Red flags? Love Island’s Joe is giving manipulative ‘You’ vibes

We need to talk about the absurd behaviour of Joe from Love Island, which is starting to give us MAJOR Joe Goldberg from You vibes.

Reminder: Joe Goldberg is the infamous stalker/murderer who narrated the Netflix show involving his obsession with Guinevere Beck, a poetry major.

It begins with a few hundred red flags, and escalates with terrible consequences. Love Island's Joe Garratt seems to believe that he has some type of claim on Lucie, despite knowing her 24 HOURS.

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What if Joe Garrett ends up trapping Lucie in a glass box and murdering her so that she doesn't end up with boxer Tommy Fury?

Lucie is now coupled with Tommy despite herself and Joe getting on extremely well, with flanter flying.

Tommy had to choose a lady, and chose the 21-year-old surfer/model, because all the boys are addicted to her. Joe's reaction was that of a borderline possessive psycho boyfriend.

Mr Garratt, future stalker, is now acting as if Lucie should have something to feel guilty about, and we're THIS CLOSE to cancelling him forever.

We've seen his type before, the jealous guy who loses his cool when he even sees you speaking to another man.

Then he acts as if it's your fault, rather than realising it's his own lack of self-worth driving these jealous and damaging emotions. We see you, Joe. 

The chap is seriously about to propose to a girl he's known one day, and is clearly just in lust with the gorgeous Lucie and sees winning her as a competition, as all the other boys want her too.

The sandwich seller has become ridiculously attached to the surfer in a short space of time, and viewers of the show were deeply concerned about his attitude.

Joe told Lucie that he "didn't know if he could trust her" with absolutely zero evidence that she isn't a loyal or compassionate person. Poor Lucie was left in tears as she was forced to choose between Tommy and Joe.

Amy and Curtis rightfully pointed out to the blonde beauty that it's WAY too early to cut off her options, and Joe seems keen to lock her down like she's a prize-winning horse or something. 

Rather than choose who to sleep in a bed with, Lucie ended up on the couch. She can't even sleep in a damn BED without guilt because of Joe.

She then told Tommy that she's swaying towards Garratt, who was manipulating her the entire time.

While the caterer isn't yet in the same league as Joe Goldberg, played too well by Penn Badgley, they both have similar behaviours after meeting the girl of their dreams.

Joe Goldberg comes across as endlessly charming and caring, which the Islander has been trying with Lucie to win her heart, but they take down anyone who stands in their way.

Of course, Joe Garratt isn't a serial killer, but it's important to spot the red flags early on in relationships like this. 

Twitter was aflame with viewers slamming Joe's behaviour and comparing him to darker characters from film and screen.

While Twitter are showing a sense of humour about it, the point is to remain aware of the traits of obsessive people. as red flags are (sometimes!) a precursor for more serious actions.

Who knows how Joe would react, but we're guessing very very very badly. He has the emotional capacity of a two-year-old, and it's tantrum o'clock.

Lucie has still got a few days left to choose her man to couple up with, and plenty more twists and turns are due to come. 

The first dumping will come at the end of the week, and stunning model Molly-Mae Hague has landed in the villa to stir things up.

Time will tell what drama will happen between the love triangle of Joe, Lucie and Tommy. Maybe we'll find out tonight?

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Feature image: Twitter/@calumpalla