We need to start worrying about wrinkles right about now


As soon as we hit our mid-twenties we, apparently, need to start worrying about our wrinkles. Yes, from 24 years of age – what?!

According to the experts, we should start our anti-ageing regime from about 21 years of age!

However, before you start worrying that you’ll be the image of your granny before your time, now is more about protecting your skin from damaging effects like the sun rather than trying to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

According to Dr Tabi Leslie, spokesperson for The British Association of Dermatologists, it is all about suncream at this age. Dr Tabi says: “Our message at the British Association of Dermatologists is that the best way to avoid wrinkles is to keep out of the sun and to use a sun cream or a moisturiser with sunblock in it, preferably everyday,”

Dr Nick Lowe consultant dermatologist agrees: “Choose well-formulated sunscreens and a good cleansing routine as well as a healthy diet and you will see the benefits for many years ahead. Ignoring these factors will make you age faster”

Eek, better get the suncream out!