Here’s the perfect answer to Sunday Morning Fear!


How often have you woken up after a night out and wished someone had prised your phone out of your drunk, eager hands? Or longed for someone to fill in the blanks between leaving the first pub and arriving at the fifth? 

The introduction of new app Drunk Mode, created by Joshua Anton, may be everything you’re looking for! This app, available for iPhones and Androids, is basically your babysitter on a night out.

Its features include preventing you from calling certain people by allowing you to store a list of numbers you’d rather not ring while blind drunk and reminiscing. Jackpot.

It also has a ‘breadcrumb’ function which allows you to track the pubs and clubs you attended the night before, so the days of squinting at the receipt of a bar you’ve never heard of are over! Genius.
The app’s creator told USA Today that he realised the app's potential when he received a call from a girl who said things that “she probably wouldn’t…if she were sober.” We’ve been there, anonymous girl.

The team behind Drunk Mode are currently launching a campaign to incorporate more features, but are experiencing financial struggles while working towards their $30,000 goal.

We hope they’ll get there soon!