’t even had coffee yet.

“I know a place as a reserve option,” he types.

Is this guy for real?

“Oh yeah, go ahead,” I reply.

“Hahaha no… It’s called ‘a reserve option’ for a reason." 

This guy is really starting to annoy me now. I’m this close to calling it off but I’ve already applied my tan and its just a waste otherwise.

Plus I’ve had a stressful week in work and I’m living for a G&T as soon as I get to this bar… where ever the hell it might be.

I take the bull by the horns.

“Right so…. Not liking the whole ‘man who can’t make a decision’ aspect of this date so far. How about the Camden Exchange on Camden street? Say 6.30pm," I text.

“Ouch, if I were you I would make the most of your autonomy while you can. See you at 6:30. My reserve was MVP btw.”

Ding a ling a ling a ling. The HIPSTER bell is is full swing!

This guy is a douche. I can already tell.

The Date

At 6.25pm I get a message from him.

“I’m here. Out the back btw. What would you like to drink? Or will I make that decision for you?" he texts.

This guy is already rubbing me up the wrong way and I haven’t even got out of the taxi yet.

I walk out to the smoking area and he’s sitting on a high stool in front of a large barrel doubling as a table.

He’s wearing black skinny jeans, with black pointy boots, a black leather jacket over a crinkled black t-shirt and a paisley scarf around his neck.

Of course he has a craft beer half poured into a glass and he’s rolling a cigarette. This guy is 40?

He sees me and half stands while finishing his rollie.

“Hey, hey how you doing?” he says in a thick D4 accent

“Hi, how are ya?” I say as he leans in and double kisses my cheeks.

“What can I get you?” he says with a kind of wry smile that suggests he knows I’m going to be trouble.

“Ahhh, I’ll have a G&T please," I reply.

He summons a passing waitress and orders my drink and another one of the obscure beers he’s drinking – no doubt called Moonlit Wolf Howl or something like that.

“So so, you good yah” he says barely making eye contact as he stuffs his fingers into his too tight jean pocket to retrieve a zippo. “Getting up to much this weekend?”

“Um well I’m going down to Dunmore East for the night tomorrow, my mate has a house down there and it’s one of my favourite places in Ireland,” I say smoothing down my flowery dress.

It’s short’ish and figure hugging, not hipster at all but I look nice in it… c’ept so far he’s not really looking at me so I start to feel a bit self conscious.

Thankfully, my drink arrives.

“Oh Dunmore, nice spot, nice spot” he says blowing smoke out his nostrils.

“I used to go there every year for the Blue Grass festival….. before it became SHITE” he said with a knowing smile as if this was something I should agree with him on.

“Oh right, never been to the festival myself” I say. “So how was work today, glad the week is over?”

He launches into a 20 minute rant about his job. About how all his colleagues are idiots. The company is shite, his team are stupid, how he’s done this jobs for years and how no one seems to get the system the way he does.

He works as some kind of consultant. Something to do with data protection and blah blah blah.

To be honest, I lost interest seven minutes in.

A friend of mine does very similar work and I actually know a bit about it so when I tried to contribute and offer my two pence worth he started talking over me using technical terms as if he was trying to prove that actually I knew nothing about what he was talking about so I just kind of zoned out after that and savoured my gin.

I interrupted him to order another one which thankfully broke his rant. I took out my packet of cigarettes and lit one up.

“Oh you smoke them, do you? Rollies are so much nicer in my opinion” he smirks.

“Ah I like these” I’m starting to be a bit feisty now. I packed up my charm and stuffed it into my handbag about 10 minutes ago.

I think he can tell so he makes an attempt at steering the conversation back towards me.

“So how you finding life back in Dublin after London?” he says.

“I love it actually, it’s so much nicer, less stressful. I love having a car again and the freedom that brings, not having to squeeze onto a tube everyday.”

“Oh you drive a car, do you?” he kind of spits this at me like an accusation.

I nod, waiting.

“Ugh I hate cars. I have a bike.”

“Like, a motorbike?” I ask.

He looks at me with disdain.

“No, a push bike”

“Oh, okay.”

Riggghhhttt. The most annoying people on the road. A hipster on a bike.

“I mean, look you don’t need a car in Dublin. I bet me on my bike, and you in your car, I could get anywhere in Dublin faster than you," he wagered.

Suddenly, this has become a competition.

“Yeah maybe, I guess, although to be fair I’m quite a nippy driver, I like weaving in and out and finding the less busy roads” I say sipping on my drink.

“Yeah actually you strike me as one of those aggressive bitch drivers on the road.”

I half choked on my drink.

