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We get it – rejection isn’t nice. Especially when you’ve just asked someone to put your meat in their mouth – how embarrassing! But this guy’s reaction on Tinder went WAY over the top.

Over the course of 33 messages, he tells the girl who rejected him how she isn’t good looking enough to reject him, and then some.

It sounds to us like someone needs their ego deflated – fast!




This little kid is NOT impressed that his mum is expecting a new baby.

When told that he has another sister or brother on the way, he immediately launches into a speech including the hilarious quote: “This is exasperating.”

We agree, Andre, we totally agree.

We’re sure he’ll get used to having a new little sibling running around…eventually!



It really hasn’t been a good week for Tulisa Contostavlos after she was first cleared of drugs charges, before being found guilty of assault.

But it was her lips and not her legal woes that set the internet on fire – and for all the wrong reasons!

One Twitter user compared the singer to Michael Jackson while others were convinced her plump lips were closer to Oscar from the kid’s movie a Shark’s Tale.

Another tweeter compared her look to Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar joking while she was not a good singer she did at least help defeat Darth Vader.


Tulisa has denied ever having any work done, instead claiming her new look was merely thanks to clever make up.

Hmmmm…it doesn't sound as if anyone is swallowing that one! 



This is so amazingly cute, then it gets a bit scary, then it's super cute again! 

When this family member arrives home after being away for two years, she got the best reaction EVER from her pet dog!

As he sequels in delight, things get a little serious as he appears to pass out from excitement, but it all ends well, thankfully!

We're almost certain that's a smile we see at the end…


Two little girl’s parents have thought of the coolest way to let them know if it’s a baby boy or girl on the way. Let’s just say the two sisters have very different reactions to the news. You will be holding back tears of laughter!


The family and friends of Amy – a woman who is sadly dying from ovarian cancer – gave her the biggest smile ever with this hilarious flash mob routine on her birthday.

The amazing surprise is made even better by Amy’s priceless reaction!


Too cute!



Since Kim K and Kanye West were revealed as April’s Vogue US cover there has been quite some controversy.

Many believe that Kim and Kanye simply don’t deserve the cover and that it must be earned.

Including Naomi Campbell it would appear!

Though the diva managed to keep her emotions more or less in check, sometimes saying nothing says everything.

Naomi simply says “I do not want to comment” followed by “I am a fashion model”, perhaps insinuating that Kim and Kanye are in fact, not. She continues to say what a big deal it is for a model to land the cover of Vogue.

It would seem there is one person Naomi may be afraid of after all and that is Anna Wintour.