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The original blonde bombshell, and the only who matters according to George Hook, is going to be strutting her stuff in the capital this weekend.

We reckon that the trademark red swimsuit may be left back in Malibu once Pamela Anderson realises that our weather is having a bit of a moment. Probably best to not have it get too wet before she auctions the piece off in order to raise funds for her chairty The Pamela Anderson Foundation.

The Hollywood actress is going to be making an appearance on The Ray D’Arcy Show on Saturday night to share some insight into her life and career to date. We’re hoping she may take the time to shed some light on what it was like working with Kanye himself way back when. 

Another topic that Pammy is sure to mention will be the recent announcement that she has been cured of Hepatitis C. 

The 48-year old broke the news in a rather spectacular style that really only she could pull off.

She shared a picture of herself completely nude having quite the giggle on a yacht with the caption:

"I am CURED!!! – I just found out #nomorehepc #thankyou #blessing #family #prayer #live I pray anyone living with Hep C can qualify or afford treatment. It will be more available soon. I know treatment is hard to get still…" 

For the last 16 years the actress has suffered from the disease. In recent times she had spoken about her desire to find a cure and her hopes that a new drug would be the answer.

She told People magazine: “I'm very fortunate that I've had Hep C for about 16 years. Sixteen years ago that was [presented to me] as a death sentence. I think it really worked on my self-esteem.” 

She added that she is lucky she was able to get the treatment she needed that meant she avoided liver damage and many other side effects of the disease.

The former Baywatch star revealed in 2002 that she had contracted Hep C after sharing a needle with ex-husband Tommy Lee. He however denies that he ever had Hep C. 


Well, somebody better tell the Marcia Brady of the Upper East Side that she needs to get it together because it is time for her glorious return.

Yes, Cruel Intentions is making a major comeback. The NBC network are reportedly going to reboot the much-loved 1999 film and create a follow-up series. 

Variety reports that series is supposed to follow Bash Casey, the 16-year old son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s characters.

"Upon finding his late father’s journal, Bash learns of the family legacy he didn’t know existed.” 

“In search of answers, he trades his small-town Kansas upbringing for a scholarship to the prestigious Brighton Preparatory Academy in San Francisco and soon finds himself in a world of sex, money, power, and corruption he never could have imagined.” 

Sound similar to another TV series that fans absolutely loved? Yup, we’re getting some Gossip Girl vibes to be honest. Which could be fantastic.

The same team who were behind the Cruel Intentions Musical, Jordan Ross and Lindsey Rosin are writing and producing the series. 

The musical was a hit, especially after social media went into meltdown when Reese, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair reunited at a performance.

We look forward to seeing how the TV revival of one of our favourite films will shape up. In the meantime, let us take a trip down memory lane:


Last night, the news arrived that RTÉ are revamping the Angelus.

Instead of the staring into space we have become so used to after fifty years, we are going to be introduced to a series of one minute broadcasts before the Six One news.

Some of the stars of the new Angelus include a baker, a sculptor, and a book binder and restorer from Athlone.

So, gone be with the days of someone in an Aran jumper watching a candle flicker in silence. Perhaps they might give this aspiring musician a second chance.

Spin 1038 asked their Fully Charged listeners to tweet their suggestions for what should feature in the new and improved Angelus. The suggestions were hilarious and #StickItInTheAngelus has been trending for most of the day.

These are just some of the best:

1. The most timely suggestion:

2. Lest we forget:

3. An Irish institution:

4. A great moment in history:

RTE Ice Tumblr

5. Or any of the many instances when Irish horses thought they were people:

6. The glory days of the quiff:

7. The unspoken favourite hobby:

RTÉ Genre Head of Religious Programmes, Roger Childs, said:

“We are delighted to announce the six newly-commissioned films and The People’s Angelus slot on Fridays and hope that the Angelus will continue to afford people of all faiths and none some quiet space in a hectic day-to-day world.” 


Maroon 5's Sugar music video was a huge hit with fans everywhere.