“Excuse me?” I said, eyes narrowing “Did you just call me a bitch”

“Aw well, don’t get me wrong but you know what I mean?”

“Um no I don’t actually” I stub my cigarette out.

“I think I’m gonna call it a night. On yer bike.”

I walk out and past the waitress as she comes with our second drink.

“He’s paying for them” I say to her with a wink.

As I walk out the door I feel elated. What a pr*ck.

But what an exit.

If you want to learn more about Ariana's dating exploits, be sure to keep up to date on Swipe Right's Facebook page.



A snazzy disco ball drinks cup – complete with straw. Oh and they cost just €3-a-pop too.

Yup, we are ALL OVER these beauts – which come in gorgeous pink and metallic hues – as spotted recently in Penneys by the always fab Prosecco And High Heels

Dubliners Nicola and Emma, who run the blog, posted a snap of the items to their Facebook page, commenting: "I swear how cute how are these. €3 in Penneys."

Then, highlighting a sentiment we're all sorts of on board with, they added: "Gin would taste amazing outta them… in fairness gin tastes amazing from anything!"

Here at SHEmazing! we're furthermore envisioning garden party soirees once the weather picks up. 

And as always with any gems from Penneys – you better be quick to nab these glitter disco ball drinks cups!



Getting to know your siblings' other halves can be awkward at the best of times, but when you're part of the Kardashian / Jenner family – and the complicated love lives it brings with it – we imagine it might be just that little bit harder.

Opening up about the issue during a recent blog post, Kendall got super candid and admitted she hadn't always been keen on her siblings' new partners, but did her best to keep an open mind.

"I generally greet the new person with an open mind," she wrote in a piece entitled: "LOVE, KENDALL: Meeting My Siblings’ Significant Others Over the Years.’

"But, I do have a strong intuition when I meet people and there have definitely been times that I’ve gotten a bad vibe," she admitted.

While not naming any names, the 20-year-old runway sensation insisted that she always played the diplomat, writing: "When that happens, I don’t say anything right away, because it’s a really sensitive subject for my siblings."

"I just wait it out and see if he or she finds out on their own," she added.

"Eventually, though, I will say something if I feel like one of my brothers or sisters are being taken advantage of, or could be getting hurt."

The model acknowledged that it might not always be easy for the new person to ingratiate themselves with her as she struggles with shyness at times.

"It’s also sometimes tough for me to meet new significant others because even though I’m welcoming, I’m naturally kind of awkward and shy when I don’t know someone," she admitted.

Whether it's Kris Humphries, Tyga or Blac Chyna she's referring to, we don't know, but we have our suspicions..


She's the former Miss Ireland who's already courted attention from the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Kris Jenner (not to mention Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian).

And now 24-year-old Holly Carpenter has caught the eye of another mega-star… and this time it's none other than Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

Despite being close to a year old, once again it's her hilarious "What she's really saying on SnapChat," blog post that has everyone talking.

Mr Foxx, who has some 9.4million likes from fans on his official Facebook page, this morning shared an article which details Holly's now famous observations – but he's certainly not the first celebrity to laud the Dublin model's sense of humour. 

Ashton Kutcher did the same last October, while Kris Jenner got in on the act in January.

Furthermore, back in the autumn of 2014 she and social media lothario Dan Bilzerian shared some flirty private messages on Twitter in the aftermath of her split from rugby star Cian Healy. 

"I was delighted to see Jamie share the post," Holly told SHEmazing! this evening.

"It's nearly a year old now and has also been shared by Kris Jenner, Ashton Kutcher, MTV and E! News.

"It's a bit mental but it's great to see they all appreciate the Irish sense of humour of slagging ourselves."

Ms Carpenter is currently dating Coronas frontman Danny O'Reilly and the duo recently enjoyed a romantic mini-break to Kerry. 


With her monthly readership figures sitting comfortably around the seven-digit mark, Suzanne Jackson’s status as Ireland’s top blogger is certainly secure. But, as she exclusively reveals to SHEmazing!, the 30-year-old “wasn’t an A-student in school, not by a long shot,” but she adds that she never did anything half-heartedly either.

Indeed, she attributes her sky-high profile to one thing: passion: “Blogging is one of those things that you have to love and enjoy,” she says. “Otherwise you just wont commit to it and give it the attention it deserves.”

And aside from heaps of passion, the young businesswoman has had to really master the art of multi-tasking: after all, theres a steady stream of blog posts to be penned, and hosting gigs to front, not to mention emails to be answered, and meetings to attend.

She smiles as she recalls recently frantically typing up her column for The Sun in the passenger seat of her car while her boyfriend, Dylan, drove her to a job. “Readers don’t see that side of the business,” she laughs.

