We CANNOT believe what this actress did on stage last night!

We've always known Kristen Wiig was an amazing actress and comedienne, but we had no idea that she was an incredible dancer too!

The Bridesmaids star blew viewers away with her surprise interpretive dance performance during Sia's live rendition of Chandelier at last night's Grammy Awards. Kristen, along with Sia's 12-year-old dance protégé Maddie Ziegler, treated the audience to an incredible mix of the Chandelier and Elastic Heart choreography.

Given her years of writing and performing in sketches on Saturday Night Live, you'd be forgiven for thinking Kristen was going to break into some kind of hilarious spoof-y dance, but that was TOTALLY not the case. In fact, most viewers had no idea it was even Kristen on the stage until the song was over.

Could we love her any more?!