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Ever tried texting in the rain while attempting to hold on to your umbrella as the wind blows directly in your face and failed miserably? Yes? Well then, this new invention is exactly what you need.

The newest umbrella on the market means you can now carry your umbrella and use both hands to text in peace, and we need one ASAP!

South Korean phone company KT has designed this handy device and cleverly named it the 'phone-brella'. The simple loops on the bottoms of the handles allow users to hold the umbrellas with their forearms rather than with their hands, freeing up their fingers to swipe around on phone screens

Ok we have to admit, the ad for this is a little bit cringey as it shows two people basically falling in love over a mutual happiness about this new umbrella. As you do.

But regardless of the strange advertising, we need one of these for the coming winter months so we can stay dry while texting. 




An Irish man named Marty, who is living in the UK, went on a session to end all sessions (by the sounds of things anyway!). When he woke up the next morning without any memory of what happened, he had this message on his phone:

We don’t know what the best thing about this text is. Could it be the fact that Marty was so hung over that he saved the number as ‘Nice Ploice Man’? Is it the fact that his battery is nearly dead – which is always a sure sign that you were VERY drunk and VERY active on your phone the night before (oh no!), or is it that he asked them not to send him back to Ireland (what's so bad about Ireland?!)?

We can’t choose – but we do wish that every police man was a nice as this guy. The world would be a better place!



If you’ve ever worried about whether you’ve been texting that guy you fancy too much, these texts should make you feel a good bit better:

This is one eager beaver…

He should have taken the hint last weekend… 

Anyone looking for a sugar daddy? 

Five days of texting and still no reply? It's time to give up, love!

Everything is fine, now GO AWAY! 

Being ordered to text someone isn't such a turn on…

You know you want it – really? 

Because this isn't creepy at all! 




Waiting for THAT person to contact you can be torutre. Here is the life cycle of waiting for their text: 

1. You’re pre drinking with your friends, all ready for a good Saturday night out


2. You’re feeling great as you head out, your bones sense it’s gona be a good one


3. You skip on into the club and head for the bar


4. All of a sudden you lock eyes, across the room


5. You start chatting with him and everything else is drowned out by the sparks flying


6. You have a cheeky score at the end of the night and both get dragged out by your separate friends


7. Just before he leaves he takes out his phone and asks for your number


8. You go home, make yourself a sandwich and wait for the goodnight text


9. The next morning, still no text


10. You look at your phone every two minutes ‘just to check the time’


11. Your phone beeps, your heart stops


12. By Thursday you’ve lost hope

sad (1)

13. Friday morning you wake up and he’s texted!!


14. Wait, was he even that cute? Meh…


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We all have those Facebook friends that we regret accepting, and generally it's because of one (or more) of these irritating habits: 

1. Using Text Spelling


It’s 2k14 now, this is not Bebo and the only people who speak like that any more are 13 year olds and our parents. Sadly for them, they caught on to the trend eight years too late. We just don’t have the heart (or nerve) to tell them.

2. Detailing Your Relationship(s)

Why all of the tongue?! By all means, be in love, but 57 photos of a kiss? Nooooo!

3. Cheesy Check In’s

We all know someone who checks into bed. Why? WHY? We all go to bed, most of us visit it every night, in fact. Any check-in involving a couple and either a couch, bed or hotel and involving the word ‘snuggle,’ needs to be stopped. Now. Jealous? Us? Never. 

4. Uploading An Excessive Amount Of Selfies

Many people feel the need to take thousands (not an exaggeration) of selfies and then share them. 

5. Uploading Excessive Pictures In General

We get that you went to Magaluf. We get that you made new friends and drank yourself into oblivion, night after night. We just wish that you would get that we don’t need to see two hundred odd blurry images of it all. No really.


6. Having A Stupid Job Title

None of the following are feasible job titles: "being a mad bastard," "being a professional legend," or being anything with x’s in it.

7. Anything To Do With Attention Seeking Statuses

Cryptic public statuses merely exist to gain interest from people otherwise not interested in you. 

8. Commenting On Something You Haven’t Even Read

Read first, opinion second. 

9. Liking Everything Within Your Sight

We just got 60 notifications, staaaap!

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Emma Stone and Colin Firth are doing the rounds to promote their new film Magic in the Moonlight, and during one interview, Emma recalled the time she watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and live texted Colin as she watched it. Just for the craic!

“I live-texted Colin the plot of Bridget Jones a few months back while I was watching it. You were very upset with me, if I remember correctly. I talked him through what he was doing…it was all complimentary.”