“Some think being a fashion and beauty blogger is all about shopping for clothes and trying out new makeup. If only! My day involves a lot of long hours in front of a computer.”

Incredibly, this July marks the five-year anniversary since Suzanne uploaded her first post on SoSueMe.ie.

“It feels like a lifetime ago,” she says. “I had been thinking about starting a blog for a while at that point. I had been following a few international ones, but there didn’t seem to be any Irish ones so I thought, ‘well why don’t I set one up?’”

These days, the SoSueMe brand is a power-force to be reckoned with: she has just launched her own line of gel polishes, SOSU By Suzanne Jackson – a product which has already all-but sold out.

“I’m overwhelmed, because I never thought the gel polish collection would take off as fast as it did,” she smiles in response. “I wanted to create something that every girl needed, but yet was fun and affordable.

“I always think a nail polish finishes off a look so it seemed like the ideal product to start with.”

Still, Suzanne’s unique selling point has always been her ability to connect with her readers – a talent she retains to this day. Astonishingly, a simple post about a recent trip to Penneys, where she bought a couple of candles and some plain t-shirts, was shared on Facebook alone almost 44,000 times.

Another post about bikinis yielded almost 38,000 shares on Facebook. The numbers are staggering, but while they are now a common sight on her stats page, Suzanne takes nothing for granted.

“The one thing that always stood to me was that I kept a positive outlook on things,” she says candidly. “Bad days don’t last forever.

“That and I always knew I would find my way in life.”


Next week, SHEmazing! will be giving away an amazing hamper packed full of SoSuMe gel polishes. Worth an incredible €100, make sure to check back in for details of how you can enter and win this great prize.


Here at SHEmazing! we just love to hear about inspiring and positive Irish women – and they certainly don't get more incredible than Eimear Coghlan.

Eimear was diagnosed with Grade 3 invasive breast cancer on the 4th December 2014.

Now, four months into chemotherapy treatment, Eimear has been sharing her inspiring story on her fabulous blog, A Head With Style.

Her aim is to help and inspire other women who may be feeling lost and scared about losing their hair by sharing style and make-up tips, plus lots more. Eimear explained that this would have been something that would have helped her when she began chemo:

“I looked to the internet for inspiration to comfort me on my journey into the unknown and though I found blogs and pictures of people recording their hair growth and their strive back to normality, I couldn’t find anyone proudly embracing and rocking their bald look.”

So, that’s exactly what Eimear decided to do. Telling how her new bald look made her feel ‘powerful’ and ‘free’, Eimear began to think of exciting ways she could style her new look:

 “I started to play around with earrings, jewellery and makeup as I wanted to celebrate my head and immediately I felt proud of my new shaved look.”

Love Your Head!

The 31-year-old says that she hoped to give comfort and inspiration to women who may be going through the same emotions she was when it came to shaving her head and embracing her bald look:

“The strong inside me needs to be reflected on the outside, if it isn’t then it pulls the inside me down like an anchor. It’s not superficial, it’s a necessity. Style and accessories help keep both inside and outside me in synch. Own your look, rock your look, love your look. Then you’re ready to face anything.”

We have no doubt that Eimear’s incredible positive and inspirational outlook on life will be a great source of comfort to many women going through the same thing.

You can check out Eimear’s blog here and catch her on Facebook too for daily tips and inspiration on how to rock your look, no matter what.



Lesley Cosgrave hails from Dublin and is the lovely face behind beauty and lifestyle blog, Bellinis and Blush.

The talented blogger loves to promote confidence as well as sharing all of her beauty tips and tricks. Check out Bellinis and Blush for the inside track on all things beauty and life, from food to fashion and everything in between!

We had a chat with Lesley and put some tough questions to her – which she nailed! She even let us peek inside her make-up bag – check it out! 

1. What's your best budget beauty buy?
I’m a huge fan of Rimmel foundations, in particular the Wake Me Up and Lasting Finish range. Lasting Finish is perfect for both day and night and it does what it says on the tin, it lasts! A huge thing for me as I tend to not touch up my make up during the day. Both excellent products and super affordable! Special mention goes to Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks, INCREDIBLE LASTING POWER! Great for a special occasion or a big night out.

2. What's your top make-up tip?
It’s all about that base! Commit yourself to a regular skin care routine and REMOVE YOUR MAKE UP BEFORE BED! Cannot stress that point enough. If your skin is in tip top condition, your make up will apply like a dream, look better and last longer.

