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So, while a lot people who choose to follow a vegan diet are generally satisfied with the plant-based food products available to them, most will admit there are a few things they miss.

Sure, there are a number of alternatives on offer – vegan cheese, yogurt, and even chicken, to name just a few.

But there is one food product plant-based enthusiasts have not been able to replicate – until now.

Four clever food science students from the University of Udine in Italy have created a product that looks, feels and tastes exactly like a hard-boiled egg.

According to Food Navigator, it's made from a selection of legume plants (such as beans, pulses and peas), vegetable oils, a gelling agent and vegan salt.

The 'egg' is packed with protein, but unlike the real thing, it's completely cholesterol-free.

The university is reportedly in talks with companies who might be interested in manufacturing the product, meaning it could be hitting our shelves sooner rather than later.

What a time to be alive!


Just like avocado toast, and unicorn frappuccinos; cloud eggs are having a moment.

The latest food trend was popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest over the weekend, and they look like little puffs of total tastiness.


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But, it's not only the aesthetic that have people talking; the cooking method means that no oil or butter is used to cook the eggs, bringing them in at only 150 calories.

So, how do you make these cartoon-like breakfast treats? It's pretty simple.


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First, separate the white of your egg from the yolk. Then whip up the whites until they're thick and fluffy (as if you were making meringues).

When they're all whipped up, dollop onto a baking tray and put in the oven for 5-7 minutes until they're cooked through.


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Then add the yolk, and throw back in the oven for a couple more minutes, until the yolk is gently cooked – you want it nice and runny!

And that's it! Add bacon or cheese 'til your heart's content and eat away.


If you love a Cadbury's creme egg or Reese's butter cups are your fave, then we have good news for you.

Reese's have created peanut butter creme eggs and we are oh so very delighted.

Reese's new eggs come in packs of five and each contain individually wrapped milk chocolate eggs stuffed with a salty, smooth peanut butter filling (could it get any better?).

Reese's now do a peanut butter creme egg and ooh it sounds amazing

What's more, they come with a little purple spoon so you can scoop out all the good stuff before eating the chocolate shell.

As always though, there's a catch.

The peanut butter eggs are only available in America right now, so if you know anyone heading over there, make sure to nag them so they'll bring you back a butt-load.



There are always some weird beauty hacks doing the rounds online, but the latest one is completely bonkers. 

Beauty blenders have become the makeup application tool of choice for MUAs and mere mortals alike, but some beauty bloggers are mixing it up with a very unexpected tool. 

Eggs are a pretty versatile food, but now they are being incorporated into our beauty routines. 


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According to a few in the online makeup community, hard-boiled eggs are the newest way to apply your foundation, contour and even eye shadow.

The experiment (or should we say, eggs-periment) was first undertaken by MUA Nadi, of Pop Luxe.

In a YouTube video, the makeup fan applied a full face of makeup using the protein-filled snack, and it went surprisingly well.

"Oh my gosh, this is actually working really, really well," he said.

"This kind of feels like a really cold SiliSponge but it smells like sewage, like eggs, so that's a turnoff — but it's actually doing a pretty good job."

Another beauty blogger, Esther Gbudje, also attempted the look and had a similar experience.

"The egg did give me the flawless look I was going for, and it doesn't absorb any product at all," she told Allure

We're not convinced that boiled eggs are about to take over from beauty blenders, but this experiment was pretty unique.

We just hope that their faces didn't have that distinctive eggy scent after application… 

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


When you're facing into your 117th birthday, it's inevitable you will begin to cast your mind back, and perhaps wonder what may have contributed to your remarkably long life.

And it looks like 116-year-old Emma Morano has cracked it.

A native of Italy, Emma puts her upcoming birthday down to her two-a-day egg habit.

Having been diagnosed with anaemia at the age of 20, Emma, who was born in 1899, began including eggs in her daily diet and insists they are responsible for her good health.

“Emma has always eaten very few vegetables, very little fruit. When I met her, she ate three eggs per day, two raw in the morning and then an omelette at noon, and chicken at dinner," her doctor, Carlo Bava, told Agence-France Press.

Still eating two a day, Emma reveals she also includes cookies in her daily plan, but struggles with the latter, saying: "But I do not eat much because I have no teeth."

Emma, who will turn 117 next month, is expecting visitors from all over the world, remarking: "People come. I don’t invite anybody but they come. From America, Switzerland, Austria, Turin, Milan … They come from all over to see me."

BRB – whipping up a quick omelette.


