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Have you ever been to a wedding where you have to endure the speeches BEFORE you were served the starter?

It's a long enough day, and no matter how hard we try to pay attention to the funny stories being told at the top table – our rumbling stomachs completely distract us. 

It's pure torture, right? And all your want is to lock your lips around some grub. 

We imagine at the Golden Globes something similar goes down – so, here comes Melissa McCarthy to the rescue.


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The absolute legend smuggled in 30 sandwiches into the award ceremony and began handing them out.

Celebs got to satisfy their hunger pangs with a good old traditional ham and cheese combo.

Confirming the smuggling of the food items, Melissa told Variety: “I’ve been handing them out to everyone."

And for 2020, Melissa is planning to go bigger: “Next year, I’m bringing hot dogs,” she added – Brilliant.

The food seemed to go down a treat as Olivia Colman even referenced them in her acceptance speech.

Actress Jessica Chastain asked the question everyone wanted to know: "How did she get them in here?” she wondered.

“But it’s a good idea because by the time you get into the ballroom dinner has already been served, and you’re always so hungry,” she added.

Did Melissa tape them to her body? Have a hidden picnic basket smuggled in? – We may never find out. 

However, the actress didn't opt for cheap and cheerful sandwiches, as the pic of the item given to Variety shows that it was from Joan's on Third.

The “fromager d’affinois and apricot glazed ham” sandwich will set you back 7.95 US dollars (£6.24/€6.95) a piece – so she's a true friend.

What a hero.


Whether you pre-pack some grub or head out to the deli on a daily basis, a sandwich is the perfect lunchtime staple.

However, loading the meat and mayo on isn't the healthiest – but, what's a girl to do if you just want something to fill your belly?

Well, actually there are a few tiny tweaks that you can make when putting your sandwich together that can save you on the carb, sugar and calorie front.

A few health professionals told Women's Health the best swaps, and here, we picked out the best five to make sure you get the most out of your lunchtime sambo:

1. Cheese please

"Replace your processed Swiss or American slices with creamy cashew cheese. It's vegan and replaces saturated fats with healthy ones, plus it's loaded with B vitamins, fiber, protein, and magnesium." —McKel Hill, R.D.

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2. A green makeover

"Give your egg salad a green makeover by mashing a ripe avocado in it—you'll get all the texture and cohesiveness of mayo, with bonus fiber and healthy fats." —Kayleen St John, R.D.

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3. Spread it 

"Use hummus as a sandwich spread to reap the benefits of beans. The chickpea spread moistens your bread just as well, and is packed with plant protein, B vitamins, fiber, and iron, all of which help support a healthy heart and aid in weight management." – Holley Grainger, R.D. 

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4. Curb the carbs

"Get whole grain of course, but also be smart about the amount of bread making up your sandwich. Some rolls can equal four slices of bread." – Ellie Krieger, R.D

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5. Go veggie

"Layer grilled vegetables (like zucchini, onions, bell peppers) and tender herbs (like mint or basil) on your sandwiches, along with the usual lettuce and tomato, to add big flavor and texture with health benefits." —Ellie Krieger, R.D

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Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


We are in support of pretty much anything festive these days. November is a month filled with the promise of tinsel, giant Christmas trees and matching jumpers for the whole family (including Rover the puppy). 

We cannot wait to see what happens when December arrives. 

However, a certain lunch item that is claiming to be exactly what we would expect when it comes to festive desserts has sent the internet into meltdown.

Tesco is selling an Everyday Value Chocolate and Cherry Mascarpone Christmas sandwich on cinnamon bread and no one seems to be able to deal with this news.

A picture of the new meal deal item was shared on Sh*t London’s Facebook page by Londoner Nic Branch who captioned the image: ‘More gold at Tesco’. Since then people have been taking serious issue with the sandwich. 

‘Chocolate and cherry sandwiches? Has the world gone mad?’ asked Jane Craigie-Payne.


