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Megan Barton Hanson was notably absent from the sidelines at last night's Dancing On Ice. 

The PrettyLittleThing ambassador and reality TV star is known for her outspoken nature, and was anticipated to be cheering on her boyfriend Wes Nelson during the show, following drama that ensued following a message Megan had for Wes's dance partner Vanessa Bauer.

Megan previously labelled Vanessa's break up with her boyfriend ahead of the show as 'tactical.'


A post shared by Megan Barton-Hanson (@meganbartonhanson_) on

'If you're gonna spend three months with someone, 10 hours a day, it would just be natural [to speak to their partner],' she told the Loose Women panel.

'As a woman, she should have reached out to me and introduced herself to me.'

While online, Wegan fans speculated that the model may be sitting the show out due to the drama, Wes cleared things up with a social media post following the live show. 

'Shattered now. Can't wait to get back to @meganbartonhanson_,' Wes wrote on Insta stories.

'She's been so unwell today make sure you send her a kind message.'

So, it's  a simple case of a sick day.  


We must admit we were quite surprised to hear of Georgia Steel’s and Sam Bird’s break-up this morning. The Love Island couple looked as happy as ever as they attended the ITV Palooza last night.

Fans were baffled by their announcement last night, especially because of how aloof the pair were.

Sam admitted he didn’t want to comment on the reason for the breakup, adding that he was too devastated to open up about it.


A post shared by Georgia Steel (@geesteelx) on

Rumour has it Georgia wasn’t loyal to her Love Island beau, which caused the pair to go their seperate ways.

A source close to the couple told OK! Magazine that Sam is heartbroken: “He truly believed that Georgia was the one.”

“After their experience on Love Island, leaving the show to be together and moving in their home – he thought him and Georgia would be together for the long run,” they revealed.

“In his eyes they had a good relationship. However, Sam has recently found out Georgia has not been loyal to him,” the source revealed.

Georgia commented on their break-up on Instagram stories last night, but never mentioned a reason for the split.


A post shared by Sam Bird (@samrobertbird) on

"I’m very sad to say me and Sam have split up,” she wrote.

“I will always care about him. However, please understand this is a hard time for both of us, thank you,” Georgia concluded.

Sam and Georgia are the fifth Love Island couple to end their relationship.


The rumours were true. One of our fave Love Island stars has signed up for Dancing On Ice and we are ridiculously excited about it.

There’s been a Love Island shaped hole in our hearts since Jack and Dani were crowned champions so we were thrilled to hear one of the Casa Amor residents will be returning to our screens very soon.

Dancing On Ice has confirmed Wes Nelson will be taking part in this year's show. The reality star will be gliding (or stumbling) around the ice in the coming months.


A post shared by Dancing On Ice (@dancingonice) on

Wes revealed the exciting new project on his Instagram account. He wrote: “This is going to be a right laugh. Salsa on ice bebehhhhh!”

Rumours about Wes’ appearance on the show started circulating in September. Apparently, the Dancing On Ice producers were eager to have him on the show after he showed off his impressive dance moves on Love Island.

A TV source told The Sun: “Wes has boundless energy and he’s already displayed great rhythm on Love Island, so Dancing On Ice execs thought he’d be a great choice for the series.”

The producers knew the 20-year-old would be a perfect addition: “He has a huge social media following and bosses know that a lot of Love Island fans will be desperate to see how he does.”


A post shared by Megan Barton-Hanson (@meganbartonhanson_) on

“It will be a viewing figure boost. He’s also a great sport so won’t mind donning sequinned costumes and showing off his body for votes,” they added.

We are so ready to see Wes twirl around the ice in a sparkly, lyrca outfit.


We can all admit we spent many evenings glued to the TV during those drama-filled Love Island days.

We couldn’t help but obsess over Jack and Dani’s blossoming romance. We resonated with the unlucky in love Laura. We cringed over Dr Alex and his woeful sunburn.

There’s been a Love Island shaped hole in our hearts since Jack and Dani were crowned champions but fear not, because one of the Casa Amor residents will be returning to our screens very soon.

Rumour has it Wes Nelson will be joining this year’s Dancing On Ice. The reality star will be gliding (or stumbling) around the ice in the coming months.

A TV source told The Sun: “Wes has boundless energy and he’s already displayed great rhythm on Love Island, so Dancing On Ice execs thought he’d be a great choice for the series.”

