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We've been addicted to You since Netflix released it back in December. We were utterly addicted to the thrilling series and are delighted to hear season two is on the way.

The show follows the narrative of bookstore manager Joe, and his infatuation with poetry writer Beck. Beginning as an online stalker, Joe gradually becomes more sinister as his obsession escalates throughout.

Starring Penn Badgley, otherwise known as Dan Humphry from Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell, the show had us seriously addicted.

It’s safe to say we were thrilled to hear that there would be a second season of You and Netflix has finally confirmed the release date.

And we don’t have much longer to wait.

Season two of You lands on Netflix on December 26.

The show is based on the book by Caroline Kepnes, which means that avid readers can discover the future of You. Anyone who is already a fan of the novel will know that season two will be based in Los Angeles.

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Rather than remain in New York City's urban jungle setting, Joe relocates to LA for a change.

Showrunner Sarah Gamble also revealed that the audience will learn much more about Joe's past in the next season, including how he became an obsessive stalker and serial killer…

Related image

"There's a lot more to explore about Joe from earlier in his life. Those are the things we're starting to get into for season two,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. 

As anyone who watched season one will know, Beck and Peach probably won’t return (maybe as ghosts?) but we may get to see some flashbacks, judging by Candace's role.

Season two of You airs on December 26.


Shay Mitchell has finally shared the first photo of her daughter. The Pretty Little Liars star opened up about her darling girl in a moving Instagram post and finally shared the name of her firstborn.

Shay, who is an avid traveller, picked the perfect name for her little girl. The mum decided to call her Atlas Noa and we’re honestly in love with her moniker. It is so unique.

She penned a touching open letter to her darling daughter and it’ll bring a tear to your eye.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

“In my 32 years of life I thought I had seen a lot of places, experienced a lot of things, met a lot of people and felt love…then came you.

“Truth is I had no idea I was capable of loving anything like this before you arrived. You wonder if that’s just something people say, but it’s as if the chemical makeup of my entire body and soul changed the minute we met,” she gushed.


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Shay continued, “I wake up each day (and also every 2-3 hours 😉 still in awe that you are mine, and I am yours. I’m still learning about you and I’ll never grow old of watching you slowly wake up, catch a glimpse of me or your dad and focus intently, almost as if to say “I know you.” 

The You actress added, “Just know, sweet girl – Whatever you choose to do in this world, whoever you choose to love, wherever you choose to go, I will always be your biggest fan. I am already so proud to be your Mama.”


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Shay quipped, “PS. The days of dressing you up as burritos and other snacks has only just begun.”

Baby Atlas is as cute as can be.


Shay Mitchell is already being mum-shamed, a mere week after giving birth to her first child. The mum has come under fire after she attended Drake’s birthday party. 

Trolls are attacking the mum for leaving the house… I know, we can’t believe it either. God forbid the new mum wanted to step outside.

The new mum is entitled to have fun. Just because the You star is a mum, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have a good time. She is still a human.

The Pretty Little Liars actress and her beau Matte Babel were spotted having a ball at Drake’s birthday party. A source told US Weekly,  “Shay looked absolutely amazing, definitely not like she had just given birth. She was dancing and living her best life, and her and Matte were having so much fun together.”

However, the mum-shamers were furious at Shay for leaving her daughter at home, despite the fact that the newborn was being looked after by a friend/family member.

Users shared harsh comments on Shay’s first photo of her baby girl.

One said, “Disgusting…leaving your newborn only days after her birth.”

Another wrote, “Mother of the year award right here! As if you seriously could leave your baby to go party?”

“You literally just had her and you’re more worried about clubbing with Drake?” another said.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

Shay was quick to hit back at the abusive comments and stressed that she didn’t make the announcement on the day of her daughter’s birth, alluding to the fact that her daughter is older than the public believed.

She replied to one comment saying, “Days? Lol honey, just because I posted on that day doesn’t mean she was born on that day.”

We’re so glad Shay is sticking up for herself and ignoring the hatred. 



Shay Mitchell is officially a mama!

The Pretty Little Liars star gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, this weekend.

Shay confirmed the wonderful news by posting a photo of her holding her daughter’s tiny hand on Instagram.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

She simply captioned the photo, ‘Never letting go’

This is Shay’s first child with her boyfriend Matt Babel.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

The actress suffered a devastating miscarriage in the past so the birth of her daughter undoubtedly an emotional moment for the You star.