3. Do you have a favourite all-round beauty product?
Ooh this is like Sophie’s Choice!! Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a super all round product. I mostly use it as a primer make up base, but it does an amazing job as a mask and as a moisturiser. It really wakes up your skin, smells beautiful, feels fresh and invigorating and gives the illusion of a full night’s sleep. It’s not the cheapest product, but a little goes a long way. I usually get months out of a tube and I use it every single day. A close second is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, everyone should have a tube of this in their stash!

4. What's your earliest beauty memory?
My earliest beauty memory was watching my mother do her make up! She was so glamourous and always had her make up on, nails painted and hair perfectly coiffed after using her heated rollers. I always remember she would dot lipstick on her cheeks and blend with her fingers, in place of a traditional powder blush! Glammy Mammy she was, I believe my love of beauty stemmed from her.

5. Most girls have a signature scent – what's yours?
I have a ridiculous amount of perfume on rotation, I use them depending on my mood or the occasion. My go to fragrance would be Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. It’s the perfect scent for both day and night. I’m a huge fan of really fresh, clean scents and this one never fails me.

6. What's in your make-up bag right now? Can we have a peek inside?
This is my regular everyday make up kit, but I do like to glam it up for nights out with darker eyes and a bold lip!

  • Define & Conquer Contour Kit from Seventeen
  • Doll Eye Mascara from NYX
  • Lasting Finish Foundation from Rimmel
  • Beauty Flash Balm from Clarins
  • Stay Matte But Not Flat Pressed powder from NYX
  • Fake Up Concealer from Benefit
  • Powder Blush from Chanel
  • Dandelion Lip Gloss from Benefit
  • Brow This Way Brow Gel from Rimmel
  • High Brow Highlighter from Benefit
  • Eye Booster Liquid Liner from Physicians Formula

You can catch up with Lesley at Bellinis and Blush and on Twitter!  



La Belle Mama is an Award Winning Irish Beauty and Lifestyle Blog by Dee Doherty.  Having always been a fan of online Beauty Gurus, she decided to set up a blog of her own whilst on maternity leave.  What started as a way of keeping herself busy, turned into a passion which she says has taken her on a journey of learning, building self-confidence and making new friends…and that journey continues! We caught up with Dee to get all the best advice, check out what she had to tell us!

What is your best budget beauty buy?
Hands down, Collection Cosmetics' Lasting Perfection Concealer.  It's a cult classic at this stage, but if you do not have this already – you need it in your life!  My Mom uses it now too.  It doesn't matter your age or skin type – it's just PERFECTION…that lasts 😉

What is your top make-up tip?
Oh gosh! ONE top make-up tip?  That's a hard one!  I'm going to give my tip to create the illusion of fuller lips!  For the upper lip, dab a little bit of highlighter on your Cupid's Bow.  For the bottom lip, use a brown waterproof eyeliner and draw a tiny line just under the middle of the lip – this creates a "shadow" which immediately plumps the lip!  Then use gloss rather than a matte lippy!  Mmmwah!

Most girls have a much-loved lipstick – what's yours?
I actually DON'T love lipstick!  I prefer glosses, but my fave lip product is Soap & Glory's Mother Pucker in "Nudist".  I carry it with me everywhere.  It's a perfect nude and just makes my lips look pretty!

What was your very first perfume and what are you currently wearing?
My first perfume was "Les Belles de Ricci" by Nina Ricci!  (I'm really showing my age here, haha!)  As for what I'm wearing now, it's coming back into the colder weather, so I've switched back to my winter favourite, Paco Rabanne's "Lady Million".  This perfume also holds a sentimental value for me, but you'll have to read the blog to find that one out 😉

You're only allowed use three make-up products for the rest of your life – what are they?
Jeez!  How mean is this question? 

#1 Concealer – because you can use it to cover a multitude of sins – blemishes, redness and just create the most beautiful version of your natural self. 

#2 Mascara – because, well, we all love mascara!

#3 Blush – because it can just give your skin that "pick me up" that it needs.  You look happier, healthier and prettier!  (Even when you feel like poop)

Check out La Belle Mama for even more tips and tricks, or follow Dee on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!




No stranger to controversial comments, it seems Trinny won’t change her ways just because she’s reached her 50th birthday.

Trinny is currently dating Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson’s ex who divorced the TV chef last summer. Their split followed shocking pictures of what appeared to show Charles grabbing Nigella by the throat outside a restaurant in London.

Considering this, we find it disturbing that Trinny would go on to say what she has.

Writing on a blog about turning 50, Trinny said: “It’s great that, at 50, life can still grab you by the throat and shake you up. And it’s even better when you’ve learned to cope with whatever’s thrown at you. So long as it isn’t a bedside lamp.”

Wow. So much for women empowering one another, eh? Stay classy Trinny!