OMG! Ashley Benson has revealed the secret to her flawless skin

Ashley Benson is literally our Queen, from her spot-cream selfies, to her serious hair inspiration… we can't fault her.


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The best part about the PLL star is the fact that she's so relateable, and we kind of just want to be her best mate.

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The stunner recently revealed the products she uses to get that flawless, glowing skin… and its a brand you can buy in chemists.

Ashley uses Differin, which used to be a prescription acne treatment, but can now be bought over the counter (and online!). 


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The best part? This glorious product won't break the bank at all, and only costs a tenner for the spot cream. 



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Differin contains a spot fighting ingredient called retinoid adapalene, which will leave you looking GORGEOUS. 

Can you swim in it, please?