Pippa O’Connor lands role in upcoming Hollywood animation

Pippa O'Connor has revealed details of her role in the upcoming animated film, Ferdinand.

The Irish blogger appears in the 20th Century Fox production alongside a host of incredible actors including David Tennant, Bobby Cannavale, WWE competitor John Cena, and Kate Mc Kinnon of Saturday Night Live.

Speaking to Irish Country Magazine, the mother-of-two explained how she landed the part.

"They contacted me and they were like, 'would you like to have a speaking part in a movie?' And I was like, 'yes!'," she said.

“So it was really fun to go London and stand in a very fancy booth and do my lines. Really, anything is possible.”

The animated flick tells the story of a giant gentle bull who is torn from is family after captors mistake him for a dangerous beast and his quest to return home.

The film hits Irish cinemas on December 16.