It’s never easy to take when you meet the love of your life on a night out, exchange numbers, get in a taxi to go home, and never hear from them again.

We seek out excuses as to why he hasn’t been in touch, but we need to stop. Dragging out the pain is useless when you know deep down that he was just playing games.

The next time your friends list out these go-to excuses, you’ll know that they’re only being nice, and you can finally stop staring at your phone.

Maybe he has no credit?
Not that this was ever a viable excuse (why didn’t he just buy some?!), the rise in bill phones has made it totally redundant.

He’s probably waiting for YOU to text HIM
We’re all for making the first move, but we still can’t help but think that if he’s really interested we wouldn’t have to.

Maybe he lost his phone
Web text, anyone?

Maybe you gave him the wrong phone number
Seriously, what are the chances?

He’s probably just busy
Too busy for one text? If this is true, he doesn’t sound like he’d be much fun to be around!