Drinking wine, in theory, is simple enough: You buy a bottle, open it, pour it into a glass (we hope), and drink. 

But by doing just that, you are apparently missing out on everything the wine has to offer. Oh no!

Marie Claire chatted to Susan Lueker, a wine expert, to get the details on all the ways you're probably doing this whole wine thing wrong. 

Stop serving wine so cold

"Over-chilling whites is the mistake I come across most often," says Susan.

"When a wine is too cold it deadens the aromatics. It should only be chilled to about 10°C, a little less for fuller bodied wines and a little more for lighter bodied wines."


And stop serving your reds at room temperature

We know most people think it's a since to chill a red wine, but wine expert Susan, thinks different. 

"Lighter bodied reds including Pinot, Zinfandels, and Port wines taste better with a slight chill around 13 to 16°C," says Susan.


 Let them breath

"Letting all wines breathe just a bit after opening will help them show their best." 

"One thing I learned from a master of wine is that white wines can really benefit from breathing. Experiment with it and see what happens.​"


Stop trying to age all your wines

"Most whites show best within 1 to 2 years of the present vintage, so if it's 2015 don't buy wine older than 2013. Reds can get better within about 3 to 5 years unless they are more expensive – those can age for 10 to 20 years."


Stop holding the middle of your glass

Make sure you use the stem of your glass when drinking; it's there to keep your hot little hands away from the wine!