She’s back… JoJo just released THREE new singles at once

Singer JoJo has just released three new tracks in a package she's calling her "tringle".

The singer – who seemed to drop off the face of the earth for a few years – is now prepping for her third album release. 

Yesterday evening the singer dropped three new songs on her website, called Say Love, Save My Soul and When Love Hurts

It's been ten years (!) since the singer kick started her career with Leave (Get Out), and it looks like she's finally ready for a comeback.

The Massachusetts-born singer was just 13 when she created her first album, but things went sour with her record company soon after.

JoJo went through a major lawsuit for nearly seven years against her former label Blackground Records, saying they caused her career "irreparable damage" by delaying the release of her third album.

Whenever she’d try to turn in a new album, she’d get no response from Blackground. But because she’d signed a seven-album deal with the label when she was only 12, JoJo was unable to break her contract.

She first filed a lawsuit in 2009 against Blackground, citing a breach of contract, alleging the label failed to secure distribution for her album and forced her into a state of limbo.

But JoJo lost the lawsuit and was forced to stay with the record company for the years following. 

Finally in 2013, JoJo had no choice but to file a major suit with the New York State Supreme Court, citing failure on the part of the label to release her third album and neglecting to pay producers she worked with. 

After winning her second lawsuit battle the singer signed with Atlantic Records last December and has been working on her new album ever since. 

Listen to her newly released songs here: