Plain old vanilla might be the default option when it comes to ice cream, but it seems this summer’s coolest treat trend has gone to the dark side for inspiration.

In between the endless stream of melting chocolate balls, icy Frappuccinos and rainbow coloured doughnuts which have come to dominate Instagram’s food porn network, you may have noticed a very unusual looking iced dessert known as black ice cream.

Pictures tagged #blackicecream show scooped and whipped ice creams served in a variety of ways, all of which are black in colour and seem to be popping up around the world. 



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The Tech Times has reported that Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream shop in New York is one vendor playing its role in the charcoal-coloured trend.

According to the site, Morgenstern’s black ice cream is Black Coconut Ash flavour which combines dark chocolate ice cream, squid-ink based food dye and a new flavour made from the “charred and processed remains of a coconut shell”.


And as if having black ice cream isn’t cool enough, it has been suggested that the activated charcoal in the recipe can help detox the body so you could say black ice cream is actually good for you.




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