9 things you should never do on social media


We all have those Facebook friends that we regret accepting, and generally it's because of one (or more) of these irritating habits: 

1. Using Text Spelling


It’s 2k14 now, this is not Bebo and the only people who speak like that any more are 13 year olds and our parents. Sadly for them, they caught on to the trend eight years too late. We just don’t have the heart (or nerve) to tell them.

2. Detailing Your Relationship(s)

Why all of the tongue?! By all means, be in love, but 57 photos of a kiss? Nooooo!

3. Cheesy Check In’s

We all know someone who checks into bed. Why? WHY? We all go to bed, most of us visit it every night, in fact. Any check-in involving a couple and either a couch, bed or hotel and involving the word ‘snuggle,’ needs to be stopped. Now. Jealous? Us? Never. 

4. Uploading An Excessive Amount Of Selfies

Many people feel the need to take thousands (not an exaggeration) of selfies and then share them. 

5. Uploading Excessive Pictures In General

We get that you went to Magaluf. We get that you made new friends and drank yourself into oblivion, night after night. We just wish that you would get that we don’t need to see two hundred odd blurry images of it all. No really.


6. Having A Stupid Job Title

None of the following are feasible job titles: "being a mad bastard," "being a professional legend," or being anything with x’s in it.

7. Anything To Do With Attention Seeking Statuses

Cryptic public statuses merely exist to gain interest from people otherwise not interested in you. 

8. Commenting On Something You Haven’t Even Read

Read first, opinion second. 

9. Liking Everything Within Your Sight

We just got 60 notifications, staaaap!

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