This is what happens when you tell Starbucks your name is Beyonce

If you're angered daily by Starbucks getting your name wrong, don't worry, they do it to everyone. 

But one girl thought she'd get one up on them and tell the barista that her name is Beyonce. 

"I told the girl at Starbucks my name is Beyoncé just, like, to be funny and this is what she gave me," Vine user JEWISHJEN said in her video.

"I'm not sure if my tone gave it away or if maybe the barista could have recognised I had been there before, but she just decided to one-up my bitchy-sarcasm with a catty response. I actually thought it was hilarious."

And we did, too. Maybe next time you're in Starbucks try this one out.

We're sure the Irish will have a much more catty response.