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Jamie Dornan has opened up about losing his mum Lorna to pancreatic cancer. The actor was a mere 16-years-old when his mum passed away.

He got honest about the impact it had on him in an interview with Press Association.

The Fall star was only 14-years-old when his mum was diagnosed with cancer. “I look back on that time and see it in a very blurry way. I was very young. Every kid at that age is naive. I felt like I was particularly young and naive at that time.”


His mum’s untimely death caused Jamie to grow up very quickly.

The actor admitted that the pain of losing a parent never leaves you. “It has an ever evolving effect on me, that loss, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

The 36-year-old continued: “I feel like every single day it has an effect on me in ways which I am aware of and some ways I think I am not aware of.”

Jamie isn’t alone in his grief. He is aware of the millions of families who lose loved ones to cancer across the globe.

“Lots of people have lost people that are very dear to them at a young age. That’s the sad thing about this illness particularly, it seems to get people young, who often have very young families,” he said.

Jamie gushed about his mum and said she would have been thrilled with his success. The actor believes she would have loved the glamour of his career.

He added: “Hopefully there is some world where she has an awareness of it.”


The Fall is probably one of the best TV dramas to air on RTÉ in a looong time.

Between both fancying and hating a serial killer (we go through many motions when watching the show) to seeing what Stella will get up to next (she's not the most conventional detective), the show totally has us in a spin from start to finish.

But one thing we've always wondered from the get-go, was if there's any sexual chemistry between Paul Spector and Stella Gibson… she is kinda obsessed with him after all.

Gillian Anderson, who plays Detective Gibson explained it all for us on This Morning.

"Stella is a very sexual being. She is absolutely distracted and fascinated by him.

"She has spent so much time getting into the mind of a sexual predator. By immersing herself she has gone into some dark places.

"There's tension there… I won't call it sexual but tension is there."

We can't wait for the next episode!


With many of us in a state of inner turmoil over the fact we fancy a fictional serial killer, Jamie Dornan has put our minds at ease by admitting he would happily play the psychopath for the rest of his life.

Opening up about his life and career during a recent interview with Marie Claire, the Irish actor admitted that his role in The Fall is where he finds the most contentment.

"It’s a real comfort to come back and do that show, and you know, I’m very grateful for it because it’s changed my professional life," he said of the hit BBC thriller.

While acknowledging that the role of Paul Spector is not for the fainthearted, it sounds like Jamie would happily forego countless others parts in order to see Spector's story through to the end.

"I’m playing such a horrific character, but I would play him for the rest of my life if I could," he admitted.

Given the show's incredibly grim subject matter, the 34-year-old actor acknowledged the role his young family plays in allowing him to switch off after shooting.

"The kids are a great way of breaking you out of whatever," he explained. "You have no choice but to enter their world when you get home."

Yeah, we somehow fancy him even more now.


The Fall exploded back onto our screen this week, and while we won't give away any spoilers, we will say that it made our hearts pound throughout.

But now, one of its main characters is set to make her way to the shining lights of Hollywood.

Yep, Valene Kane who plays Rose in the hit series is moving from our TV screens to our cinema screens as she's landed a huge role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The new film is based a few years after Revenge of the Sith, and Valene can't believe she's now a star in the franchise.

"I grew up watching Star Wars and I didn't believe it was happening until I was filming in Iceland.

"It has a really edgy, independent vibe," she told Belfast Live.

The Northern-Irish actress wil take on the role of Lyra Esro, who is Jyn Esro's protagonist mother.

We can't wait to see her in action!



How many times have you said yes for fear of causing offence, creating tension or engendering ill will?

As women, we’re offered daily reminders that we frequently take on too much or put ourselves out for others due to an innate desire to please all of the people all of the time.

Self-help features and handy listicles on the phenomenon regularly saturate our news feeds – Setting Boundaries And Saying No21 Ways To ‘Give Good No', How To Stop Saying Yes When You Want To Say No – and call to mind the countless times we’ve found ourselves reluctantly complying in daily life.

While these quirky write-ups generally focus on the holy grail that is the ‘perfect’ work / life balance, they do, inadvertently, act as a reminder that when it comes matters of consent, a simple ‘no’ is sometimes not an option.

And yet despite this, it does not mean that the matter of consent is any less black and white.

We may live in a Fifty Shades Of Grey society, but suggesting that the matter falls under any one of those shades is the reason why so many sexual assault cases fail to make it to trial.

If we struggle to say no to a party invite, tie ourselves in knots over declining an after-work coffee or utter a resigned ‘yes’ to an unexpected and totally inconvenient task, how can we be expected to properly articulate ourselves when in fear for our lives?

The matter of consent has dominated headlines in recent months and beneath calls for judicial review and longer sentences in rape cases, there lurks a narrative which suggests that when she doesn’t say no, she ultimately means yes.

From Brock Turner’s laughable three-month stint behind bars to the number of rape cases which collapse before and after making it to trial, there is no doubting the fact that society, as a whole, needs a lesson in consent.

Highlighting the stark difference which exists between consent and submission in last night’s episode of The Fall, Gillian Anderson’s character, Stella, attempted to placate the husband of a woman who struggled to understand his wife’s reaction to being abducted.

Stupefied that she hadn’t screamed or raised the alarm, and instead linked arms with her assailant, he frantically sought answers.

“Men always think in terms of fight or flight. In fact, the most common instinct in the face of this kind of threat is to freeze,” Stella told him.

“If she didn’t fight, if she didn’t scream, if she was silent and numb, it’s because she was petrified. If she went with him quietly, it’s because she was afraid for her life.”

“In that state of fear, she might well have been compliant. She might well have submitted. But that does not mean she consented.”

