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It's safe to say that Conor McGregor, er… blew us all away when he turned up to his first boxing press conference wearing a rather bespoke suit.

The three-piece suit looked like it was pin stripe, but when you took a closer look, it actually had 'F*ck You' written all over it.

While verbally taking down Floyd Mayweather, Conor announced that the suit was from his very own line, August McGregor, and now ladies and gentleman, it's available to buy.


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You might have to empty your purses though, because the woollen get-up is selling for $6,500 (€5,580).

Pricey, eh?

As stated on the August Inc website, the suit is made-to-measure, and will take 12-15 weeks to make.

The designer, David August, told GQ, "We're only producing a limited quantity, which will be numbered and signed by myself so it will be an exclusive group who own this style."

We don't think we'll see any of these floating around Dublin anytime soon…


We've all seen our fair share of ridiculous tattoos floating around the internet, but this most recent discovery really takes the cake. 

Last week, Conor McGregor took to the stage to face off against Floyd Mayweather in a press call, and all eyes were on the subtle message hidden in his bespoke suit.

Instead of pinstripes lining the garment, the MMA icon had requested that the phrase 'f*** you' be etched on the suit hundreds of times in tiny writing, to mimic a pinstripe. 

In homage to this pretty amazing fashion moment, someone has gone and gotten the same pattern tattooed on their skin. 

We wish we were kidding, but feast your eyes on the photographic evidence.

Uploaded by Benchwarmers, an unknown male can be seen with the same pattern etched in permanent ink on his upper forearm. 

Naturally, everyone is going mad in the comments section, and none are too impressed with the ink. 

We understand why people get tattoos to glorify their icons, but this is definitely going a bit too far.



Penneys is an Irish institution, one we can always rely on for trusty must-haves like affordable eyelashes and our entire summer holiday wardrobe.

Penneys is our go-to store for everything, from gym gear to transitional workwear, and the brand is the champ when it comes to creating comfortable basics. 

In the case of one recently discovered item, the melding of form and function went a bit too far.

Penneys: For when you need a nice pair of trackies for that interview.

One Imgur user discovered a pair of dapper suit pants in the sale section of Penneys.

It was only after careful examination that the bargain hunter discovered that the smart suit pants were actually tracksuit bottoms facading as work slacks.

The trackies were even complete with a cuffed hem, all the better to show off your shiny new runners. Or work loafers.

While we love the concept of super comfy workwear, a suit-style pair of trackies isn't exactly what we had in mind.

However, the image has been viewed on Imgur almost 75,000 times, so they may just be on to something. 



David Beckham has topped a poll asking people to decide which male celebrity wears his suit the best.

Beckham won with 24% of the vote, and he beat of some stiff competition such as Justin Timberlake who came second with 19%, and George Clooney who had 16%.

Prince Harry came fourth with 13% and Made in Chelea’s Spencer Matthews came fifth, with 10% of the vote.

We have to agree with the voters’ choice. Beckham really knows how to rock his suit and tie (sorry Justin!).




Anchorman 2 must be doing very well in the cinemas because Will Ferrell a.k.a Ron Burgundy, turned up wearing a suit made of money!

The gaudy suit, made up of dollar bills created quite the stir at last night’s film premiere for The Spoils of Babylon in Los Angeles.

Only Will could get away with this. And maybe Lady Gaga too…

Will and his fellow Anchorman 2 cast mates, including Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell, were recently on Irish soil after holding their premiere in Dublin last month.

Well, it certainly is an impressive suit and you know what they say, if you’ve got it…flaunt it?