The producers were keen to sign the 20-year-old: “He has a huge social media following and bosses know that a lot of Love Island fans will be desperate to see how he does.”

“It will be a viewing figure boost. He’s also a great sport so won’t mind donning sequinned costumes and showing off his body for votes,” they added.


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No official release date for Dancing On Ice has been released, but we are so ready to see Wes twirl around the ice in a sparkly, lyrca outfit.


Talk about cashing in!

Love Island might be over for another year but the reality TV stars that it has spawned are only getting started.

Fan (and personal) fave Wes Nelson might not have taken home the crown in the villa this summer but he might do so on another show before the year is out.

Wes has confirmed that he's been having talks about another big telly job but he's keeping his cards close to his chest for the moment.

The 20-year-old design engineer has become one of the nation's favourites from this year's Love Island and since leaving the villa with gf Megan Barton-Hanson, they have been probably the most-talked-about pair.

So it's no surprise really that the hilarious former Islander looks like he could be back on our screens before we know it.

As whispers for the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! line-up continue to swirl, what did Wes have to say about his potential involvement?

Wes said, ‘I’m doing a couple of TV shows, but they’re in discussion so you’ll have to wait and see. It’s all confidential but you’ll see.''

What about the jungle? He grinned, ''it's all but confidential but you’ll see.''

His gal Megan has decided to take another route and avoid the club PAs for a career in fashion.

The 24-year-old said, ''I've always loved fashion. I’m about to go to loads of shows at London Fashion Week, so that will be good. That’s how I want to rebrand myself.''

Looks like great things are ahead for this couple – good luck with it lads! 


Megan and Wes have had some seriously busy schedules since leaving the Love Island villa, but that hasn't stopped the couple spending time together. 

The pair wew known for sneaking off together in the villa, and it was Wes who coined the term 'Do Bits Society,' so when speaking to The Sun about their relationship, it's no wonder it was brought up. 

'The Do Bits Society is still active,' Wes joked. 


A post shared by Wes Nelson(@wes.nelson) on

'We set up a nice HQ in Southend. We've refurbished it, got a receptionist and everything.'

'The Do Bits Society has gone to a new level,' Megan then added. 

The couple have been making additional effort to see each other since the show ended, and with Love Island couples splitting often due to work commitments, that's definitely a good call for their relationship.  


A post shared by Megan Barton-Hanson (@meganbartonhanson_) on

'I didn't think I could get more attracted to her. I thought I'd already hit the max,' said Wes.

'We make most of the time we have together. 100 per cent.'


Love Island’s Megan has opened up about her decision to have plastic surgery. The reality star has defended herself in an honest interview with Cosmopolitan UK.

She admitted that she didn’t get the procedures done to impress others, but for a much more empowering reason.

The former glamour model urged people to be less negative about plastic surgery, admitting she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it.

“I think if you want to do something to make yourself more comfortable, then why not?” she said.

The 24-year-old stressed that she doesn’t consider herself a role model. “I did it for me and no-one else.”

Megan revealed that she has had a huge amount of procedures done in her life so far: "I got a boob job at 19, and had another one when I got older and had more money to upgrade the surgeon! And I had my nose done and my lips filled. And the teeth.”

The Love Island contestant said she has nothing to be ashamed of. She got those procedures done simply to boost her confidence: “I've done what I’ve done because it made me me feel confident and comfortable.”

Megan argued that society has no problem with women going to the hairdressers, nail salon or beauticians to boost their confidence, so what is wrong with her getting a procedure that makes her feel good about herself.

“I get my lips done because I feel better, it doesn’t have to be a massive deal,” she shared.

Megan came in fourth place in the Love Island finale on Monday night.


All is not as it seems in that Love Island villa.

First we learned that 99.5% of Samira's journey was edited out, plus not to mention 99.9% of her relationship with Frankie.

And now ex-contestant Savanna Darnell – yer one with the fab hair who got about four seconds of air time – has dropped another bombshell.


HERE WE GO #loveisland #supportsav

A post shared by SAVANNA DARNELL (@_savannadarnell) on

She appeared on Lewys Balls YouTube channel where she nattered away about all things Love Island.

Oh, and mentioned that she had been cosying up to one Mr Wes Nelson.

Yep, Megan's boyf wasn't as loyal as he made out to be. And we are shook.

"Me and Wes actually really got on. We shared a bed – they never showed that. We had a cuddle, we were singing the whole time, up till stupid o' clock giggling and laughing in bed – that's what you didn't see hunnies."

