Are you bored with your fancy new smart phone? Do you have some spare cash floating about that wouldn’t mind spending on another brand new gadget?

Not to fear, there a new viral trend just for you: Extreme iPhone Pinching, a new bizarre pastime that has the people of the Internet feeling very adventurous with their smart phones.

First introduced by Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of the band Twenty One Pilots, the practice involves dangling your iPhone over precarious drops just for the adrenaline rush.

We think there have to be less costly ways to get the adrenaline pumping. Surely someone sees the possibility of this trend ending in tears?

Tyler and Josh posted a series of videos of themselves engaging in iPhone Pinching to Vine, where the anxiety-inducing clips since attracted a lot of nervous attention, and blatant outrage.

Plenty of copycat type photos and videos appeared on social media in the days following the first phone pinching instance.

They had the internet feeling very tetchy indeed.

“The Exhiliaration,”- more like “MY NERVES!”

You had to admit it is a touch stressful (or irritating) to see such ridiculous antics:

We think it might hard to decide which is more uncomfortable; that people are willing to destroy their phones because of an internet trend, or that the possibility of such makes us feel a little stressed?