Poor Colin has been trying to distance himself from his chick flick stardom, so he wasn’t overly impressed: “I might decide to not revisit stuff in the past, and then you get a good friend saying, ‘Oh, when you were doing this you had this and that expression on your face’”.

Don’t worry Colin, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Bridget Jones was the BEST!

Magic in the Moonlight is in cinemas this Friday, so If you didn’t have any plans before, you do now!



Guys are fickle, strange creatures. Sometimes they come on too strong, and when you do, they run a mile. It makes no sense.

Here are 8 realistic reasons that guy hasn’t called you back.

1. You’re coming on too strong
There is absolutely nothing wrong with going for what you want with gusto. However, play it a little hard to get and make HIM do the chasing. Much more fun.

too strong

2. He doesn’t want to give a false impression
Although it’s a little childish, some guys won’t be texting back because they don’t want to give you the wrong impression that they want things to go any further. They might write back now and again to be polite, but if they aren’t replying as frequently as they should be then it might be time to move on.


3. Too many questions
Much like coming on too strong, asking too many questions can also scare a guy off. Guys are pretty simple creatures and can usually only deal with one thing at a time. So if lots of questions are coming in at once, especially if you’ve only recently met, chances are he’ll eventually just give up trying to answer them all and end up just not answering any.

too many questions

4. He’s trying to play it cool
From the girl’s point of view, this looks pretty similar to when he doesn’t want to give you a false impression, so again the best way to get rid of any confusion is to just ask him. The only reason he’s doing this is to not come on too strong to you, which means that he likes you. So if you do ask him what the situation is, he’ll be honest and say that he is interested in you.

play it cool

5. It’s too late at night
It may be something as simple as he is wrecked and just can’t fathom a text conversation right now. Don’t be offended.


6. You’re being too needy
If you’ve only recently met the guy, but you’ve already started getting emotional in your texts with him, he’s going to be turned off very quickly. Guys like to be needed and to look after girls, but not if they’ve only known them for a couple of weeks.

booty call

7. A genuine reason
Sometimes there actually is a genuine reason, like he doesn’t have any texts or data left to reply to you, or he’s at a football match or he’s with his friends. But the key thing to remember about this situation, even though you don’t know if it is a genuine reason, is to  be patient. He will reply to you eventually when he does get a chance, and will apologise for the delay (if he’s a decent guy), so any extra texts you send can only harm your situation.


8. He’s just not that into you
This is the biggest fear when he’s not texting you back, especially if you really like him. But unfortunately this is the case sometimes, and it’s just important to remember to not get desperate, because you’re never going to change his mind like that, and to just try and move on.

move onevia our content partner CT



The text that Cheryl Cole sent to Simon after learning she had been fired by The X Factor US has been revealed!

Cheryl told Elle UK that she sent the music mogul a message that read: “F*** you, F*** Fox, F*** the orange and purple outfit. F*** the big hair. F*** the UK X Factor. F*** you all. I hate you.”

Er, wow! It looks as if Cheryl and Simon have worked out their differences now however, as Cheryl has officially returned to her seat on The X Factor judging panel.

Poor Cheryl, it looks as if she really went through a hard time after being let go from The X Factor US.

Cheryl also told the magazine that she felt as if her life had taken a turn for the worst, saying: “I thought I had every box ticked, career and personal. I was the first to get married. I was the one everyone thought would be the first to have a baby. And then the rug got pulled out from under me.”



It’s never easy to take when you meet the love of your life on a night out, exchange numbers, get in a taxi to go home, and never hear from them again.

We seek out excuses as to why he hasn’t been in touch, but we need to stop. Dragging out the pain is useless when you know deep down that he was just playing games.

The next time your friends list out these go-to excuses, you’ll know that they’re only being nice, and you can finally stop staring at your phone.

Maybe he has no credit?
Not that this was ever a viable excuse (why didn’t he just buy some?!), the rise in bill phones has made it totally redundant.

He’s probably waiting for YOU to text HIM
We’re all for making the first move, but we still can’t help but think that if he’s really interested we wouldn’t have to.

Maybe he lost his phone
Web text, anyone?

Maybe you gave him the wrong phone number
Seriously, what are the chances?

He’s probably just busy
Too busy for one text? If this is true, he doesn’t sound like he’d be much fun to be around!



We dare you not to laugh reading these.

1. No, Lucy!


2. The only guy…


3. You’re fat, honey


4. Guess someone’s not a fan of Cole.


5. The February 30th burn

5. relationship_5

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