She opened up about the loss earlier this year;

"The first time that I was pregnant last year, Matt and I hadn't been planning, it happened and we were really excited about it.

"I was like 14 weeks, at that point, I had no idea the percentage of miscarriages. When it happened I was just, completely blindsided by it,” Shay added.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

The mum didn’t want to announce her pregnancy too early because of her past heartache. 

"I chose to hold on until I announced because of the first time. It didn't go as I had hoped for, and it was extremely difficult,” she explained.


A post shared by mattebabel (@mattebabel) on

We’re so glad to hear that Shay has welcomed a healthy baby girl.

We cannot wait to find out the name of her daughter.


Shay Mitchell is officially pregnant with a beautiful rainbow baby, but she will never forget the emotional turmoil she experienced after suffering a miscarriage last year.

The actress experienced the loss 14 weeks into her pregnancy, and admits being "completely blindsided" by grief. Six months later, Shay is pregnant again and couldn't be happier.

The Pretty Little Liars and You star is now bravely sharing her story with fans in her new YouTube series, Almost Ready. 

At the beginning of 2019, Mitchell wrote a message to her followers, writing;

"The support and affection that so many of you show me lifts me up during even my darkest days, one of which happened last year after I miscarried and lost the child of my hopes and dreams."

In the first episode of her new series, Keeping a Secret, Shay discusses her relationship with boyfriend Matte Babel, who she insists will be "a great dad".


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

"Matt and I started quietly dating about three years ago," Mitchell says. "I guess you could say we're best friends now."

The actress later explains why she chose to bide her time before announcing her current pregnancy. 

"I chose to hold on until I announced because of the first time," Mitchell says. "It didn't go as I had hoped for, and it was extremely difficult."


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"The first time that I was pregnant last year, Matt and I hadn't been planning, it happened and we were really excited about it," she shares.

"I was like 14 weeks, at that point, I had no idea the percentage of miscarriages. When it happened I was just, completely blindsided by it."

In the video, Shay can't hold back the tears as she says she still has the ultrasound photos on her phone and footage of her visits to the doctor.


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"And it's weird because, I haven't looked at them, obviously," Shay says as she wipes away tears. "But, it's not like I forgot about that happening, so of course I'm like super happy, but I still feel for that one that I lost."

The difficulty of being pregnant in the public eye is undeniable, especially when an expectant mum is keeping the news a secret. 

The actress gives a tour of the baby's room in her YouTube series, which isn't decorated yet. Shay explained that she wants to wait "as late as possible" to prepare the room for her first child due to her miscarriage experience.


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Mitchell also illustrated that experiencing a miscarriage is "really tough because you feel broken as a woman".

"It really sort of messed me up a little bit," Mitchell stated, regarding her lack of social life after the experience.

Mitchell said hadn't been previously aware of the percentage of pregnancies that end in miscarriage, which is around one-in-four according to the Miscarriage Association.

Feature image: YouTube/Almost Ready/Shay Mitchell


Pretty Little Liars and You actress Shay Mitchell recently revealed she was expecting a baby with boyfriend Matte Babel.

The mum-to-be stunned fans when she uploaded a snap of her cradling her baby bump to Instagram.

Having preciously suffered a devastating miscarriage in 2018, Shay naturally kept her pregnancy a secret until she was ready to share the major news with the public.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

The actress is now six-months-pregnant, meaning her baby will arrive sometime in the autumn, has shared another update with her fans.

Shay has revealed the gender of her tiny tot and we couldn’t be happier to hear that she is set to welcome a baby girl in the coming months.

Shay’s daughter is bound to be the luckiest girl on the planet with such an inspiring mum taking care of her.

The Pretty Little Liars alum confirmed the news in a video on her YouTube channel.

The actress certainly used her imagination with the gender reveal video and enlisted the help of a pink and blue Power Ranger to confirm the news.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

The two Power Rangers battled it out and the pink Power Ranger won the fight.

We couldn’t be happier for Shay and Matte. Their daughter is going to be an absolute dote.

You can watch Shay’s gender reveal video below:



Shay Mitchell has bravely opened up about her miscarriage heartbreak in a thought-provoking Instagram post.

The Pretty Little Liars actress was reminiscing about 2018 when she revealed the tragic loss.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

Shay explained that social media is only ever full of the happy moments, but there is more to life than the series of photos we post on our Instagram accounts.

“We all have to deal with various struggles and challenges in life. And sometimes it's easier to only showcase the good times on social media, which is what leads many people to criticize it for its lack of authenticity.”