The video, in which the band crashed real life couple’s weddings with surprise performances pretty much melted hearts everywhere.

It also impressed NBC so much that the US network is turning it into a television series. 

The David Dobkin-directed video, which rounded up almost a billion YouTube views, featured the group surprising brides with a serenade at their weddings.

The director will stay on board to direct NBC's Untitled Adam Levine Show spin-off, with Adam stepping in as a producer. 

Each potential episode is going to feature a different celebrity surprising a fan at a significant life event.

Where do we sign up? Surely Beyoncé should be on hand the next time we successfully visit the ATM and see that coveted comma in our bank account?

Or maybe Ed Sheeran could be there to serenade us the next time we make it through our morning commute successfully before we’ve even had our first cup of coffee.

NBC described the series, saying:

"A couple about to get married suddenly discovers that a world famous recording artist is leading the house band. An Emmy Award-winning actor becomes an unexpected guest of a bachelorette party. 

Working with a team of improv experts who create the element of surprise, these stars give their fans a moment together they will never forget and turn their already special event into something extraordinary."

Adam currently works with NBC as a coach on The Voice and is also developing a song writing competition for the same network. He is also responsible for breaking the heart of this poor child with her marriage to a Victoria’s Secret model.


For 12 years the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital has welcomed many a famous face with open arms.

Now the cast and crew of much-loved Grey’s Anatomy are preparing to welcome an Oscar winner—just not in the way you'd think.

Denzel Washington is expected to join the medical drama to  for the ninth episode of season 12, E! News has confirmed, however there is a twist.

Denzel won’t be donning any ferry-boat covered scrub caps, or one of those less than flattering gowns either- he’s going to be directing instead.

The episode, which was written by Grey's head writer Stacy McKee, will begin filming later this month. It is scheduled to air during November sweeps in the US. 

This is pretty much when the most epic of plot twists take place, so basically the time of year when all your TV-addict friends need you to respect their fragile emotions.

Especially when it comes to Grey’s.

The episode will mark Denzel’s first time directing for TV. He has directed two films: 2002's Antwone Fisher and 2007's The Great Debaters.

Denzel is joining the series as it's undergoing a bit of a renaissance.

The post-McDreamy episodes are set to explore Meredith’s life as a single mom and fans are dying to know if she’s going to be getting a new love interest.

Shonda Rhimes told E! News this summer that the love story isn't a current priority:

"Meredith is in a rebirth and she's evolving. I'm watching the character do what the character's doing and I'll see where it goes."


In case you haven't heard, there's been a certain redheaded Hollywood actress making her way around the capital for the last few days. 

Fans of the series Suits were sure to be excited when they realised that their favourite sassy legal secretary and possibly-maybe-past-future (who knows at this point!) love interest of Harvey Specter had arrived.

She stopped for a quick chat with the Trinity Law Soc, and we're not even a little bit jealous. Not at all.

Sarah Rafferty, a.k.a Donna Paulson, is here for a visit and has been taking to Instagram to keep everyone in the loop as she enjoys some gallivanting about Dublin.

She stopped by TodayFM earlier today to chat with the Anton Savage Show about how she got the role (hint: real life Harvey Specter and Sarah are BFFs) and the origins of her Irish holiday- which has been in her plans since she was a baby and her Irish father couldn't stop talking about the place. 

Suits covers just about everything: fraud, witty banter, love stories, betrayal, and some incredible wardrobes.

So, we decided to put together a list of why you should be watching, as if you weren't already a fangirl.

1. Donna Paulson:

To be honest, you almost forget that the series is supposed to be focused on two male characters because so often it is actually Donna's hilarious one-liners (and Sarah's flawless comic timing) that we remember most fondly. 

2. The style:

Yes of course Harvey, Mike and Louis pull off a Tom Ford incredibly well, but you need to take some time and appreciate Jessica's incredible wardrobe. Stuffy office dressing is not acceptable at this law firm.