If we struggle to say no when pressed for an after-work drink, how likely is it we can say no when we’re not certain we’ll make it out of the exchange alive?


After a hiatus that felt like a lifetime, The Fall made its highly-anticipated return to our TV screens last night.

Picking up where it left off in season 2, viewers met Stella Gibson and Paul Spector in the aftermath of a shoot-out which saw law enforcement struggle with the prospect that the Belfast Strangler might not survive to see the inside of a courtroom.

And with viewers only dying to get stuck back into the cat and mouse game which played out between Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson's characters, it seems many were left disappointed by the slow and steady pace of the season's first episode.




OK, so the first episode of the show definitely involved more medical jargon and organ removal than most of us expected, but it looks like Stella's speech on the difference between submission and consent was enough to reel the viewers back in.

Applauding scriptwriters for their succinct summation, Twitter was awash with praise as credits on the first episode began to roll.





The TV show we've all been waiting on to return has finally got a premiere date – and it's REALLY soon.

Yep, in 14 days The Fall (and Jamie Dornan) will return to our screens for the last time.

BBC Two released the latest trailer for the series yesterday, and it certainly looks to be a good one.

In the 30-second clip, Jamie is seen lying on a hospital bed with blood on his chest and a ventilator in his mouth, all the while Stella says, "I want him to live so he can spend the rest of his life in prison."

It also shows that the Belfast killer's identity is revealed to the public.

We. Can't. Wait.


Here in Shemazing HQ we all fell in love with The Fall.

Jamie Dornan (we adore him here) played a blinder in this role, stepping away from the chains of 50 Shades and entering into a dark and destructive world.

The first two seasons were thrilling – and we were all hooked, but looking at the trailer of the third and FINAL season, it looks like we're going to go down a much more sinister path.

The trailer might be short, but it's giving us a taste for what's to come:

We can't wait.


The general consensus at SHEmazing! HQ is that The Fall was undoubtedly one of the most frightening series to ever hit the small screen.

And despite the fact the vast majority of us watched it through our fingers, we kept coming back for more…before losing a night's sleep in the aftermath.

Focussing on the cat and mouse game which played out between Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson in the first two series, it sounds like us viewers are in for a serious shock as we head into season three.

Commenting on his role as Paul Spector, the 34-year-old actor teased fans of the show by saying: "You can expect the unexpected."

"There’s quite remarkable turns in the third season that I really genuinely think people won’t see coming that are hugely exciting," he added.

While he reached global fame for his role as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades franchise, it sounds like Jamie credits his role as serial killer Spector for much of his success.

"You know, that job changed my life," he said.

"They’re like family to me and I’m forever grateful for it to be a part of my life and, you know, I would play that character to my dying days if I had the opportunity," he revealed.

And we'd watch him play it…through our fingers though, obvs.



They may play each other's mortal enemies on the actual show, but thankfully co-stars Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan get on like a house on fire in real life. 

Gillian shared this sweet selfie of the pair from yesterday as they wrapped the very last season of the Fall. 

Yep, the seminal crime drama is to return to RTE for the third and final series later this year.

"Jamie Dornan, sweetest man alive, just wrapped season 3 of The Fall," read Gillian's cute caption. 

"You'll never meet a nicer serial killer."

Jamie plays Paul Spector, a Northern Irish serial killer while Gillian plays a seductive yet troubled detective pursuing him in the hit drama series set in Belfast. 

Jamie Dornan, sweetest man alive, just wrapped season 3 of The Fall – TV. You'll never meet a nicer serial killer.

Posted by Gillian Anderson on Thursday, January 28, 2016


But don't worry, we will be seeing much more from these two in the near future. 

Gillian has reprised the role of Dana Scully in the hotly anticipated reboot of the X-Files which returned to our screens this week. 

Meanwhile, Jamie is currently starring as Christian Grey in the steamy 50 Shades of Grey franchise. The next installment is due out in early 2017. 


Jamie Dornan might have gotten some stick for his "awkward" interviews during the Fifty Shades press circuit, but us Irish know he's good craic underneath it all.

In fact, he's even sound enough to take a break from filming to spend some time with his fans, as Belfast ladies Lois Brady and Paula Morrison learnt last week.

The Down native was at the Old High School in Belfast working on the new series of The Fall, and when he got wind that the two ladies were waiting outside to try to meet him, he soon obliged by heading out for a few photos in the rain.

"Security told us if we hung about he would come out and say hello," the ladies told SHEmazing. 

"It was lashing with rain but he came out and he chatted a bit. We got our pics and ran back to the car.

"It reminded me of my Take That stalking days when I was 15."

Just look at him there in black and white… is it just us or did it suddenly get very hot in here?!

A big thank you to Paula Morrison and Lois Brady for sending this in.  If you have a story, video or anything else you think we’d love, catch us on Facebook, Twitter or hello@shemazing.ie. The best submission EVERY month wins a €50 shopping voucher!



Oh, Jamie – maybe you should have kept this admission to yourself…

The Fifty Shades of Grey actor was speaking about preparing for his role in the critically acclaimed TV show The Fall when he made a very creepy revelation.

In preparation for the role of serial killer Paul Spector, Jamie revealed to The LA Times that he actually stalked a woman on the London Tube – albeit ‘half-heartedly’:

“I like, followed a woman off the train one day to see what it felt to pursue someone like that … I really kept my distance and was aware that it was kind of half-hearted.”

Thankfully, Jamie soon realised that his method acting was maybe just a little creepy:

“She got off a few stops earlier than I was planning. I followed her around a couple of streets and then was like, ‘what are you doing?’ It felt kind of exciting in a really dirty way and I’m not proud of myself but I do think I learned something from it.”

Yikes, we’re glad some good came out of it then, Jamie.