You’ll never guess what Victoria Beckham eats to avoid wrinkles


Victoria Beckham has come a long, long way from her days as Posh Spice although you would never notice with her never ageing skin.

However, it seems that Victoria has a little trick up her sleeve that helps her avoid getting any winkles. The now hugely successful and respected fashion designer admitted to Vogue, that she takes an awful lot of vitamins to maintain her youthful glow, saying: “Twenty-two amino acids, 12 vitamins, 28 minerals. Please don’t write that I’m completely mad, we don’t want wrinkles.”

Last year, there was speculation that the  40-year-old  mum-of-four had gone under the knife but her dermatologist cleared that up, saying: “She’s an incredible health nut – she watches her diet, her exercise, she sort of leads an ideal healthy life. She pays meticulous attention to product use and lifestyle. And I supervised all of it so I assure you nobody has touched her with any surgical implements or lasers. She’s an example of self discipline.”

However, it’s not just vitamins that the designer takes, she also dabbles a bit in the latest trend of eating bee pollen, although she is not the only one – Kate Middleton and Gwyneth Paltrow have also caught on with the trend.