If you’ve ever been bothered by your inability to chop hard-boiled eggs into perfectly rounded circles – or if you just like looking at weird food – then this is for you.

The mystery of circular egg slices has long baffled deli-goers, but turns out the reason those eggs are so round is because they are cut from one giant tubular egg called a Danish long egg.

Now before you start convincing yourselves of strange things, hens do not lay long eggs – instead regular eggs are put through a series of processes until the long egg is produced.

According to this odd but strangely mesmerising video on Diply, the eggs are washed, cracked and separated by machines before the whites are cooked in a mould which has a hole in its centre.

The yolks are then injected back into the middle of the mould so they look more like regular eggs.

If any less than perfect looking eggs arrive at the production line’s end, quality inspectors grab them and remove the ugly bits to ensure the long eggs look picture perfect.

Thank you, Internet!


At one point or another as children, we were all led astray by some loud-mouthed classmate who insisted that 'scrambled eggs are made from baby chickens.'

But it turns out that there might be some truth in that urban myth, as one shopper in the Netherlands recently discovered.

Alwyn Wils had read online that not all supermarket eggs came unfertilised, and decided to put the theory to the test. Lo and behold, after placing a dozen shop-bought quail eggs in an incubator for a month, one of them hatched into a healthy chick.

Sorry, WHAT?

Yup, you heard us right – his name is Albert and he's a happy, healthy quail chick. 

In order for an egg to be fertilised, the hen and rooster must mate prior to the formation of the egg. According to farming experts, in rare cases when a bird is not 'sexed' properly (i.e. a male is allowed onto a farm under the assumption that he is a female), mating can occur without the error being discovered.

"Friends and family think Albert is very cool and they think it's great way of thinking – that not everything is impossible if you give it a try sometimes," says Alwyn, who has even set up a YouTube channel for little Albert.

This isn't the first time a chick has been hatched from shop-bought eggs, either. Back in 2008, a women in Cheshire successfully hatched a tiny quail chick after incubating two dozen eggs.

"I came home and I couldn’t believe it when I found this little quail chick about the size of a grape scuttling around the pen," Caroline Aspin said of the extraordinary incident.

Well now. You'll think twice before your next omelette, we bet.


The Jenner sisters are usually warmly welcomed by their loyal fans, but not in their most recent appearance. 

The sisters were visiting Westfield shoping centre in Sydney, Austraila, today to promote their clothing line for the brand Forever New

While doing so, TMZ reports that a woman standing in the crowd threw eggs at them. Yep, she tried to egg the Jenner sisters. 

She missed Kendall and Kylie (narrowly) and the local police had to step in to diffuse the situation. 

A source from the local police station in Sydney said that the unidentified woman was standing on the second floor of the shopping centre.

When she caught a glimpse of the reality stars, she began to throw the eggs and then added a few tomatoes into the mix (a few spinach leaves and dressing would have made the perfect salad). 

The woman missed her targets though, and the food ended up hitting the stage and splattered onto fans standing near-by. 

The rest of the event went off without a hitch, and Kendall and Kylie were able to launch their new line successfully.


Poached, scrambled, and now… cat-shaped.

Your Sunday morning Instagram feed could be about to get a lot cuter, because cat-shaped fried eggs are a thing now and the internet is having something of a meltdown.

The idea was created by foodie Cindy Ho who is also the creator of her own food blog – fittingly titled Egg Addiction.

Her silicone fried-egg moulds will allow brunch-lovers to easily whip up feline-shaped eggs, simply by pouring the egg white into the mould and plopping two yolks in for eyes.

The catch? Cindy's idea is still only in production, and though she has finally landed on the perfect prototype she needs the internet's help to make cat-shaped eggs a reality.

Not to worry though, as Cindy's Kickstarter page has already raised an incredible €64,000, ten times more than her original goal.

"Although a Cat Fried Egg Mould may seem like a simple product, the actual design process was pretty tedious and complicated," Cindy explains.

"I have about 100 more prototypes in a huge box in my kitchen pantry. I have tested many different Cat Fried Egg Moulds and COOKED EVEN MORE EGGS than I have ever in my lifetime."

The fact that any investment over €10.60 will also earn you your own mould (shipped to anywhere in the world) is no doubt one of the main reasons why Cindy's fundraising has gone so well.

Any donations over €16.70 will secure you some other extras, too, like a smaller egg mould for quail eggs (fancy) and personalised postcards sent from Cindy's home in San Francisco.