So the producers simply edited all their time together out?

''They just never wanted to show it,'' Savanna said. 

This hasn't been the only time recently that the ITV show has been hit with claims of deceptive editing and re-shooting.

One eagle-eyed viewer took to Twitter to expose a scene that looked like it had been filmed twice if you look at Georgia's manicure from one frame to the next. 

Bit sus, no?

As well as continuity issues a la Georgia's nails, ''The Kiss'', which quickly became the most saturated plot line of the series, was also put under the microscope.

Because I am sad and have no life, I've watched the clip below quite a few times and I'm still none the wiser.

Is the first kiss them saying hello and the second kiss them saying goodbye?

Watch the vid below and deicide for yourselves, it's a tricky one.

However, one thing is one million percent for sure: Love Island is a reality TV show and the producers know we want all the dramz, so they edit the footage to give us that.

Fair enough we say, but if any producers are reading this, we beg you – don't make us hear ''I'm loyal babes, I'm real, that's just who I am'' one more time. We just can't. 


Last night, the world watched in horror as Love Island's biggest drama to date unfolded. 

Spoiler alert – if you haven't watched the most recent episode and don't want to know the gory details, I recommend you open a  new tab, watch the episode, and then return. 

Megan and Eyal seemed like a pretty cute couple, cosying up on wine tasting dates and enjoying a night of passion in the hideaway. 

However, last night, Megan expressed her desire to see other people, and move on from her fleeting dalliance wih the villa's self appointed spiritual guru. 

Her head was turned, as the islanders are fond of saying, by the dishy Wes, but as we all know, Wes is currently coupled up with Laura – Megan's friend, who definitely has feelings for the the nuclear and electrical systems design engineer.

Megan quickly embarked on her mission to let Wes know she was interested, requesting a kiss from him in a private chat where she revealed to him that she liked him, and later securing said kiss during a tense game of Snog Marry Avoid. 

Laura, understandably upset, dumped Wes and branded Megan a slew of slut shaming slurs (not her finest moment). Wes, as most male specimens do, went un-tarred and feathered by the promiscuity motivated put-downs. 

Interestingly, it was what Megan said about her history of female-female friendships that stuck out to me about last night's drama-filled episode. 

Megan told the cameras that she found it difficult to maintain gal pals because of instances like the one which just occurred. While it's completely fine if someone wants to place their pursuit of a romantic or sexual relationship over a friendship (frankly, the person being f*cked over by the friend and boyfriend in this situation deserves better) it's what Megan is implying by saying this that is concerning. 

I think, that by saying that Megan has no interest in female friendships, she is tapping into an internalised misogyny that allows her to place other women on a lower tier than herself, a tier that she perhaps she feels she shares with the men in the villa. 

It's a classic example of an 'I'm not like all the other girls' attitude. But I must ask, what the hell is so wrong with being like other women? And liking and respecting other women for their differences and their similarities? 

What could be more humane than treating the feelings of all people you come into contact with with dignity and respect, regardless of gender. By saying the Megan cannot keep friendships with other women, it seems that she is blaming the 'silliness' of other women on this fact – a chilling throwback to the stereotypical notion of female hysteria of the 1950s. 

Megan holds herself above the other women in the house and sees herself as the ultimate 'cool girl' by highlighting that she relates more to the men in the villa – which is reflected in her adamancy that the exploration of female sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, on par with male sexual desire. 

While she is absolutely right about that, saying: 'I’m a woman. I’m allowed to enjoy sex,' she seems to hold that standard only to herself, as we see reflected in her attempt to shame Laura for sleeping with more people than she has. 

While the dating rules and lighting-speed relationships in the Love Island world are strikingly different to actual, realistic relationships, there is no doubt that the basic rules of common courtesy should apply. 


A post shared by Laura Anderson  (@lauraanderson1x) on

Some call it the girl code, I just call it basic humanity. Laura definitely isn't my favourite character on the show (that would be the stunning Samira), but it is clear that she is an open and loving person who wants to be cared for in return, and Megan's mission of infiltration to destroy this on Laura for her own gain is plain mean. 

No one likes to be usurped by a romantic rival, and judging by Megan's infuriatingly excited expression, it is clear that she holds Laura's feelings far below her own chance at a blossoming relationship, be it potentially fleeting or otherwise. 

My suggestion to Megan would be that perhaps she has an inability to maintain female friendships because, rather than it being all the other women's faults, she's just not a very good friend. 

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