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We all know GIFs are great. They let you get across a whole range of emotions with a single sad-looking pug.

But sometimes the range of animated images available on the Internet doesn't quite satisfy your needs, right? And that's where Giphy Cam comes in handy. 

Giphy Cam is a new app that allows you to take a short video and then turn it into a GIF.

And it even has a feature for adding in your own captions, which, you know, will give your GIF ten times more personality (because you're gas). 

You can also edit them for length, play around with silly colours, effects and more and then share the finished masterpiece with your friends.



Ever tried texting in the rain while attempting to hold on to your umbrella as the wind blows directly in your face and failed miserably? Yes? Well then, this new invention is exactly what you need.

The newest umbrella on the market means you can now carry your umbrella and use both hands to text in peace, and we need one ASAP!

South Korean phone company KT has designed this handy device and cleverly named it the 'phone-brella'. The simple loops on the bottoms of the handles allow users to hold the umbrellas with their forearms rather than with their hands, freeing up their fingers to swipe around on phone screens

Ok we have to admit, the ad for this is a little bit cringey as it shows two people basically falling in love over a mutual happiness about this new umbrella. As you do.

But regardless of the strange advertising, we need one of these for the coming winter months so we can stay dry while texting. 



Let's face it guys, packing for holidays or even a night away can be seriously stressful! So when we spotted this handy little video by DaveHax we just had to share it. Who's going to be trying this one the next time they have a night away planned? Watch the video above to see for yourself.