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Love Island's Yewande Biala has opened up about what life is like when you're black and in the media.

The 23-year-old Irish scientist says being black means "you have to be 10 times better than everyone else", she told 1Xtra Talks.

Yewande was one of the 2019 cast originals, but left the show after Danny chose Arabella over her in a brutal dumping.


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She says: "When I got into this I realised being black is hard, but being black and in the media is harder.

"You have to stand out and you have to do more and it can get quite frustrating," she adds.

"You feel like you're not doing enough, but just keep pushing to keep doing what you're doing and someone will see how amazing you are."


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The reality star also claims that finding love in the villa was harder because of the colour of her skin.

Yewande's best friends were candidates Amber Gill, who is mixed race and Anna Vakili, who's Iranian, and she says "we all struggled".

"We didn't find anyone who liked us. It was always someone coming in and saying 'my type is blonde and petite'. We'd just look at each other and say 'they're obviously not here for us'."

Yewande also spoke about the pressure of social media outside of the villa, and how she copes with it.

She says "the majority of people were super supportive" in public platform comments, but that she did receive some hurtful direct messages.

"When I came back from Mallorca I got such a tan. I was so dark but I loved it.

"And people would come to me like, 'Oh you're too dark, like why are you so dark? Why are you so black, you're too skinny'. It was just stupid."


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Yewande was also quizzed on her feelings about Danny Williams and Arabella Chi.

Model Arabella Chi is now dating Wes Nelson from the 2018 series, while Danny is dating Jourdan Riane after falling for her during the Casa Amor segment only days after Arabella was dumped.

The scientist says numerous articles appeared online about her which portrayed a tired stereotype used against black women following her dumping.

"I tried not to read any articles about myself because I didn't want to get upset. I think they were trying to label me as the angry black woman, which was kind of insane.

"Not once in the villa did I ever raise my voice or feel like I acted in that way, even considering the circumstances I was in."

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Social media has gone slightly crazy over the discovery of black ice cream.

Yep, an ice cream shop in LA has created this sweet treat and it's nearly as good as when the black heart emoji first debuted.

Little Damage specialises in homemade soft-serve ice cream (basically a 99) and the Almond Charcoal flavour even comes with a black waffle cone.

Taking a sneaky look through their Instagram, they even have something called Unicorn Tears, and we're very intrigued.

Trip to LA anyone? 


Plain old vanilla might be the default option when it comes to ice cream, but it seems this summer’s coolest treat trend has gone to the dark side for inspiration.

In between the endless stream of melting chocolate balls, icy Frappuccinos and rainbow coloured doughnuts which have come to dominate Instagram’s food porn network, you may have noticed a very unusual looking iced dessert known as black ice cream.

Pictures tagged #blackicecream show scooped and whipped ice creams served in a variety of ways, all of which are black in colour and seem to be popping up around the world. 



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The Tech Times has reported that Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream shop in New York is one vendor playing its role in the charcoal-coloured trend.

According to the site, Morgenstern’s black ice cream is Black Coconut Ash flavour which combines dark chocolate ice cream, squid-ink based food dye and a new flavour made from the “charred and processed remains of a coconut shell”.


And as if having black ice cream isn’t cool enough, it has been suggested that the activated charcoal in the recipe can help detox the body so you could say black ice cream is actually good for you.




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Season 7 of Modern Family wrapped shooting on Tuesday, and one person who's already celebrating is Sarah Hyland.

The actress, who plays Haley on the long-running sitcom, took to social media yesterday to show off a very dramatic new look.

Gone are the blonde/bronde locks she's sported in a variety of lengths over the years, and in their place is a raven-black bob.

"Change. Is. Good," Sarah wrote alongside  a photo of herself and hairstylist Nicki Lee. "I love it."

While we can see why the actress would want a change, we're not sure the jet black suits her pale skin – although it could be the bright sunlight that's washing her out here:

Either way, Sarah seems delighted with the shift in her style, and has been posting selfies galore since taking the plunge:

After splitting from her boyfriend Matthew Prokop – and taking an abuse case against him – back in 2014, the actress has found love with English actor Dominic Sherwood, and we're delighted to see her so happy.

"You're my best friend and I love you," she wrote in a sweet birthday message to her man just last month.

Too cute. 


Singer JoJo has just released three new tracks in a package she's calling her "tringle".

The singer – who seemed to drop off the face of the earth for a few years – is now prepping for her third album release. 

Yesterday evening the singer dropped three new songs on her website, called Say Love, Save My Soul and When Love Hurts

It's been ten years (!) since the singer kick started her career with Leave (Get Out), and it looks like she's finally ready for a comeback.

The Massachusetts-born singer was just 13 when she created her first album, but things went sour with her record company soon after.

JoJo went through a major lawsuit for nearly seven years against her former label Blackground Records, saying they caused her career "irreparable damage" by delaying the release of her third album.

Whenever she’d try to turn in a new album, she’d get no response from Blackground. But because she’d signed a seven-album deal with the label when she was only 12, JoJo was unable to break her contract.

She first filed a lawsuit in 2009 against Blackground, citing a breach of contract, alleging the label failed to secure distribution for her album and forced her into a state of limbo.

But JoJo lost the lawsuit and was forced to stay with the record company for the years following. 

Finally in 2013, JoJo had no choice but to file a major suit with the New York State Supreme Court, citing failure on the part of the label to release her third album and neglecting to pay producers she worked with. 

After winning her second lawsuit battle the singer signed with Atlantic Records last December and has been working on her new album ever since. 

Listen to her newly released songs here: