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It's been two years since Cecil the Lion died at the hands of American game hunter and dentist, Walter Palmer.

The animal's slaying in June 2015 sparked worldwide controversy, with politicians, artists and musicians seeking to honour the creature in the wake of his death.

And now just two years on, Cecil's son, Xanda, has been reportedly killed by trophy hunters in Zimbabwe.

It is understood that Xandu, who was just six-years-old and father to a number of cubs, was killed outside the Lions of Hwange National Park.

Today the Lions of Hwange National Park issued a statement on Facebook confirming the lion's death, beginning: "Today we heard that a few days ago, Xanda, the son of #CecilTheLion has been shot on a trophy hunt by Zimbabwe PH Richard Cooke."

"Cooke also killed Xanda’s brother in 2015, he was only about 4 years old then," they added. "Xanda is still a young father at 6.2 years old and has several young cubs."

Remarking on the unnecessary nature of Xanda's death, they continued: "We can’t believe that now, 2 years since Cecil was killed, that his oldest Cub #Xanda has met the same fate."

"When will the Lions of Hwange National Park be left to live out their years as wild born free lions should?" they asked.

The post, which was uploaded three hours ago, has been inundated with messages condemning Cooke's actions.

"Seems hell bent on wiping the out the whole family," wrote one. "He's probably pissed he wasn't the one to get Cecil's head for his wall. Obviously a deeply disturbed individual."

"Why should killers have the right to decimate our wildlife. Belongs to all of us," added another.


Uh-oh. Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson has become the latest celeb to commit a Halloween fashion faux pas.

The actress has sparked outrage on Instagram after she revealed her idea for a Halloween costume on Instagram.


Her potential costume was inspired by Cecil the lion. She originally captioned a snap of her wearing the costume with:

“Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this cecil the lion costume? @yandy #thanksyandy #halloweencostume.” 

The 25-year old’s fans however were not impressed with her choice however. The caption for image has changed since she originally posted the snap to now read “What do you guys think of this lion costume?”


Social media users were quick to blast the actress for “ignorant” choice of words and costume ideas.

"How dare you make fun of a lion who innocently died from a inhuman act!" wrote on Instagram user. Another added, 

Cecil the lion was a 13-year old lion who was killed by an American dentist earlier this year. One witty Gawker user had this to say:

Yandy, the website where Ashely said her costume was from does have an official ‘Cecil the Lion’ costume.

Ashley’s costume was actually the ‘Deluxe Lion Costume’ from the site, which is slightly different.

E! News reports Yandy as saying that 20 percent of the proceeds of the limited edition costume will be donated to a global conservation organization.

With a price tag of €106 that means more than €20 will be donated for each purchase.



So yesterday we showed you the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume which is available online and is causing some serious controversy amongst fans of the transgender role model. 

But things have some how turned even more controversial in the world of Halloween costumes. We are absolutely appalled having seen the latest costume for sale on Costumeish.com.

A Lion Killer Dentist Halloween Costume became available at midnight last night and retails at €52.31. The costume comes complete with a severed head and a dentist uniform covered with fake blood splatters. 

The company's CEO Johnathon Weeks told TMZ that they made the costume available after they were flooded with requests from people who wanted to dress up as Dr. Walter Palmer who killed Cecil the lion earlier this summer. 

This costume has caused some serious backlash for the company already but Johnathon Weeks really thinks they are doing something good saying that 15% of all proceeds will go to the African Wildlife Foundation Justice For Cecil. 

The description of the costume on Costumeish.com reads: "'All Doctor Palmer wanted was to hang dead animals in his house, but what started as an obscure (if legally-dubious) hunting trip has since erupted into a brouhaha of trans-Atlantic proportions."

"2015's most controversial killing has laid bare the rift in American and Zimbabwean attitudes toward exotic game hunting and animal conservation pitting an outraged mob against a Minnesotan dentist in a scandal sure to be remembered for a generation."

'Our Lion Killer Dentist Costume features a severed lion's head mask, bloody smock, and bloody gloves for a gruesome, complete look.'

The website has yet to sell one of the costumes. 


He was controversially denied the coveted Star Baker title – despite constructing an INCREDIBLE lion entirely from bread.

However, Great British Bake Off's Paul Jagger, 49, has at least achieved another great honour: he's sparked waves of online memes and tributes which affectionately nod to his delicious show-stopper. 

The prison worker's feline was created using a white bread head, a wholemeal tail, and a body filled with figs and walnuts.

Even the notoriously grumpy Paul Hollywood couldn't help but be blown away: the judge declared the lion to be "one of the best things I've seen in bread – ever!"

Mr Jagger was subsequently given a "special commendation," – with GBBO presenter Sue Perkins explaining that the honour was being bestowed because Mr Hollywood "has never ever in his life seen a bread sculpture as magnificent as that one".

Still, Paul was ultimately pipped to the Star Baker post by rival Ian Cumming – a decision which caused countless viewers to take to the likes of Twitter to vent their frustration. 

With a full six days to go until next week's episode, and in order to pay our respects to Paul's magnificent lion, SHEmazing! has decided to round up the very best online responses to the great Great British Bake Off lion…
















In case you missed it this week, there was outrage around the world when Cecil the lion was shot and killed with a crossbow for sport.

The protected animal was killed following a request put in by a U.S based dentist who paid for a hunt to be arranged in order to have the animal shot and killed.

Since then, people around the world have been very vocal about their outrage, so much so that the dentist has gone into hiding. Protests were staged outside of his practice and have forced Walter Palmer into hiding.

Palmer claims his innocence despite the huge social media backlash he has faced since the news came to light. Officials in Zimbabwe, where Cecil was a hugely popular attraction for tourists, are no saying that Walter could face legal action and a prison sentence, according to CNN.

Now though, the Terminator himself has called for action against Mr Palmer and he’s calling in a favour from one Irish sports star. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling on MMA fighter Conor McGreggor to defend the honour of Cecil the lion. In the past the Dublin native has spoken of his respect and love of wild animals. While in the U.S he told talk show host Conan O'Brien: 

"I’m obsessed with animals. To watch them in their natural environment is pretty spectacular.”

We can only imagine what Conor, 27, will have to say about this proposal, we'll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled that's for sure. 


In the face of an international backlash – fuelled by celebrity input – American Walter J Palmer has hired a PR firm. 

The dentist controversially killed Cecil the lion – one of Africa's most famous big cats and the star attraction at Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park – around three weeks ago. 

He paid €45,000 to shoot the animal with a crossbow, later leaving him skinned and headless on the outskirts of the park after posing up proudly for photographs with his body.

And it has now been revealed that the medic has gone into hiding. He has received numerous death threats since news of the lion's slaughter first emerged earlier this week.

Indeed, he has employed Austin & Associates, a public relations firm based in Ohio, to handle to controversy. 

In a statement – the first time he has spoken publicly on the matter – Dr Palmer claimed: “In early July, I was in Zimbabwe on a bow hunting trip for big game.

"I hired several professional guides and they secured all proper permits. To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted.”

“I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favourite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt,” he continued.

“I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt. I have not been contacted by authorities in Zimbabwe or in the US about this situation, but will assist them in any inquiries they may have.

Again, I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.”

His Minneapolis dental surgery has since been forced to close. Activists have also left flowers, cards, and stuffed toys – in particular lions – at his place of work and his home.

Some have also dressed as 'dentist hunters' – armed with water-guns and wearing lion masks.

Cara Delevingne, and Ricky Gervais, as well as models Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel – who hail from Namibia and South Africa respectively – are just some of the celebrities who have take to social media to criticise Dr Palmer's actions. 

In an emotional appeal, American television host Jimmy Kimmel also asked viewers to donate to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit in retaliation. 

And Peta said on its Twitter account that he should be "extradited, charged and, preferably, hanged," for his actions. 

Yesterday, Emmanuel Fundira, the president of the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe, confirmed at a news conference that Dr Palmer is wanted for the death of Cecil.

The Zimbabwean authorities are acting fast too: Dr Palmer's hunting colleagues, Zimbabwean Theo Bronkhorst and local landowner Honest Ndlovu are due to appear in court today on poaching charges.

If convicted, the men face up to 15 years in prison.