This is one morning after text we would NOT be expecting!

An Irish man named Marty, who is living in the UK, went on a session to end all sessions (by the sounds of things anyway!). When he woke up the next morning without any memory of what happened, he had this message on his phone:

We don’t know what the best thing about this text is. Could it be the fact that Marty was so hung over that he saved the number as ‘Nice Ploice Man’? Is it the fact that his battery is nearly dead – which is always a sure sign that you were VERY drunk and VERY active on your phone the night before (oh no!), or is it that he asked them not to send him back to Ireland (what's so bad about Ireland?!)?

We can’t choose – but we do wish that every police man was a nice as this guy. The world would be a better place!