Others legitimately questioned the cherry content. Tesco seemed to be able to have a laugh about all the fuss:

Luckily, Metro were able to speak with someone who had actually tried the interesting foodie concoction. Seb Budd explained:

“The first few bites were actually OK. The cinnamon bread was a nice touch but after a few more mouthfuls I soon began to realise that this is the sort of sandwich you’d buy to tell someone you really don’t like them.”


Seb must not be a mascarpone fan then, but we feel like this might be something that we need to taste-test for ourselves to be absolutely certain.


That feeling of sitting down to tuck into your long awaited lunch time meal is mostly one we associate with happiness, because who doesn’t enjoy a tasty lunch.

However, the feeling of sitting down and realising that there is something seriously wrong with your sandwich is quite distressing. Especially if you know that it is supposed to be twice the size. 

Why would the food gods be so cruel?

Well, apparently some Subway customers were sick and tired of forking out for a foot-long sub (the brand’s signature) and took the company to court about it.

In 2013, nine separate law suits concerning foot-long sandwiches being shorter than advertised were merged into one case in the US. 

The law suit claimed that the franchise has been:

“disseminating false and misleading information via television commercials, Internet websites and postings, point of purchase advertisements and national print advertisements, all of which are intended to trick unsuspecting consumers.” 

Basically, stop giving us false hope about the size of the sandwiches.

The company has agreed this week to settle the lawsuit and make changes to how they bake bread in order to stop any inconsistencies from occurring. 

It was also agreed that Subway are to pay lawyers’ fees and damages to nine people named in the lawsuit, and also:

“All persons in the United States who purchased a Six inch or Footlong sandwich at a Subway® restaurant any time between January 1, 2003 and [2 October, 2015].”

These people would have to provide proof of purchase and would not receive compensation but can have their names attached to the formal lawsuit.

So, next time you go to Subway bring your ruler to ensure consistency, and that levels of deliciousness are on point, obviously. 


A great way to go for breakfast is down the sandwich root as it's big and hearty enough to fuel you right up until lunch time. 

Whether you want to treat yourself at the weekend or you need something for the big day ahead, you won't be disappointed if you try one (or all) of these super sandwich twists:

Waffled Croissant Grilled Cheese

Make the French proud by whipping up this bad boy. Crunchy and crispy – but with a gooey cheese filling. Yum!


Egg In A Hole BLT

This sandwich sees your favourite breakfast meeting your favourite sandwich. It's a win-win situation. 


Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Sandwich

Consider this an alternative to the breakfast burrito. This delicious sandwich will certainly fill up your morning. 


Chicken and Waffles Breakfast Sandwich

Who needs a bun or bread when you have waffles?! This should be kept as a weekend or cheat-day treat because you definitely won't want to rush it. 


Eggs Benedict with Shortcut Hollandaise

You're breakfast just got a serious upgrade with this sandwich! Ready in only 15 minutes, it would be a perfect breakfast to treat that special someone. 


French Toast Breakfast Sandwich

How dreamy does this look? Eat at home or on the go, it's a great alternative for a sweet breakfast meal. 


Our summer picnics in the park have been given a touch of class as The Westin Dublin announce the launch of their takeaway afternoon tea.

Avaible from The Atrium at The Westin Dublin, the takeaway afternoon tea features a sleek and convenient carry box complete with the traditional tea-stand tiers for all those delicious cakes and sandwiches.

Perfect for bringing back to the office or for a picnic with the girls!

The afternoon tea consists of all your favourites from the classic afternoon tea such as homemade roast spiced beef sandwiches, cucumber and dill cream cheese sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes and delicate pistachio macaroons.

The Westin Dublin’s takeaway afternoon tea is available at €20 per person and must be ordered up to 24 hours in advance.

For more information on this convenient and luxurious treat, please visit www.theatriumlounge.ie or www.facebook.com/thewestindublin.