If looks could kill…You NEED to see this Vine of Taylor Swift!


We thought at this stage people commenting on Taylor’s past love life had come to an end – but not so by the looks of things.

The singer, who stunned in a turquoise gown on the red carpet at this weekend’s Grammy awards was chatting to Nancy O’Dell who actually said these words: “You’re going to walk home with more than maybe just a trophy tonight. I think, lots of men.” Sigh…

Needless to say, Taylor was far from impressed and simply looked at Nancy and replied: “I’m not going to walk home with any men tonight.”

Twitter is now alight with many saying that Taylor deserves an apology from the reporter for such a personal and frankly rude comment.

Though Taylor managed to stay calm and composed and very, well, Taylor-like during the exchange, we have to say that filthy look may be the scariest we've ever seen…!