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A new clip has just been released from the upcoming documentary, Amy, which tells the story of the life and tragic demise of one of the world’s most talented musicians.

While the film comes out 3 July, a short video has just been released that shows a 14-year-old Amy Winehouse singing Happy Birthday – and it is absolutely stunning.

Proving that she had an unmistakable talent from an incredibly young age, the clip is just one of many that features in the forthcoming film.

The movie is directed by Asif Kapadia who takes an in-depth look at Amy’s life and the all the factors that led to her untimely death.

“I honestly think 50 things killed her,” Mr Kapadia admitted to E! “It’s no simple thing. It’s everything. It’s her situation at home. It’s her family, her relationships, it’s her boyfriend, it’s no self-esteem… not feeling enough love to love herself and to care about herself. Everything.”

The film has already had its fair share of controversy with Amy’s father denouncing it and saying it deliberately makes him look bad.  

Amy, who was the first British female artist to win five Grammys, tragically died in 2011 at the age of 27 from accidental alcohol poisoning. 



The family and friends of Amy – a woman who is sadly dying from ovarian cancer – gave her the biggest smile ever with this hilarious flash mob routine on her birthday.

The amazing surprise is made even better by Amy’s priceless reaction!