You'll have to move quickly though, as the page will close on November 13.


When it comes to breakfast, the options are endless. But when you're stuck for time in the morning it can be hard to find something quick AND healthy to eat. 

Many of us will either avoid (big no-no ladies) breakfast or eat something that's not exactly healthy (muffins, we're looking at you), so when a hectic mornings strike, these eight options will have your tummy full in no time: 

1. Peanut butter and banana smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect on-the-go snack. Simply blend one frozen banana, two tablespoons of peanut butter, one cup of almond milk and a few ice cubes. 


2. Zapped scrambled eggs with veggies

Yes, it's possible to make really good scrambled eggs in the microwave. All you need to do is beat two eggs and throw them in a microwave container. Add in a handful of your favourite veg and sprinkle with cheese. Microwave the mixture for 30 seconds, stir, and cook for another 30 seconds. A delicious meal in less than two minutes!


3. Fruit and yoghurt parfait

One of the easiest, healthiest and tastiest breakfasts out there is a classic fruit and yoghurt parfait. And the best bit? It can be topped with whatever fruit you like. Try choosing fruits that are in season to get the most flavour. 


4. Breakfast burrito

Who doesn't love a burrito?! It will take about 10 minutes to make in the morning but if that's still pushing it, you can make it the night before. Scramble two egg white, 1/4 cup of black beans, two tablespoons of salsa and some shredded cheese. Wrap in a whole-wheat tortilla and you're good to go. 


5. Leftovers and egg

Stuck with last night's leftover meat, veg and potatoes? Pop them in a microwave container and crack on egg on top. Heat in the microwave for 30-45 seconds and your breakfast is ready!


6. Overnight oats

This is the ultimate lazy person breakfast. The night before, combine 1/2 cup of milk, 1/3 cup of rolled oats, 1/2 banana and a handful of chopped nuts in a sealed container. By morning, you'll have delicious overnight oats. You can also heat the meal up in the microwave for a minute or two if you're in the mood for something warm.


7. Avocado toast with egg

Sometimes, simple is just better. Lightly toast two slices of wholegrain bread and top with smashed avocado and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Top with two sunny-side-up eggs for a healthy dose of protein. 


8. Fruity breakfast quinoa

Cooking quinoa in milk and adding some sweet spices and fruit is a great healthy substitute for classic hot breakfast cereals. Simply cook the quinoa in milk, add some cinnamon or nutmeg and top with fresh berries and chopped roasted nuts. 


Anne Hathaway is definitely not the kind of celebrity to court a "nice girl" image just to get fans to like her. In fact, on more than one occasion she's openly been, well, a bit of a diva.

So we had to smile when we heard this story – although we bet the chef involved didn't feel quite so cheerful.

Anne was filming a Japanese commercial at Paramount's LA studios last week when she ordered some breakfast from catering… a poached egg, avocado and an English muffin.

So far, so simple.

But Anne's egg arrived too runny for her liking, and that's when the trouble started. According to TMZ, the situation unfolded like this:

1st plate: Poached egg too runny.

2nd plate: English muffin was cold because it sat while egg #2 was being poached.

3rd plate: Egg #2 cold because it sat while chef toasted muffin #2.

4th plate: Egg, muffin and avocado all perfect, but it took so long that Anne decided she was in the mood for a fried egg.

She might be an Oscar-winning actress, but Anne's not going to pretend she's satisfied with a runny egg just to keep the peace.

Sounds like a hard day on set (for the chef, that is).


Oh, the joys of PMS. Bloating, cramps, irritability, headaches. They are just some of the things we love about getting our periods (not). 

It can only take one (or all combined) of these little gems to ruin your entire day but a great way to keep these issues at bay is to stock up on some special food for that time of the month that will help subside even some of the worst symptoms:

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts

High-fibre veggies can ease bloating. Their high water content help push things along and rid the puffiness and discomfort we sometimes feel. 


Salmon and Chia Seeds

If your period brings a case of the blues each month, add a dose of omega-3. These little fatty acids can boost your mood and also keep the little menstrual blues at bay. 



Disrupted sleep is common for many women right before their period is due. Make sure to get your z's by eating bananas, which contain melatonin – a sleep-aid hormone that's secreted at night and helps regulate your body's natural rhythms. 



These PMS cravings are no joke, we know! But the best defence is a good offence: stay ahead of hunger! Start your day off with a good breakfast that is rich in protein and healthy fats. An omelette will help you feel satisfied and energised for the day.