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The public have voted, results are in, and the Irish accent is officially the sexiest accent going!

We always knew that our beautiful brogues were admired across the world, but there's something about actual statistics that make us feel that bit more smug.

A survey of British singletons found that the Irish twang was the most desired in a potential partner, while the regional dialects of Liverpool, Glasgow and Birmingham were deemed the least attractive.

The tone of someone's voice seemed to be a deciding factor when choosing a potential partner, with two thirds of those surveyed admitting they couldn't be with someone who had an annoying voice.

What's more, 25 per cent revealed they had dumped someone for having a physical trait or habit that they did not like.

Terrible teeth and talking with their mouth full topped the list of unsavoury attributes.

Paul Hunt, managing director of V2Cigs which conducted the poll, said: “It seems the British public are quite choosey about who they go out with but remember it’s not all about looks and habits." 

Cigarettes also proved to be a major turn-off with over half of women saying they wouldn't date a man who smoked.

That said, more tha half of all smokers who took part in the poll said they would be willing to ditch the cigs if a date was on the cards.

So, if you're a non-smoker, chew with your mouth closed and hail from the Emerald Isle, you're pretty much in there.


Well, while we may not find be able to get around our dodgy summer weather,  we can certainly talk ourselves out of almost any other situation.

While we have long known that Irish people were given the gift of the gab, it may have more to do with how we sound than we first realised.

No doubt we are all in possession of very charming personalities, but our accents are apparently the most appealing in all of the British Isles.

YouGov conducted a survey which asked British adults to say which of the 12 “main accents” they find most attractive or unattractive.

Southern Irish tones are seen as the most appealing when the 2,018 adults were asked to weigh in.

YouGov have said that the area is “highly peculiar in its linguistic variation”, and the differences in “cultural contours” can make a small country seem very large.

The Welsh accent, which came in second place to our own, is also very popular with Twitter users.

In a separate study, a University of Cardiff professor Mercedes Durham collected almost 90,000 tweets over the course of eight months. It was found that there were far more tweets written in praise of the Welsh accent than against it.

"People on Twitter are much more likely to think that the Welsh accent is sexy rather than ugly,” explained professor Durham.

The YouGov survey also uncovered which accents people are not so wild about.

Those from Manchester and Liverpool are probably not too happy about their ranking. However it was the Birmingham accent that came in at the bottom of the poll.