3. The comedy:

10 Gifs That Prove Louis Litt Is Your Spirit Animal

Generally described as a 'legal drama', Suits tends to make you laugh when you least expect it. Louis Litt and his love of felines is a prime example. Or anytime Louis and Donna share the screen…

4. Louis Litt:

You hate him, then suddenly love him but then you hate him all over again. He has his own catchphrase, enough said.

5. The guest appearances:

Hello Mrs. Stark! She's not the only GOT actor to show up either. Oh and any fans of The Wire also have something to look forward too.

6. The secret:

Everyone loves a good secret, and its both exciting and nerve wracking to see how Mike Ross’s identity may or may not unravel over the series of episodes. When will Rachel find out? When will Donna? Will Louis ever find out? Oh, and that other secret with the can opener…

7. Harvey Specter:

He's pretty ruthless, and makes some questionable choices- you can't help but enjoy his presence anyway.

8. The drama:

The writing for this show is spectacularly complex, with plot lines so deep that it's impossible not just binge an entire series. While hilarious, things generally tend to take a dark and twisty turn too.


While Michelle Keegan looks very comfortable being the ultimate beach babe on Instagram, she has other professional ventures to get back to it would seem.

The former Coronation Street star announced earlier this year that she had big plans for her acting career. In her latest Hello! magazine blog, the 28-year old actress also mentioned a series of “very important” work meetings coming up

Now, according to OK! Magazine she is going to be appearing in the next series of Plebs.

The ITV2 comedy series is set in Roman times and Michelle is set to play a “vestal virgin” named Ursula.

She is set to appear in only one episode, which she has already filmed in Bulgaria.

A source from the production told The Sun: “Everyone on set absolutely loved her. She was brilliant.”

Her storyline will feature the characters Marcus, Stylax and Grumio, played by Tom Rosenthal, Joel Fry and Ryan Sampson.

Since she left Coronation Street and the role of Tina McIntyre last year, Michelle has made a number of TV appearances.

She appeared in the critically acclaimed Ordinary Lies alongside Max Beesley, Sally Lindsay and Mackenzie Crook.

She has also filmed the lead role in Our Girl, the BBC army drama.

Michelle has previously said it was daunting to move on from the popular ITV soap, especially under the watchful eyes of the media.

"I felt there was so much pressure after leaving Corrie. I knew I had to make the right decision about my first role. 

Everyone was waiting to see what I did and getting ready to judge me if I made a mistake," she told the Daily Star.

Well, with plenty of new roles on the go it looks like Michelle is doing just fine so far!


Good news for Friends fans!

Ross is going to be making his triumphant return to Channel 4 in a new sitcom, and people are very excited.

However, it won’t actually be Ross Geller on our screens, so should maybe put our celebratory leather pants and teeth—whitening strips away for the time being.

David Schwimmer is going to be starring in a new TV series but his new character is definitely not Ross.

Morning Has Broken will follow the story of an American TV producer brought in to rescue a failing breakfast show. It will be the first time David, 48, has been back on our screens in a sitcom in the 10 years since Friends has ended.

Julia Davis is the mastermind behind the series and will also co-star with the Friends alum, according to the Guardian.

We’re pretty excited to this. Actually, very excited.

Whole Ross Geller was possibly one of the funniest characters to have ever appeared on our screens, he was often thought of as the least lovable friend.

However, you can’t deny that some of the best comedic moment on the series were down to Ross’s antics.

The fact “Unagi” is still something we refer to too often than we should is just a testament to David’s acting.

So we are looking forward to the chance to see him take on an entirely new role. In case you needed reminding of just how good the actor can be, here's seven minutes of comedy gold for you to enjoy:


We haven’t seen Mila Kunis on our television screens in quite a while. Which is fair enough she has been busy having a baby and getting married and generally living her best life.

When fans heard that she was making a return to television they certainly got excited about the news.

While she is known for her varying roles – let us not forget Black Swan –her next project is definitely different.

Mila is going to flexing her creative muscle in a slightly unexpected way. Deadline has reported that the actress will be producing a horror comedy series called Trapped for the Starz network.