She admitted that having millions of followers can be a huge help to her especially during the hard days.


A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell) on

“The support and affection that so many of you show me lifts me up during even my darkest days, one of which happened last year after I miscarried and lost the child of my hopes and dreams,” the You actress explained.

Shay posted a photo of a sonogram with a broken heart emoji alongside the devastating note.

"In the spirit of the new year, I think that we need to remember that we are all on this journey together—in good times and in bad—and to remind ourselves that we seldom really know or understand the struggles and hardships that other people are going through," Shay said.

The actress encouraged her followers to be a little more compassionate, empathetic, patient and thoughtful with each other in 2019 and we couldn’t agree with her more.


We're still kinda down about Pretty Little Liars coming to an end this year.

Yep, April will mark the last ever season of the show (possibly), but that doesn't mean our girls are leaving our TV screens forever.


A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

In fact, one of the girls is hopping right back on it with a new reality TV show.

According to Variety, Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields on PLL, has landed herself her own show and looking at the description, we're going to be obsessed.


A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

Named Shades of Shay, the series will give "an intimate look at [Shay's] life and the next phase of her career," now that she's finished filming Pretty Little Liars.

Reports suggest that the show will not only cover her professional life, but also her personal life.

We're going to be glued to this.


Our favourite Pretty Little Liars star has teamed up with makeup maestros, Smashbox, to create a collection that is drool-worthy.

That's right ladies, the phenomenal Shay Mitchell has created a special line of eye-shadow palettes in conjunction with Smashbox. 

The amazing collaboration is made up of seven gorgeous palettes… yes, SEVEN! 

Smashbox shared the news of the new products via their Instagram page, captioning an image of the Pretty Little Liars actress with "Seven shades of Shay" (bravo). 

Each of the palettes contains six highly pigmented shades, from base colours to darker tones. 

The six eyeshadow palettes are named after the colours inside them: Metallic, Matte, Golden Hour, Softlight, Ablaze and Bold. 

The palettes cost $27 each (around just over €25), and are available to order through the Smashbox website.  

We'd like one of each, please and thank you. 


One of our favourite liars is getting married in a matter of weeks, and the bachelorette festivities have begun.

Image result for troian bellisario and patrick j adams

Trojan Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars, is set to wed her long-term love, and star of Suits, Patrick J. Adams. 

The couple, who have been dating since 2009, got engaged in 2014 on top of the Eiffel Tower (Romantic or what?).

Image result for pretty little liars cast

The 30-year-old jetted off to Greece this weekend, with her PLL pals, for a wild bachelorette bash! 

Trojan is joined by her co-stars Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Lulu Brud, along with other close friends. 


Never been more casual or happy. #bellisariogetsbooted

A photo posted by Troian Bellisario (@sleepinthegardn) on

The group headed to the airport, donning matching T shirts and floral headbands, and documented the whole journey on Instagram. 


We comin' for you @shaym + @itsashbenzo + @bartonelle #bellisariogetsbooted

A photo posted by lulu brud (@ladyluofthewolves) on

Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, posted a picture of the bride-to-be on her Instagram account.

"SO excited to spend the week celebrating the most beautiful, smart (seriously, it's scary) and amazing person I know! Let the bachelorette festivities commence" she captioned the post. 

The couple have kept all the details of the wedding very hush-hush, but the groom insists that once they get married "we'll make sure that the world knows". 

If the hen party is anything to go by, the wedding pictures are guaranteed to be AMAZING! 

Congrats you guys! 



In a makeover I never saw coming, Shay Mitchell is now a blondie.

Since the beginning of Pretty Little Liars, the girls have all chopped and changed their hairstyle is some way, but Shay always remained the same; glossy, long, dark locks.

So it was super surprising when Shay shared a photo of her and her co-star Ashley Benson, both rocking blonde hair.


Double trouble. #findingoutifblondesreallydohavemorefun

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

Shay captioned the photo: "Double trouble #findingoutifblondesreallydohavemorefun."

Whether this is a wig, or a real dye job, I don't know, but she's certainly killing it.



Nick Jonas new track is pretty steamy – and the video looks to be even more so.

The singer just revealed a short teaser to it, and it stars one of our absolute faves – Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars!

We'll be honest though, it's a bit of a bizarre one which sees Shay looking tormented while lying on a bed as Nick drives through the rain to see her.

Then he bashes up the living room and the two reunite in the shower – with their clothes on. (As you do.)

We're looking forward to seeing the full video!