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Roman Kemp and his girlfriend Sophie have taken a major step in their relationship. The Radio DJ and his beau have moved into their dream apartment and we’ve got to admit that we are extremely jealous.

The I’m a Celebrity finalist revealed the milestone on Instagram by posting a snap of him and Sophie in their new abode. The lovebirds posed on the kitchen counter top in their new home for the photo.


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Roman captioned the image, “WE DID IT! Moved into our dream place today and I can’t quite believe it , big love to @billyhayes_investandco for helping me do this and sell my last place…”

He also gave a shout out to his mum Shirley who was a major help to her son during the moving process.

He added, “And big love to mumzy who drove/carried/carted half the boxes with me.”

The 26-year-old and his girlfriend spent three weeks apart during his time on I’m a Celebrity so there’s no doubt they cannot wait to spend more time together in their new apartment.


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Speaking about Sophie, Roman admitted he knew she was ‘the one’ after their first date. He told Hello, “I knew I wanted to be with Soph on our first date. We're both very family-orientated so marriage and kids is a natural progression for us. But before any of that, we want to focus on having fun, exploring the world and making memories.”

We cannot wait to see more of Roman and Sophie’s new home.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to move out of Kensington Palace to live in quite the special place.

Kensington Palace confirmed that the parents-to-be are planning on moving early in the new year ahead of the arrival of their first child.

According to Emily Andrews of The Sun, the Queen gifted the pair a new house which will be their official residence.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will move into Frogmore Cottage once refurbishments are complete. It is believed the house is undergoing a large transformation to ensure it is a suitable home for a family.

The 10 bedroom house will be turned into a lavish family home. It will feature a nursery and even has space for a yoga studio and a gym.

We can barely afford to rent one bedroom so it's safe to say we're VERY jealous of the royals.

Frogmore Cottage is located in Windsor and holds a very special place in Harry and Meghan’s hearts.

The couple held their private evening wedding party and shot their engagement photos at Frogmore Cottage so it certainly means a lot to them.

“Windsor is a very special place for Their Royal Highnesses and they are grateful that their official residence will be on the estate,” Kensington Palace stated.

We are thrilled for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. There’s no doubt Frogmore Cottage will be the perfect place for the pair to start their life as parents.

Meghan is set to give birth to their first child in the coming months. It has been rumoured that the former actress will welcome their son or daughter in March or April.


One poor mam and dad saw their plan go disastrously wrong recently after they attempted to 'surprise' their son with a trip to the circus.

Like so many YouTube parents before them, the couple waited until the last minute to reveal to their four-year-old that they were headed for the circus, with a camera at the ready to record his joyful reaction.

Except it wasn't joyful. Not at all. After originally being told by his prankster parents that he was off to "the broccoli farm", Max was horrified to hear the truth.

A circus? Nah. He was having none of it, even when his dad tried to tempt him with talk of "elephants."

All poor Max could do was repeat "I wanted to go to the broccoli farm" over and over, before bursting into tears.

We hope his dream of a day out at the broccoli farm comes true one day.



We have all accepted that our favourite celebrities more than likely own the most extravagant, mansions that money can buy but Ashley Benson's LA villa truly is a girl's dream house. 

Not monstrously big, the gorgeous white house complete with pool and a dream kitchen actually looks like a house Barbie could happily set up residence in. 

With dreamy, fairy lights twinkling over the pool and a four-poster bed providing a total lap of luxury, we literally cannot understand why the Pretty Little Liars star is letting this property slip through her fingers. 

As it turns out, Ashley is upgrading having purchased a new LA luxury property in October of last year for a cool €3.7 million making this doll-house like property which she purchased back in 2012 up for grabs. 

And she is probably ecstatic with the profit she'll make on her former gaff as her renovations added a cool €735,000 thousand to the price-tag of the house. 

It's safe to say, Ashley Benson knows what us gals want in a dream home. 



Pop star Selena Gomez has been busy of late promoting her new music.

She also seems to be a certain someone that fellow musician Justin Bieber just cannot stop talking about. Despite their breakup almost three years ago, the famous eves are constantly questioned about their on-again off-again relationship. 

However, her ex-boyfriend looks like he could be the least of her worries as TMZ reports that Selena is selling her Calabasas mansion for a scary reason.

Selena has owed the house for less than two years, but just days after she moved into the luxe abode, an alleged stalker appeared at the property. 

He returned just a few days later and was arrested by local police.

TMZ reports that following his arrest, Selena had called 911 on three separate occasions as she felt unsafe and was wary of intruders. In June 2014, Che Cruz was arrested after entering the popstars property. 

He pled no contest to felony stalking and was ordered to complete 180 days at a mental health facility. 

The 23-year old singer has listed the California mansion for €4.1 million, it is the second home she has bought that was targeted by trespassers.

The singer is supposed to be spending much of 2016 on tour, so no doubt when she returns she will be in the market for a more secure property. 


We're only just getting over the INCREDIBLE gaff that is Beyonce and Jay Z's new €40m LA property, when Britney Spears comes along with her own totally OTT abode.

If you were curious as to what Brit is up to with all of her hard earned income from her Vegas residency- feast your eyes on the huge estate she just snatched up outside Los Angeles!

The €6.5 million abode is absolutely spectacular. 

Brit closed on the palace on Friday, according to real estate sources for TMZ and she got it for quite the bargain, apparently. It's not often you hear that price called "a steal," but apparently that's how it's being described in the world of celeb housing real estate. 

Any of these ridiculous features could possible be why- aside from the 5 beds and 7.5 baths. Brit's new estate sits on 85,000 sq metres, has tennis courts, and an infinity pool. There's even a 3-hole course on the grounds!

Does Britney play golf? Who knows, but now she can whenever she wants to!

Oh, and that is not all. There are further guest and servant out-houses, an infinity pool complete with waterfall, and absolutely amazing 'formal' gardens. 

Check out the property below:







If there's a downside, it's the €1,600 a month to be paid in Homeowners Association fees. Somehow, we imagine Britney will find a way to make ends meet.


Tom Cruise has reportedly sold his huge Hollywood Hills compound for over €10 million. A sum that is certainly nothing to sniff at.

However, Tom was apparently looking for a far larger amount for the sprawling California mansion. Business Insider reports that the actor had set an asking price of almost €12 million. The selling price is also reportedly less than the actor paid for the main property back in 2005.

According to a report from Variety, there have been rumours that Tom used the 2.5 acre property as a retreat for high-level Scientologists.

As of late however, his sister is supposed to have been living there, we can imagine she was quite pleased because this place looks incredible. The estate is made up of two pieces of land with a  4,965 square-foot main house and a 1,742 square-foot guest house.

The 53-year old Mission Impossible star appears to be doing something of a property overhaul.

In November 2014 he listed his Colorado estate for €52 million, and back in 2013 he put his New York town house on the market, as well as an East Village apartment.


He currently lives in a Beverly Hills mansion he bought for €27 million in 2007, according to Variety.


Property website Zillo describes the compound as having “breath-taking views” along with an “Italian farm-style kitchen.”