8 realistic reasons he hasn’t called you back yet

Guys are fickle, strange creatures. Sometimes they come on too strong, and when you do, they run a mile. It makes no sense.

Here are 8 realistic reasons that guy hasn’t called you back.

1. You’re coming on too strong
There is absolutely nothing wrong with going for what you want with gusto. However, play it a little hard to get and make HIM do the chasing. Much more fun.

too strong

2. He doesn’t want to give a false impression
Although it’s a little childish, some guys won’t be texting back because they don’t want to give you the wrong impression that they want things to go any further. They might write back now and again to be polite, but if they aren’t replying as frequently as they should be then it might be time to move on.


3. Too many questions
Much like coming on too strong, asking too many questions can also scare a guy off. Guys are pretty simple creatures and can usually only deal with one thing at a time. So if lots of questions are coming in at once, especially if you’ve only recently met, chances are he’ll eventually just give up trying to answer them all and end up just not answering any.

too many questions

4. He’s trying to play it cool
From the girl’s point of view, this looks pretty similar to when he doesn’t want to give you a false impression, so again the best way to get rid of any confusion is to just ask him. The only reason he’s doing this is to not come on too strong to you, which means that he likes you. So if you do ask him what the situation is, he’ll be honest and say that he is interested in you.

play it cool

5. It’s too late at night
It may be something as simple as he is wrecked and just can’t fathom a text conversation right now. Don’t be offended.


6. You’re being too needy
If you’ve only recently met the guy, but you’ve already started getting emotional in your texts with him, he’s going to be turned off very quickly. Guys like to be needed and to look after girls, but not if they’ve only known them for a couple of weeks.

booty call

7. A genuine reason
Sometimes there actually is a genuine reason, like he doesn’t have any texts or data left to reply to you, or he’s at a football match or he’s with his friends. But the key thing to remember about this situation, even though you don’t know if it is a genuine reason, is to  be patient. He will reply to you eventually when he does get a chance, and will apologise for the delay (if he’s a decent guy), so any extra texts you send can only harm your situation.


8. He’s just not that into you
This is the biggest fear when he’s not texting you back, especially if you really like him. But unfortunately this is the case sometimes, and it’s just important to remember to not get desperate, because you’re never going to change his mind like that, and to just try and move on.

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