The half-hour show “takes place over a single night in the home of a wealthy family under attack by a murderous cult.” Sounds delightful.

She will be working with the musician-turned- director Rob Zombie, who will also act as director of the series. While some might have assumed this would be Mila’s first producing gig, she has already acted as executive producer.

Last year’s film The Angriest Man In Brooklyn starring the late Robin Williams saw Mila take on a producing role as well as an acting one.

We are interested (we think), but Rob Zombie’s past work is definitely not embracing any That 70s Show vibes.

If his name wasn't already a giveaway, Rob specialises in gory zombie horrors. There will be bizarre clown make up, and these clowns will also probably be sporting tattoos… just an FYI.


Anyone who has ever found themselves watching Law & Order and shouting at the television to dispute the jury’s decision is going to be very pleased with this news.

If you thought you had done the unthinkable and managed to watch every single episode of the long-running franchise that there is, you thought wrong.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that NBC, the network behind the series has ordered a new live reality series called Law & Order: You the Jury.

The show will feature real-life court cases live on TV with viewer participation. They will be able to ask witnesses questions or inquire about evidence. Not only that, but viewers will also determine the verdict.

If you get a thrill from watching real-life court cases on TV, then this is going to be appointment viewing for you.

THR notes that you should probably not expect any murder trials to be put forward. However the audience will be “prompted to engage in the proceedings throughout the hour, chiming in on the veracity of witnesses and persuasiveness of evidence.”

We have one question though: will Mariska Hargitay be making an appearance? And if she does, will she be bringing her BFF Taylor?

Dick Wolf, the mastermind behind the Law & Order franchise, now has five series all on a single broadcast network:

Law & Order: SVUChicago FireChicago P.D. and Chicago Med and now Law & Order: You the Jury.


Making the move from film to television has proved to work out pretty well for some Hollywood stars.

Unless you managed to miss all of the fuss surrounding last year’s True Detective, you might have noticed that Matthew McConaughey managed to firmly reinstate himself in the public’s collective consciousness.

No surprise then that a few others are looking into TV for future roles. Anne Hathaway is the latest actor to have made the move.

The 32-year old Les Miserablés star is set to join the cast of a television series based on the book the Ambassador’s Wife.

Written by Jennifer Steil, the wife of an ambassador herself, the story moves from the past to the present to introduce us to a Muslim country in turmoil and the sheltered life led by a diplomat’s wife (Anne’s character).

Vanity Fair is comparing the series to Homeland. They also draw some comparisons between Anne’s new series and the mini-series The Honourable Woman which starred Maggie Gyllenhaal, who was also cast in Christopher Nolan's series of Dark Knight films.

Many people are apparently wondering if this news come mean Anne would be in the running for landing her own EGOT, which would mean winning a Grammy, Oscar, Tony Award and an Emmy for her television appearance.

However, it’s important to remember that she already has an Emmy award for her voice-over acting in the Simpsons from 2012. So, she still has a way to go before landing the EGOT career milestone.


We have only just recovered from the news that our favourite film ever The Notebook was going to be coming to our screens. Now it looks like we’re going to be treated to another old school remake that has us all sorts of excited.

The classic and hilarious 90s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is going to be rebooted!

TVLine has reported that star of the series Will Smith is leading the discussions surrounding the rebooting of the show.

However, if it is decided to go ahead with this dream-project, Will could more than likely end up being behind the camera as opposed to actually on screen.

His production company, Overbrook Entertainment, are apparently in the early stages of developing a present-day version of the much loved series.

The original show ran for 6 years before it ended in 1996. The new remake will attempt to present a more modern day approach to the fish-out-water story while maintaining the original’s brand of comedy.

If this goes ahead it is less than likely that the original cast will be making an appearance. However, Will’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith could step in as a producing partner for the series as she is also a producer with Overbrook Entertainment.

We’re just not so sure that anyone other than Alfonso could so justice to that dance though.

While we wait for more news, we're going to be over here rehearsing the theme song. Again.