Ashley Benson’s €2.6m LA pad is a DREAM girly haven and for sale

We have all accepted that our favourite celebrities more than likely own the most extravagant, mansions that money can buy but Ashley Benson's LA villa truly is a girl's dream house. 

Not monstrously big, the gorgeous white house complete with pool and a dream kitchen actually looks like a house Barbie could happily set up residence in. 

With dreamy, fairy lights twinkling over the pool and a four-poster bed providing a total lap of luxury, we literally cannot understand why the Pretty Little Liars star is letting this property slip through her fingers. 

As it turns out, Ashley is upgrading having purchased a new LA luxury property in October of last year for a cool €3.7 million making this doll-house like property which she purchased back in 2012 up for grabs. 

And she is probably ecstatic with the profit she'll make on her former gaff as her renovations added a cool €735,000 thousand to the price-tag of the house. 

It's safe to say, Ashley Benson knows what us gals want in a dream home.